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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.759 · 15 REVIEWS
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3.759 · 15 REVIEWS
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Daniel Lunardo,
Kansas City, MO, USA,
Aug 22, 2013,

I never write reviews because I am very busy. But for Hedge Fund Copier I have to write something. The signals are really amazing. Sometimes you get a SMS already early in the morning, then a few during the day and even till late in the evening. And as soon as I get the signal I check the different time frames and then I trade. Usually I don’t trust anybody in the forex business because there are so many scammers out there but for Bill, I would say "GO and give try!". He knows what he's talking about and he's built a great product. For me it’s perfect, I don’t have the time to monitor the charts all the time. As soon as I get an SMS I "almost" go blindly into the trade. I would recommend this product to anybody serious about succeeding in forex.
Johnny DeMint,
Washington, USA,
Jun 18, 2013,

Hedge fund copier products are excellent. Presently, it would not be an overstatement if one concludes that hedge fund copier ranks highest in terms of available forex software suites. In terms of responses to his clients, bill is very good.

Bill teaches not only how to trade but the psychological aspect of trading which is the most problematic for new traders. By psychological aspect of trading I mean such factors like fear, greed, discipline, emotion, patience and self control. He clearly explains to his clients, the role such factors play in forex trading and teaches them how to avoid these emotions. His trading software is very simply top notch. It's easy to comprehend and practice but highly effective if you follow the rules and be a disciplined trader.

I do not know the reason for anyone to write a review or rate a product/service he has not used or he is unfamiliar with. Please if you are unfamiliar with Bill's services, kindly try it out rather than be negative about it.

If there was a rating higher than 5 stars, I would have not hesitated to give it to Bill and his team.

Bill, You are doing great work. You are an experienced teacher. You want your clients to become good traders. You re-teach your clients from bad traders to consistent winners.

I repeat, I give you 5 good and well deserved stars.
Barry Liddle,
London, United Kingdom,
Jun 17, 2013,

What a wonderful person.... Bill personally answers ALL my Emails! I have done an average of 736 pips a month for two months with his software. The problem is that I'm not trading when many signals are sent. Now he has started an SMS text service to go along with HFC and I should do much better. His primary goal is to make newbies better traders and he means it. At first the non-conventional software caught me off guard but within about 10 days I became a pro at it. Once you see and understand all the important market notifications generated by the software you will know you have a pro's product. Every trade is backed by deep analysis. 900 to 1400 pips a month is doable if you can act on the software's generated recommendations. For what you can learn, the value is exceptional. Having been scammed enough in the FX newbie arena, I was so happy to find Bill and Hedge Fund Copier.
Kitchener, Canada,
Jun 14, 2013,

I was very skeptical before enrolling with hedge fund copier. Seems everyone is selling forex education but no one is trading it. I had the opportunity to hear Bill speak and was impressed with his honesty and integrity. I was also able to talk with some past students which gave me more confidence.
Any doubts I had were quickly dispelled with the quality of his course material and software. Bill teaches a complete system which works. He trades it himself everyday.
The support after the purchase is first rate. You wont find better. The software is top notch and works very well. Any queries are answered the same day.
Definitely the best value I have had from any forex product!
Texas, USA,
Jun 13, 2013,

I've found hedge fund copier to be a most helpful service. I started trading in May 2011. I found hedgefundcopier.com in December 2012. Like most new traders, I wiped out my first few trading accounts. Bill and his team got me back on track. It took a couple months to get going, but now my trading account is in the black. I've been profitable for 4 straight months now. There is no way that I could have done it without the hedge fund copier software and their wonderful support.
Give these guys a chance. They teach sound risk management and their tools are excellent. Based on my current track record, I should be able to transition to full time trading within 8 months.
Shannon Taylor,
San Diego, USA,
Jun 11, 2013,

I have been trading FULL time for over a year. I really have tried everything. Bought so many EA's and webinars, etc..... So what do I think about this product? It is RARE, it actually works! It works consistently! It was not over hyped. I find the team running this product to be responsive to questions and offer help when you ask. Again, sounds so simple, but rare to find in this industry. I have friends who also trade forex and I usually advise them to stay far away from products on the market. THIS product I am fully recommending.
Darius Schmitz,
Jun 10, 2013,

I was struggling with my trading for about 4 years, done other trading courses, bought trading systems and robots, but was not getting anywhere.
Then a few weeks ago I found Bill's software and decided to give Forex the one last go with it and I’m so glad I did.

Ever since I joined Bill's trading program, my trading has been getting better and better week after week. Finally I have had 2 green weeks in row.

We all know how hard trading is so don’t expect a get rich quick scheme here, but with lot of hard work and a team like Bill's you will have the best possible chance of succeeding in this tough market.

After struggling for so long I can finally see my goal, to be a full time trader, in sight thanks to Bill and HFC
Nathan Youssef,
Ottawa, Canada,
Jun 4, 2013,

I would consider myself a novice trader. Hedge fund copier was the 4th forex product that I tried when I started trading. After working on a demo account for a few months I went live. The support staff is very helpful and patient with my beginner questions. My key to success has been the excellent signals I get from HFC day in and day out. I have already recommended this software to my local trading club.
Sydney, NSW, Australia,
Jun 1, 2013,

Bill Matthews has simply the best trading software in the market to date. I have bought his software 1 month ago and despite what anyone else has to say, it is worth every cent and more. So far it has generated 37 trades and out of those 31 were winners...What people need to understand is that this is the single, biggest business in the world. People begin trading and expect it to be easy, if it was everyone would do it. To win in forex you need to put in a lot of effort and Bill's software is one of the tools in your tool box. Like any other business, you will only get out what you put in. Take your time to understand the trades and you will be on your way to success.
Ulf Leinweber,
Hessen, Germany,
Mar 20, 2012,

I am in the same situation as Trader Ben, Dennis B. and probably many others: the software ceased working in 2012 and despite several emails sent to the administrator no reaction at all. So these guys are really bloody cheaters!