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4.893 · 53 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Johannesburg, South Africa,
Dec 5, 2011,

The AIMS way of trading is brilliant using the 1 min chart to pull pips from the market, The chart is not messy with lots of confusing indicators (only three indicators). The rules are very simple and easy to follow, which is very important as it makes trading stress free.

There is also the forum which is a very valuable source of information and where you can keep an online trading journal. Plus there is a chat room where we are able to discuss set ups and ask questions. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to learn a simple stress free way to trade.

It is simply AWESOME!!!
Aaron R,
Ohio, USA,
Dec 4, 2011,

I've tried a number of commercial systems and even EA's, and they've all either failed completely or built profit too slow to be useful. This is the first system I've used that has been absolutely perfect for me. I can trade any time frame I want, and can see within seconds if there's a trade available or not with just a glance. It even has exit signals that consistantly keep my winners far larger than my losers. I finally stopped looking for new systems. I have what I need.
mumbai, India,
Dec 4, 2011,

Hi All,
I have found my forex destination "AIMS". I found that the system is highly effective in detecting potential setups from 1 minute to high time frame. I now execute trades effortlessly stress-free and make successful trades. Immy has developed a highly effective system and my "Hats-Off" to him and his team.
I feel very happy after joining AIMS and his team of successful traders. Lastly, AIMS has given me all I expected from trading system.

Happy Green AIMS Pips.
, Poland,
Dec 4, 2011,

This system is definitely a good value for day traders. The rules to follow are clearly defined and iTrade Aims forum members receive a lot of support from Immy and other experienced Aimsters

Jim C,
New Mexico, USA,
Nov 30, 2011,

At last a system based upon the actual structure of the market. It gets you into a trade with very accurate signals, and gives you a positive exit strategy. I have tried so many different systems over the years, I have lost count. THIS is the one that really works, is simple to understand and to use. The pip yield must also be seen to be believed! I love it!!
, United Kingdom,
Nov 30, 2011,

Superb system - easy to follow, consistently profitable. Can't go wrong if you follow the easy rules and maintain discipline.
Aug 19, 2011,

I have been trading AIMS for a few days and am exremely pleased with the results. It is the first system I have seen that is successful using a 1 and 5 minute time frame, Like IMMY says, trade what you see not what you think.
kaye brown,
Aug 12, 2011,

.....I ....Have been trading various other very complicated systems for 15 months before i purchased this system...I have now been trading Imrans Aims system for a little under a month and it is such an uncomplicated trading system to follow. . There arnt alot of fancy pancy indicators in the system, just 3. The entry is very visual.....when you see a dot, the aligators mouth is open and when price breaks an Aims level , you enter the trade.......and you also have a clear and concise exit signal.. But when trading any system, there is alot of other stuff involved, anxiety, fear, greed, and Imran addresses all these issues in his free daily blog........its good stuff....Any beginner or experienced trader can make money with this system. One of the best things i like about this system is that Imran shows you how to ad on to winning trades. You can turn a 50 pip move into 80 pips. And its so easy. I highly recommend as the best system i have seen so far.......
Aug 10, 2011,

I just purchased this system 4 days ago, and since that time have had great success. Today the EU down around 150 pips, and I caught a little more than 100 pips of it. If it weren't for this system, I would have missed the entire move.
The methodology, which is based on Bill Williams teachings, is well thought out, and very easy to understand. It isn't loaded with a whole bunch of useless indicators. There are only 3 entry rules. In fact, dots are drawn on the chart to show where to enter. An audio message also alerts you to a potential entry.
Imran, in my opinion, has done an incredible job. His site is full of free information about his methods. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone