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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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Las Vegas,
Aug 15, 2011,

Bad - Stay Away from them - Today only they are offering PipsMultiplier for free. The when I clicked on add to cart, I was taken to a Plimus order form. Which showed a price of $1.00. So, it is not free. Then I noticed a link near the middle top that said "Recurring Payment Terms". Hovering over that link a popup box said: First charge $1.00 after 3 days, $97.00 each month, max payments 99, max charge: $999.00. These folks are not on the up and up. I closed the order form. Do not fall for this tactic. No matter how many millions of dollars you can make.
Denver, CO,
Aug 15, 2011,

Pips Multiplier

I receive e-mails every day, offering their software "free". When you go to their link, there is nothing free about this, except that they are offering a money back guarantee for a purchase that costs $267 and there are upsells as well. To me free, means free!!!
I have asked what is free about this on numerous occasions, but have no reply. They are also offering this through various resellers, with the same free story.
Bern ,
Aug 12, 2011,

I clicked on a PipsMultiplier e-mail and received the following notice: "THANK YOU FOR YOUR PURCHASE". Within minutes I received a charge for $297. from Plimus for their product which I did not request; neither did I authorize them to charge my credit card. In fact, I do not even know HOW they got my credit card information unless it was shared with them by some other vendor. I contacted them and received e-mail stating that if I did not dispute it within 24 hours, that PipsMultiplier gets to keep the money. It took several days of bickering and threatening to get them to give the money back. I even got an e-mail from a staff member at PipsMultiplier two days later, a one-sentence statement: "Please just try it for 30 days....". I finally had to threaten them with legal action to get the money back. They are BAD,BAD news. Stay as far away from them as you can.
San Diego, CA,
Aug 10, 2011,

Ok, Plimus was quick to get me a refund. Ugh, I guess they're right: if these guys are so-called millionaire forex investors, why are they putting their products on a low level distributor like Plimus and not Clickbank? Seems to be very true, because I haven't even received the product or confirmation email for a week now.

2011-08-09 2Star I bought this thing, actually willing to take a risk. I didn't even receive a confirmation letter, and they actually charged me for the $495 up-sell option, days later, even though I KNOW that I did not authorize the purchase. Can't get in touch with customer support, so I'm escalating the refund with plimus. I'm still curious to try it out, so I'm bugging them for a confirmation email with at least a link to where I need to go to start. I'm curious if anyone else had this issue upon purchase. May be a scam, though I'm not sure at this point just yet.