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4.888 · 52 REVIEWS
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, Israel,
Aug 24, 2012,

I trade Forex for several years, until today I purchased quite a few systems / robots /signal services. with this experience, I can honestly recommend the AIMS trading system , this system is easy to understand and very profitable., but no less important is the support you can get, including updates and upgrades of various indicators, active forum for assistance and live chatroom, and above all Imram, one of the positive and generous person I have ever met.
Tasmania, Australia,
Aug 24, 2012,

I have had a Premium subscription to ITradeAIMS for about 4 months now. I wanted to have a 2nd methodology to trade alongside my VSA trading so I could be a more versatile trader.
What I have found is nothing short of exceptional.
Firstly, the price for the Premium service is chickenfeed in the scheme of things. Quite easily, Immy could charge a monthly fee to keep access to the forum and live chats, but no, it is all inclusive in the one off cost.
Secondly, the indicators and templates are fantastic. Snorm has done a wonderful job creating these indicators and have truly made the methodology much easier, altough it was not hard initially either.
Thirdly, the big one. Support. Not only Immy, but the other traders in both the chat room and the forum are always very helpful and happy to help out. I have been slow on the uptake due to location and commitments, but the times I have been there, someone has always answered a question in the forum quickly, or almost instantly on the live chat.

Devote some genuine time and effort in this and you will succeed. I have absolutely no doubt in that. Join up and look in the forum. People in there consistently posting their results day after day, trading Stress Free and just doing what the setups say and a consistent 1% a day has been earned in there - trading conservatively.
You will not get rich overnight, but if you are looking for that, you may as well just give your money to a charity. AIMS will provide a methodology to gain respectable profits.

The last thing, and I believe it is unique. I have not seen one negative thing said in the forum. It is filled with people who genuinely want to help each other out. Never have I seen a competion between people to see who is better (which is seen so much elsewhere). It provides such a comfortable environment to learn and ask questions openly without fear of feeling a bit silly.

My ONLY disapointment with all of this is the fact that I hadn't made the commitment sooner.
Make the commitent. You wont regret it :)
, Thailand,
Aug 24, 2012,

Simple, uncomplicated, one of the best on the market, will get newbies and novice traders up too speed really quickly, veteran traders will see the benefits immediately.
England, United Kingdom,
Jul 22, 2012,

Very good system lot better than others that are ok such as blackdog. If your new or been trading a little while and want some fresh ideas itradeaims is for you. I bought this not expecting to much it has took over my main template which was pretty good but this is just that bit better. Newbies if your looking for some thing and you come across this get it don't let it pass you by. Trust me been there. Cheers immy
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Jun 14, 2012,


I am trying out the signals, early days, but honestly not good ones. however i am resisting the temptation of crying foul as i wish to try it for a few more days. One thing these guys respond. so watch this space, hopefully for better news. Cheers
Greg Wms,
Tenn, USA,
May 31, 2012,

Great trading system , very simple rules to follow. Iv had the system for about a year, although i haven"t join the forum which is proberly worth the money. What i do first is check my currency strenght meter, which there are several for free & for sale on line. And then from my strenght meter i determan which pair i"ll be trading & im averaging 30 + pips per day, trading the US session only & thats on only one pair. In my book its deffantly a 5 star system. God bless & keep up the good work AIMS.
CapeTown, South Africa,
May 2, 2012,

I have obtained full Premium Membership at AIMS. Since then, I have found it's simplicity and ease of use unlocking my ability as retail trader.

From delivery of purchased services to direct forum support from the owner and experienced AIMSTERS, to frequent updates of indicator development by it’s own in-house programmer, AIMS has been an excellent experience and continues to be so for me.

Based on the works of Bill Williams the renowned developer of various standard MT4 indicators, successful trader and educator, AIMS has managed to distil his revolutionary market principles into a high probability, easy to follow trading rule-set, complete with latest developed state-of-the-art indicators.
AIMS takes advantage of the widely accepted Elliot wave principle, whether you are a seasoned on total novice on the subject. The AIMS setup simply locates the well-sought after W3 and W5 impulse waves that is inherent in market trends with no more than 10 seconds or less Elliot consideration from the trader.
AIMS can be applied to all trading instruments at all timeframes, RIGHT down to 1 minute charts.
The complete system is well defined in accompanying pdf’s complete with chart examples for study and review.
During my participation in the AIMS forums and live trading conditions, I recently posted my personal experience and gratitude to fellow traders in the forum as below:

“This is an open letter to AIMS traders:

I have a wish.

....that all traders in this great forum take a leap of faith and let it all out.....
Post the questions, post successes, get active and take the trades, share the experiences, burn the candles and get AIMS into your daily trading.

I can absolutely say this, (and IMHO, there are no absolutes in this universe)
THIS, is the BEST forum and BEST system, and BEST support system and BEST trading support and BEST MT4 technical/indicator skill i have EVER seen!!

The support staff cares!!

Please, open a journal or individual thread, post your findings, thoughts and experiences. Our trading survival advancement depends on it.

You got A LOT to go with you:
Immy for the vision and personal support...
Grant for the ruthless disciplined application of identified rules...
Steve for the most advanced technical tools on the planet...
AIMS traders showing their personal interaction in the market...

Truthfully, i have measured AIMS against other advanced institution strenght elliot analysis, calculating up to 700 000 variations per minute of possible elliot variations... I have seen AIMS dictating a w3---w5 while the mentioned analysis adopted the structure AFTER the fact....

Time and time again, AIMS preceded the projections, why? Because AIMS is in REAL-TIME. Believe it or not, being in the NOW has numerous benefits... it allows you a glimpse into the future.

One of my favorite maxims: "The essence of management is caring what goes on". We have this here at AIMS. I have seen it. Use it.
We all have different needs and abilities. Together we formulate a successful community.
AIMS works.... Go for it!!

, Italy,
Jan 13, 2012,

I just wanted to say that amongst the countless (and useless) trading systems I've had the chance to come across over several years now, this is the only one that I've seen being traded by the deviser day by day, and more important, with a consistent performance. I think that says a lot and Imran and the AIMSters are constantly improving it by trading it. The forum is a place full of resources and each single member has the chance to post and ask questions while being sure to get an answer in real time. The skype room allows to participate live to Imran's daily trading. As for me, since I started trading AIMS I've seen a gradual and consistent improvement in my trading (and pips banked). What else can I say? It does deserve 5 stars. :)
Suffolk, United Kingdom,
Dec 24, 2011,

Immy is the most genuine person I have come across in my venture into forex trading. The ItradeAims system is concise and easy to learn, but it does take discipline. The ITradeAims family, the Aimsters are always happy to help and joining them in the live trading room is unbelievable,. All this for what? $97 AMAZING.
Sutan - LOVE LLC,
Dec 8, 2011,

This is by for one of the most simple and easy to use systems on the market today. If you are looking for simplicity and integrity then this system will deliver that and some to you. The creators of this system are one of kind when it comes to making sure that you understand the system and helping you to increase your standard when it comes to trading and living life. I urge to tap into this community and GROW a little !!!