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Updated: Jul 12, 2018
3.241 · 10 REVIEWS
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Trade Forex Offshore is a forex broker. Trade Forex Offshore offers the Spartan FX fx trading platform. TradeForexOffshore.com offers over 10 currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.

TradeForexOffshore.com (SpartanFx)

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3.241 · 10 REVIEWS
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Jakarta, Indonesia,
Mar 29, 2017,
Registered user

Scam, bed

scam broker
Until now not paid my profit and deposit..
My last wd reject by spartan
Only pay a little..
Spartan give my money back..
You said not scam
But why you dont pay my money??

Mar 21, 2017 - No Rating Im trading in spartan on january n i loss so many.
And in feb i trade again and win. But when i win spartan cancel my withdrawal.
And until 2weeks the management told me just a some amount that i can withdrawal.
And the amount its to small its not fair for me.
My deposit also they dont want give it back.
Spartan give so many excuse to me.
Please if you r not a scame broker give it back my money. My deposit n my profit..
surabaya, Indonesia,
Mar 14, 2017,

spartanforex is scam broker

spartanforex is scam they just pay 29k from 90k client withdrawal request. i am their agent before. and this company many complain on indonesia and close their office on surabaya. spartanforex is b book broker so be ware with this broker..
, Hong Kong,
Oct 13, 2014,

Again in response to Jane, CA.

Your comments are quite evidently defamatory in nature as they are false. We have no pending unpaid six-figure withdrawal and I have no idea who you are. Can you post a SpartanForex account number to even demonstrate that you are or were a client? I thought not...

Bear in mind that FPA keeps IP logs, and that, while you have the freedom of speech to say what you want on forums, demonstrably false information that is defamatory in nature is actionable by law and we can proceed against you both civilly and criminally.

You have been warned.

SpartanForex Administration

Review Moderation Team Note: If you click where it asks "Is This Your Site", you will be able to submit comments that tie directly to reviews.

2014-07-05 This is a response to the review left by Jane, CA.

We can appreciate your frustration, but let's let it be known and understood that you did eventually receive your withdrawal.

The delay was due to logistics and not due to a lack of will to get your money to you. Our bank that was handling our segregated client funds only account not only shut off electronic transfers so that we couldn't order your wire (even though the money was sitting there waiting to be transferred), but they also failed to execute physical instructions couriered to the bank, which they had previously stated that they would honor.

This was, of course, our problem and not the fault of the client either, but as much as we wanted to handle the client's withdrawal quickly, we could not due to the logistical limitation. The account in question was subsequently closed, and new accounts were obtained (again, client's only funds, segregated from the company's operating capital).

Our intention and desire is to avoid these issues in the future so that client withdrawals are executed in a timely fashion.

Our commitment to firm and fair operating principles are evidenced by our insistence on keeping CLIENT funds and COMPANY operational funds SEPARATE AT ALL TIMES, and by processing trades STRAIGHT THROUGH to liquidity providers, as opposed to running a dealing desk and taking company positions against the interest of our clients.

SpartanForex Administration
Bangkok, Thailand,
Oct 12, 2014,

This broker is great for me. good support and great spread.

I use bitcoin for deposit and withdraw. it easy but need wait admin of

spartan confirm then process ok.
Aug 22, 2014,

In response to the "response", you are not being truthful at all. I have never received the withdraw that you say I received. I am still waiting here after 8 months. This is not acceptable and is in fact theft of funds. Do not send your money to these people. If you ever want a substantial withdraw, you will not get it.

2014-03-13 2Star I am not happy about the length of time it takes to get a withdraw from this company. Have been waiting since the second week of January for a 5 figure w/d. I don't think it is acceptable.
Walter B.,
Dec 23, 2013,

I have an account here through my offshore corporation. Spartan has great spreads and great fills. Wiring money into and back out of the account is fairly simple once you are set up. I only had one technical issue and it was on my end, never the less, Jeff stayed with me for over an hour to get it worked out. The brokerage is run by Americans residing in China. If you have an offshore company you can enjoy 400/1 leverage and don't have to get hurt by the Dodd-Frank FIFO nonsense that makes US retail trades less competitive against the rest of the world.
Nov 6, 2012,

This broker is very dependable and honest. They will follow up on all service request personally, and make good if there is a platform issue. They are based in China, but have very good communication and take care of business on a timely basis. I have been trading forex for over 7 years, and can highly recommend Spartan to serious traders looking for a safe and dependable broker that is honest and professional... Good Lord, it's about time!
Endri S,
Toronto, Canada,
Aug 21, 2012,

Spartan Fx is a good broker no slipage, no requotes, fast trade exicution. They have both a MT4 and SAT platform. The SAT provides a faster signal since its a direct link to the broker multiple options to instantly go in and out manage your risk sl/tp. Make sure you read the manuals and listen to their instructions before you try them out in real account. Overall they are a good broker
John Beardon,
Hong Kong, China,
Aug 20, 2012,

Spartan FX offers there own web based trading platform (SpartanAdVantageTrader - SAT) that works in unison with MT4. The platform offers a multitude of EA's that traders can turn on and off to trade their individual accounts. Fiscal analysis provides in depth performance description to give seasoned and newbies the opportunity apply automated trading systems to accounts for stress free trading results. Poorly performing automated systems offer ability to reverse trade activity and convert bad performance into winning results. The system operates just like a VPS giving complete autonomy to ones PC usage should the trader chose to shut down their computer with no negative influence over the trading system. The SAT is very fast and efficient trading system that requires no downloads just a user name and password to access the software on a computer anywhere in the world where internet access is available. Ten Thumbs Up to this innovative technology! Conquer the Rest! Spartans the Best!
Paradise, USA,
Dec 29, 2011,

I have been trading multiple accounts with this broker for 6 months. In my 5 years of trading experience with several different brokers, this is the best broker that I have ever dealt with. Tight spreads, no dealing desk, no commissions and instant execution on a fluid MT4 platform are all standard operating procedures.

They have an affiliate referral program for anyone that is interested.

I also funded an additional account in early December2011 with one of their EAs after watching it's results for several months. I am in it less than 30 days but happy with steady growth (return on investment) with a minimal draw down.

This is truly a trader friendly platform. I have had no slippage, no re-quotes or any other issues while trading on this platform and would highly recommend this broker to all traders.