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4.893 · 53 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

, Singapore,
Apr 1, 2014,

It is just a few moving average cross over. you can get for free search the internet.

they don't have 30 days refund, rather no refund as it is stated clearly.

lousy customer service, write to them no reply only reply promptly before purchase.

just write here to warn people.
UK, United Kingdom,
Dec 11, 2013,

I have been using this method of trading since the beginning of this year and have to say that I cannot imagine a better or more profitable way of trading. I was a little sceptical when I first started with iTradeAims because I was over complicating matters and was taking too many trades. This resulted in some losing days mixed in with winning days, but I wasn't really getting anywhere. Then I started to simplify things and only took the best setups and now I rarely have a losing day!

It can be used on any time frame so should suit virtually everybody. Personally I use the M1/M5 timeframe during volatile times (London Open, New York open and news releases) and am also starting to use the hourly chart throughout the day. You can also use the daily chart which does have the advantage of only checking the charts for 5 mins every evening!

There is also a live trading room which is open everyday, which has proved to be very useful to me.

I would fully recommend iTradeAims especially as it is incredibly good value. It could transform your trading! :)
Texas, USA,
Oct 10, 2013,

Ran into this in a discussion of trading systems in the donnaforex forum. There was a comment from somebody there that he'd been around for years and had yet to find a commercial manual product that made money. I thought to myself, "yeah, I've spend untold thousands of dollars on infinite varieties of total cr**.". Then somebody mentioned this one & rendered the opinion it's possible to earn a living trading it. I looked at the site, the product was very reasonably priced, so I took the plunge.

Early days for me, so I won't give a * rating yet, but:

The Bad:
System is nowhere near as simple as they make out. Yes, it is a pretty much black-or-white call with little discretion. But you need to already have a pretty substantial background & be willing to make a time commitment. The manual is thorough, and he covers such important but little discussed topics as money management, which most others conveniently ignore, or even suggest trading habits I'd consider very dangerous. Still, if you don't know what a pending order is, or how to place one, you will be blown away by this. That isn't an impediment to somebody who's been around for years sampling all the crap that's out there, but you may have trouble with this if you're an absolute forex newbie. Spend some time over on babypips. It can be difficult even for an experienced person to get those pending orders in to the market before price moves and triggers them. So execution on the strategy can be difficult. If there's the briefest hesitation, forget it.

The good:
You get a great deal for your money. The standard membership is reasonably priced, the training manual is substantial, the software package is well put together with nice easy to use templates. Somebody familiar with metatrader can have it installed & running with the author's standard charts in maybe 5 minutes.
This is very rapid hit & run trading off 1 minute charts. You make fairly extensive use of money/leverage, but there aren't substantial periods of heavy drawdown with this. A trade either connects, or you take a modest loss & move on. You don't have the cancer eating at your psyche of a 30% account drawdown, being left praying to god almighty to just get you out of this one trade, just this time, whole. You leave the trading day by rollover with a clean desk.

The verdict (preliminary):
Trading a moderate account, with very modest risk settings, and without pyramiding trades like he suggests (I was using a real-money account, therefore a bit cautious), I was able to recoup the course costs about 4X over within a couple hours in the european session. If this bears out over time, it may indeed be possible to earn a living from forex with this. It looks very good, but it's early days, so I'll return in a few months to give it a formal * rating.
Paris, France,
Sep 28, 2013,

Dear All,

I joined AIMS three months ago. Before that I've been trading for more than 3 years, with highs and lows (winning, then losing what I won, if not more...), but more importantly not understanding why I won/lose...

That's 3 MONTHS with profits, big profits!!! But not only profit, as important is the change in my life!!! Not because I earn more money, rather because I got the right focus on what's important in life!!!!!

Why is that?

1/ AIMS system is VERY SIMPLE, VERY VERY VERY SIMPLE. Basically 3 "things" to look at, if they are in line, just pull the trigger and you are on your way for 20PIPs, ...and much more!!!

2/ AIMS teach you as well 2 very very important aspect of trading:
a/ Money management
No "blabla" her, just straight money management, using compounding and asset protection. 1% loss maximum per trade (and believe me you will not miss a trade if you follow the rules) and wow incredible gains...
b/ Psychology
Do you know that analyzing the market requires a "personality", trading requires a quite different "personality"...Yes yes yes, once you understand that, things become clearer, cooler, you are no longer "working", you are having fun doing what you do!!! That you'll be taught as well

3/ And the MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT = the Masters who design AIMS are with you, live through a daily trade room, and/or via posts. This alone would cost you your shirts in other place. This is included into your one time payment here.

4/ And talking about money, the price you have to pay ONCE is absolutely nothing nothing nothing compared to what you will get.

To wrap up, this could synthesize my metamorphose as a trader: I was a poor trader, very poor, really loving trading, but struggling, anxious because of many losses. Now I am a trader, a real trader. I fully enjoy trading, lot of fun every day, with no restriction: I can trade 1 hour, or all day...Still with great fun, lots of fun once more.

Sharing is a key part of life; this is why I wanted to share this with you folks out there = If I can advise you about a single trading "style", please please do choose AIMS!!! Do you see, I did not use "trading strategy", rather "trading style" since AIMS is definitely a LIFESTYLE = your whole lifestyle will change!!!

Kindest Regards
southern England, United Kingdom,
Jan 6, 2013,

It is time I added my appreciation to the creators of this system, which is certainly better than anything else I've set eyes on.

In the first 3 months I have pulled over 900 pips from the market, and this is in spite of making some ridiculous mistakes which I was responsible for.

When you follow the system, and take minimal notice of other chatter and news and opinion, and just trade what you see, not what you think, the wins exceed the losses and a reliable account growth just happens automatically.

My forex journey has taken me through a series of systems, it would not be appropriate to name them now, suffice to say few robots actually produce such good results in live trading as they do on demonstration accounts, and all the claims of the vendors have to be seriously questioned.

I have been able to get steady gains of every week, just on one currency pair, perhaps the hardest part about it is having the patience and discipline to wait for the ideal moment to enter trades. They are magic moments and the payback makes it well worth staying near the screen and keeping an eye on developments. This comment is most appropriate for trading in short timeframes eg the one minute and five minute charts. The system is said to be good still for anyone who wants to trade 4 hour and daily charts, but their results will be slower coming in.

Worth every penny. Actually the price is insignificant, it's a one off joining fee, and the support and community which goes with it is very helpful. The more you put into it the more you will reap. It really offers the potential for an income stream which could soon exceed the prime minister's salary.
Nanjing, China,
Aug 25, 2012,

Before becoming a member of iTradeAIMS, I had another 1000 USD system that I have been trying for a year and wasn't very successful. With iTradeAIMS, which was 10 times less expensive, I achieved much better success in 10 times shorter amount of time. And I consider myself still a beginner in Forex trading.

Of course there is a learning curve until you really master the system, depending whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. But what is really important, that after being with iTradeAIMS for almost 9 months by now, I experienced that its creator is an honest and sincere person, always ready to help and not leaving anybody behind. I also got evidence that he is really good with his system, being profitable month after month.

On the forum there is also a guy, who has been trading the system rule by rule since the start, and who protocols all his trades (losers and winners) with his detailed comments. That is the best way to prove that system is working, and it is very good practice to follow the guy trying to learn the system, having his way of trading as a good example.

If you log your trades on iTradeAIMS forum, you will also receive quite prompt response from its creator and those more advanced traders, helping you with your progress.

I think iTradeAIMS can be trusted as a reliable way of trading that can eventually lead to being able to have consistent profits in trading.
, Israel,
Aug 24, 2012,

I trade Forex for several years, until today I purchased quite a few systems / robots /signal services. with this experience, I can honestly recommend the AIMS trading system , this system is easy to understand and very profitable., but no less important is the support you can get, including updates and upgrades of various indicators, active forum for assistance and live chatroom, and above all Imram, one of the positive and generous person I have ever met.
Tasmania, Australia,
Aug 24, 2012,

I have had a Premium subscription to ITradeAIMS for about 4 months now. I wanted to have a 2nd methodology to trade alongside my VSA trading so I could be a more versatile trader.
What I have found is nothing short of exceptional.
Firstly, the price for the Premium service is chickenfeed in the scheme of things. Quite easily, Immy could charge a monthly fee to keep access to the forum and live chats, but no, it is all inclusive in the one off cost.
Secondly, the indicators and templates are fantastic. Snorm has done a wonderful job creating these indicators and have truly made the methodology much easier, altough it was not hard initially either.
Thirdly, the big one. Support. Not only Immy, but the other traders in both the chat room and the forum are always very helpful and happy to help out. I have been slow on the uptake due to location and commitments, but the times I have been there, someone has always answered a question in the forum quickly, or almost instantly on the live chat.

Devote some genuine time and effort in this and you will succeed. I have absolutely no doubt in that. Join up and look in the forum. People in there consistently posting their results day after day, trading Stress Free and just doing what the setups say and a consistent 1% a day has been earned in there - trading conservatively.
You will not get rich overnight, but if you are looking for that, you may as well just give your money to a charity. AIMS will provide a methodology to gain respectable profits.

The last thing, and I believe it is unique. I have not seen one negative thing said in the forum. It is filled with people who genuinely want to help each other out. Never have I seen a competion between people to see who is better (which is seen so much elsewhere). It provides such a comfortable environment to learn and ask questions openly without fear of feeling a bit silly.

My ONLY disapointment with all of this is the fact that I hadn't made the commitment sooner.
Make the commitent. You wont regret it :)
, Thailand,
Aug 24, 2012,

Simple, uncomplicated, one of the best on the market, will get newbies and novice traders up too speed really quickly, veteran traders will see the benefits immediately.
England, United Kingdom,
Jul 22, 2012,

Very good system lot better than others that are ok such as blackdog. If your new or been trading a little while and want some fresh ideas itradeaims is for you. I bought this not expecting to much it has took over my main template which was pretty good but this is just that bit better. Newbies if your looking for some thing and you come across this get it don't let it pass you by. Trust me been there. Cheers immy
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Jun 14, 2012,


I am trying out the signals, early days, but honestly not good ones. however i am resisting the temptation of crying foul as i wish to try it for a few more days. One thing these guys respond. so watch this space, hopefully for better news. Cheers
Greg Wms,
Tenn, USA,
May 31, 2012,

Great trading system , very simple rules to follow. Iv had the system for about a year, although i haven"t join the forum which is proberly worth the money. What i do first is check my currency strenght meter, which there are several for free & for sale on line. And then from my strenght meter i determan which pair i"ll be trading & im averaging 30 + pips per day, trading the US session only & thats on only one pair. In my book its deffantly a 5 star system. God bless & keep up the good work AIMS.
CapeTown, South Africa,
May 2, 2012,

I have obtained full Premium Membership at AIMS. Since then, I have found it's simplicity and ease of use unlocking my ability as retail trader.

From delivery of purchased services to direct forum support from the owner and experienced AIMSTERS, to frequent updates of indicator development by it’s own in-house programmer, AIMS has been an excellent experience and continues to be so for me.

Based on the works of Bill Williams the renowned developer of various standard MT4 indicators, successful trader and educator, AIMS has managed to distil his revolutionary market principles into a high probability, easy to follow trading rule-set, complete with latest developed state-of-the-art indicators.
AIMS takes advantage of the widely accepted Elliot wave principle, whether you are a seasoned on total novice on the subject. The AIMS setup simply locates the well-sought after W3 and W5 impulse waves that is inherent in market trends with no more than 10 seconds or less Elliot consideration from the trader.
AIMS can be applied to all trading instruments at all timeframes, RIGHT down to 1 minute charts.
The complete system is well defined in accompanying pdf’s complete with chart examples for study and review.
During my participation in the AIMS forums and live trading conditions, I recently posted my personal experience and gratitude to fellow traders in the forum as below:

“This is an open letter to AIMS traders:

I have a wish.

....that all traders in this great forum take a leap of faith and let it all out.....
Post the questions, post successes, get active and take the trades, share the experiences, burn the candles and get AIMS into your daily trading.

I can absolutely say this, (and IMHO, there are no absolutes in this universe)
THIS, is the BEST forum and BEST system, and BEST support system and BEST trading support and BEST MT4 technical/indicator skill i have EVER seen!!

The support staff cares!!

Please, open a journal or individual thread, post your findings, thoughts and experiences. Our trading survival advancement depends on it.

You got A LOT to go with you:
Immy for the vision and personal support...
Grant for the ruthless disciplined application of identified rules...
Steve for the most advanced technical tools on the planet...
AIMS traders showing their personal interaction in the market...

Truthfully, i have measured AIMS against other advanced institution strenght elliot analysis, calculating up to 700 000 variations per minute of possible elliot variations... I have seen AIMS dictating a w3---w5 while the mentioned analysis adopted the structure AFTER the fact....

Time and time again, AIMS preceded the projections, why? Because AIMS is in REAL-TIME. Believe it or not, being in the NOW has numerous benefits... it allows you a glimpse into the future.

One of my favorite maxims: "The essence of management is caring what goes on". We have this here at AIMS. I have seen it. Use it.
We all have different needs and abilities. Together we formulate a successful community.
AIMS works.... Go for it!!

, Italy,
Jan 13, 2012,

I just wanted to say that amongst the countless (and useless) trading systems I've had the chance to come across over several years now, this is the only one that I've seen being traded by the deviser day by day, and more important, with a consistent performance. I think that says a lot and Imran and the AIMSters are constantly improving it by trading it. The forum is a place full of resources and each single member has the chance to post and ask questions while being sure to get an answer in real time. The skype room allows to participate live to Imran's daily trading. As for me, since I started trading AIMS I've seen a gradual and consistent improvement in my trading (and pips banked). What else can I say? It does deserve 5 stars. :)
Suffolk, United Kingdom,
Dec 24, 2011,

Immy is the most genuine person I have come across in my venture into forex trading. The ItradeAims system is concise and easy to learn, but it does take discipline. The ITradeAims family, the Aimsters are always happy to help and joining them in the live trading room is unbelievable,. All this for what? $97 AMAZING.
Sutan - LOVE LLC,
Dec 8, 2011,

This is by for one of the most simple and easy to use systems on the market today. If you are looking for simplicity and integrity then this system will deliver that and some to you. The creators of this system are one of kind when it comes to making sure that you understand the system and helping you to increase your standard when it comes to trading and living life. I urge to tap into this community and GROW a little !!!
Ontario, Canada,
Dec 6, 2011,

This is it, your final stop in the search for the holy grail.This is a very easy and profitable system. The creator Immy did a fantastic job of laying out his rules., and creating this system.One talk to the man and you will find someone kind and generous and will help in any way to make you successful at trading. I would recommend to anyone.
Michael K,
, United Kingdom,
Dec 5, 2011,

4 stars as I always wonder if 5 might lead to complacency.

I have found Immy who runs I Trade AIMS, to be genuine, helpful and responsive; he has clearly put a lot of thought and hard work into developing this easily understood system.

Follow the guidelines in the e book with patience and discipline and you should be able to trade with consistency and a positive expectancy.

The price is affordable and the system comes with the AIMS indicator which I have found to be the clearest way of seeing the fractal support and resistance levels. Selective fractal break trade entries are common to many systems so the ability to identify them quickly and easily using the AIMS indicator is a real benefit.

In short I have no problem in providing a solidly positive review with the only caveat being that the trader must do their part and stick with what is being taught without deviation. Learn the rules and stick to them !
Suffolk, United Kingdom,
Dec 5, 2011,

Having used many different trading systems and been in several trading rooms, I can freely say that finding Immys AIMS group has been a breath of fresh air. His method of trading works, the relaxed style of trading is a sign that those involved have every confidence in both Immy and the AIMS trading. There is some great stuff on his forum, not least the journals. For the small amount this cost me I consider it one of my best buys in a long time,
, United Kingdom,
Dec 5, 2011,

Good system, easy to follow the rules one of the best that I have used, help is always at hand if required.
John W,
Garland, USA,
Dec 5, 2011,

A system that is actually in tune with what the market is doing right now! (as opposed to what the market has done in the past). It generates levels giving you the setup for entry and, later for exit. Coupled with it's proven money management system, this is truly a winner!
UK, United Kingdom,
Dec 5, 2011,

Great system, easy to get to grips with and if used with discipline will bring consistant results
Staffordshire, United Kingdom,
Dec 5, 2011,

I have been part of Imran's group for over 12 months and seen this method of trading develop, during that time Imran was nothing but generous and genuine in sharing his developments. He gets a masive thank you from me for that, but the finished article is without doubt "The business" when it comes to trading Forex. All the info & necessary indicators & templates supplied are concise and to the point .. No Bull ! .. explanations are complete and (importantly) simple, as is the whole concept. But you will see for yourself, It Works, your input needs only (a big only) to be patience and dicipline. If you trade Forex, you should definately be taking a look at this Method.
Dec 5, 2011,

I really can't say enough about the Aims trading system. For the one time price you pay, you get a lifetime of support. Imran (Immy) and his advanced Aims students can't do enough to make sure you are on the winning side of trades. They've made the system extremely easy to understand and to start making pips right away. You will have some very small losses (paying rent, as Immy always says) but the winners are huge. There is no reason why you shouldn't do extremely well with this system if you give it your honest best. I highly recommend checking out the Aims way for Forex trading.
, United Kingdom,
Dec 5, 2011,

This has to be by far the best system/strategy that I have come across. The basics of it are extremely easy to follow and to ramp up the success there is a lot of help and support available to enhance the quality of the trades. This support can come from the members of AIMS or from Imran himself (AIMS creator owners). Imran really puts himself out to a degree that IMO is above and beyond what I would expect. He takes it personally when any of his members have difficulties and goes out of his way to help all of us to be successful.