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4.893 · 53 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

, United Kingdom,
Nov 30, 2011,

Superb system - easy to follow, consistently profitable. Can't go wrong if you follow the easy rules and maintain discipline.
Miroslav Mirgus,
Tabor, Czech Republic,
Dec 4, 2015,

AIMS is the best strategy I know. I've tried a lot of them but this is the best TOP.
Jim C,
New Mexico, USA,
Nov 30, 2011,

At last a system based upon the actual structure of the market. It gets you into a trade with very accurate signals, and gives you a positive exit strategy. I have tried so many different systems over the years, I have lost count. THIS is the one that really works, is simple to understand and to use. The pip yield must also be seen to be believed! I love it!!
Chom Bueng, Thailand,
Jun 1, 2015,

Like others I came to AIMS by accident and left because AIMS seemed a/ to easy b/ too cheap for a lifetime membership c/ concentrated on mental issues rather than the system. I came back to AIMS because it started to make sense and had been updated using idea's I am familiar with. I came to the realisation that time is precious , if you are like me and age is creeping up on you and you think you cannot trade the lower time frames (1/5 min ) think again .If I can do it you can to , AIMS is a game changer. !
, United Kingdom,
Apr 29, 2014,

I'm guess gim didn't use the AIMS forum and doesn't really understand the system. All questions are answered in the forum, either by Immy (the creator) or the many other successful AIMS traders.
AIMS is a lot more than a few moving averages crossover - it is based on the renowned Bill Williams system with some very clever improvements. In terms of value for money, I think AIMS is probably second to none. Be patient, be selective, bank the pips - on whatever timeframe or pair that takes your fancy.
Tampere, Finland,
Apr 29, 2014,

I have traded AIMS for over 1.5 years and I just love trading AIMS. Even though my preferred timeframe is M1, the system is working like a charm on higher timeframes also. Losses are kept small and winners are kept alive - excellent risk/reward ratio.

AIMS forum and chat makes together a warm-hearted and very helpful community. Real traders, for traders. If you are serious about trading, I recommend AIMS for you.
Moscow, Russian Federation,
Apr 29, 2014,

I ve been trying many trade system, but when i found AIMS - there is no reason to look for anythin else.
All TF, all pairs, all commodities - you can choose what you want. It s unbelievable - but this approach in reading market structure is really working!
And all you need to master it - discipline and patience. As for everything dood in our life.
Lille, France,
Apr 30, 2014,

Hello People
I do recommand itradeaims system for the following reasons:
1° Membership is cheap and its one off payment
2° You get access to a forum with tons of information, journals, videos, indies, etc...
3° You have access to the live chat trading room and you will be part of a community with very good traders
4° Immy, the creator, has a strong ethic about his work and he does support you and help you
5° You have a 100 Page ebook with many examples of trade
6° The strategy is based on very scientific,solid & profitable theory about trading
7° Its simple (never said it was easy though)
I have read a review saying that the system is not as easy as it looks. Well, i want to say this to the newbees: Trading is not easy! You have to learn & understand the basics and you have to work seriously (you can't just buy a system, trade few days of few weeks and say: It does not work!). This is the case for ANY system. When I discovered Itradeaims, i was a newbee, in the room, Aimsters were patient with me, helped me and i learnt a lot from them. I guess i was a bit lucky to start my trading career with ItradeAims (of course i am still trading this system now).

2011-08-12 5Star Hi there
I have just made 139 pips yesterday using AIMS trading.
Once you know how to spot a saddle point, its very easy! You got your saddle point, your dot alert, check the rules, check M5 trend and lets pips go. Exit correctly and bingo!
Dont get it wrong, I did have losses (6 of 16 trades) but i keep them low.
I never made so many pips in a day (even in the week, i am a beginner!)
I have been into chaos trading for few months only. Its amazing how Aims trading has caught the essence of Chaos Trading into a simple strategy to use .

The blog is always rich of thoughts, charts and advice and "Immy" and his AIMS team are always in good mood and prompt to help you and reply to your questions.

I would recommand this strategy to anyone interested in trading forex and especially if you are interested in Bill Williams work.

, Italy,
Jan 13, 2012,

I just wanted to say that amongst the countless (and useless) trading systems I've had the chance to come across over several years now, this is the only one that I've seen being traded by the deviser day by day, and more important, with a consistent performance. I think that says a lot and Imran and the AIMSters are constantly improving it by trading it. The forum is a place full of resources and each single member has the chance to post and ask questions while being sure to get an answer in real time. The skype room allows to participate live to Imran's daily trading. As for me, since I started trading AIMS I've seen a gradual and consistent improvement in my trading (and pips banked). What else can I say? It does deserve 5 stars. :)
Aug 18, 2017,

A trading system with a sole

Well, it is my first review on any product ever, but I had an urge to write this review as a guide for those who have been lost in the world of trading for a long time. In order to make myself clear, I started trading six months ago and during these three months I bought several pre-packaged systems which I did stick with the best of them for less than three weeks. I know, am a man child and I like to have new toys from time to time which is detrimental in the world of trading.
However, what I found fascinating about itrade aims is that it is a system traded by real people which evolved over the time. You can read the blogs of immy and the journals of the main contributors who started as students and found there unique ways to add to the system and refine it following the old adage "do more of what works and less of what does not work". In a nutshell, aims is a system with a sole and a story behind it, making it easier for you to buy into it and follow it on the long run. Also, you will be surprised about how Immy is taking your long term success so seriously and as a personal goal for himself.