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Updated: Jun 16, 2015
3.712 · 12 REVIEWS
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2012-03-29: SCAM CONFIRMATION:  The FPA now consideres IFTI to be a SCAM.  This company is now blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.  Click here to read more about this Scam Finding.

2011-12-26: The Traders Court Case verict is Guilty.

2011-12-15 WARNING:  Company website is down.  FPA Performance Test ended with account empty.  Company has stopped replying to emails from the FPA and in the FPA's forums.  There is at least one regulator warning about this service.  There is an FPA Traders Court Case filed against this company.

THE FPA recommends AGAINST doing any business with this company or allowing them to have access to your funds.

Website is down.  We hope that this company is out of business.


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2011-0892011-12-16Amag80 vs. IFTI-Service.comguilty


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3.712 · 12 REVIEWS
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victoria, Australia,
Nov 14, 2011,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Amag80 vs. IFTI-Service.com | GUILTY
Dear Fellow Traders,

I joined their fund management account 2 weeks back. Initial Deposit $10500, Current Balance:$1129.68, total loss: $9370.32. Tried contacting them via e-mail and phone no answer. Tried their website, it says it's closed for maintenance. You be the judge of that and what they are trying to do.

I hope i'm wrong and they will turn up.
IFTI Team,
München, Germany,
Nov 10, 2011,

Dear Clients and FPA Team,

We want to inform all our Clients to stop posting neagtive reviews, with testing our Service after one Month.

We had an Server issue and that´s why we had also connection loss to our Auto trading Clients. This were not our trading strategy at all! We havent face any losses on our Fund Manag. Strategy Clients, because they are on totally another Server.

Please do not judge any Service, by testing it one Month! Every Service and trader can have bad days in trading, and this is totally normal. Forex is though and not any holy grail money machine!

Also currently we are having issues in Europe and the Market is though to trade and Stoploss hunting is too much, thats why we have to hedge and manage trades as perfect as we can.

Please have pateince, still the market is on normal track and we will back to our normal trading.

Thank You

IFTI Service
, USA,
Nov 8, 2011,

They managed to wipe 75% of my account since I joined mid October 2011.

They said on 10/27:
"There is currently an high drawdown of some of your Accounts.

Yesterday after opening lots of trades, our Server got overload and was disconnected with your Accounts. That’s why we were not able to close the Sell eurusd trades at last. If we would have close it, it would have not closed into your Account.

Also some of you have wrote, that there was yesterday an performance difference, were we are now over +400 in positive with our closed trades, some of you have missed around +200 pips yesterday with closed trades.

Because of this big issue we want to apologize from you and want to make you feel safe, that our traders are trying their best to cover the open trades and to close the Month with some pips and or on BE. Otherwise we would run this trades and will manage it with new trades and will close them soon.

The server is updated yesterday and working fine again now. All our old Clients, know that this issues and trading style don’t happens normally with our Service and this was the first time. To all our new Clients, please have patience our team will make profits into your Account too soon.

They promised separately to reimburse if they don't recover the losses in a few months but this is doubtful because they would be probably get bankrupt if they had to reimburse everybody.

Since these epic losses, they have not recovered and they are still buying on highs or selling on lows, my account has hit a margin call several times.

I think they are honest but they must have changed something in their trading style or their team and their result is horrible.
Oct 27, 2011,

I am using this service now since 1,5 years, reffered from my one german friend. Started with 5k account and now its turn to 13K in around 14 months.

I have withdrawn my original amount and have opened an second account and will let it run with their new strategy for fund management.

I would prefer to join this service and trade with them for some months and you will be surely satisfied.

Thank you
George Zhou,
Oct 27, 2011,

I've been with IFTI EA for only 1.5 weeks. In the first week, it worked well, end up around +200 pips. But last 3 nights, it lost more than -1500 pips.

They said in their email: "Yesterday after opening lots of trades, our Server got overload and was disconnected with your Accounts. That’s why we were not able to close the Sell eurusd trades at last."
Czech republic,
Oct 26, 2011,

I have decided to run their services free auto trading on small acount 750USD. First two days was everything fine +90USD. But next two days I'm -400USD down.
It seems that the strategy is too risky and looks like breakout strategy. If stock is going in the range it is performing really bad.
I'm gonna wait next few days, how the service will manage all open trades, and than maybe I will correct my rating.
Sep 24, 2011,

Since over two years local client of their Company.
My starting investment balance was 16K and now profit over 216% with no loss risk so far.
Withdrawn my 16K out and will let the rest run for next years with higher lot size.

Thank you ifti service.
Mallorca, Spain,
Sep 20, 2011,

Agree with last reviews. No negative points so far in my last 4 months of fund management service with them.
Transparent performance overview with well managed option.
Account accury 32% in four months with tight drawdown. Safe trading is always important!
Sep 19, 2011,

So far I am very satisfied they give there best and iam ready to recommend it.

Jennifer willems
Sep 16, 2011,

Good service with fast support. I like their trading strategy with tight stoplosses. Only the said thing is, that sometimes tight stop get hunts because of Brokers and then the trade turns into profit. But still they are giving good performance and loss recovering after any trade is very good managed.