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Updated: Aug 8, 2018
4.333 · 13 REVIEWS
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4.333 · 13 REVIEWS
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Aug 6, 2018,
Registered user

Well worth the money!

I am a long time user of the MT5 version. I was one of the original users and testers. I still use the program today... almost every day. I have not contacted support for a couple years, however, whenever I had a problem, they were quite prompt to help me. Most of the support requests were for things that I had made mistakes on.

This program can make some very nice advisers, people with some programming skills can easily use this as a set up for something more complex.

I am still using advisers that I made in 2011, that should tell you that the product is worthwhile. The original coding still functions well, even though MT5 has undergone major changes.

I rate the software as being excellent!!
Gaza, Palestinian Territory, Occupied,
Mar 11, 2018,

Ideal EA builder

Eatree MT4 is a powerful forex advisor builder software. It will not only give you the flexibility to use, but also its enhanced performance, security and efficiency will stun you for sure. It includes all the necessary tools. I am practically in control of everything that happens to my money and my finances have never been better.
Iligan, Philippines,
Mar 2, 2018,

Trustworthy, reliable and genuine

I have used this for over years now and trust me when I say it is the best. The best thing about EATree is that its flexibility to use for any user. It has no complex features and if so they are visualized and explained in detail so that you and I can understand them easily. Its privacy is well-confirmed. Try it today, and I bet, you won’t regret it for a minute!
Vilnius, Lithuania,
Jan 7, 2018,

MQL trading done simply

Thanks to Eatree I no longer feel like I’m missing out in all the frenzy of forex. I also now understand the way the markets trade in foreign currency a whole lot better because of the way the onboard tools are designed. Highly recommend this for starting our Forex traders, as well as experienced traders.
vrsa, Portugal,
Dec 26, 2017,

One stop solution to successful Forex trading

For me as a Forex trader with quite a bit of experience but sometimes quite frustrated with the time it takes to properly understand and use the features of MT4, I have found the solutions of an easy visual interface amazing as it cuts down on the time taken. I think it’s a great product that has saved me time and time means money. The customer service was great when I needed a bit of help at the start.
Las Palmas, Spain,
Dec 20, 2017,

Improves the predictability of your forex position

Since becoming a Forex trader the most frustrating thing is to accurately manage responses to market signals. With  Eatree once you use the easy to manipulate blocks in a visual environment that means you don’t need to be a programmer to do this really quickly. Because I was able to learn how to use Eatree for MT4 in a short space of time my earnings increased as the system does the work for me. Thanks Eatree!
Kiev, Ukraine,
Sep 23, 2017,

Easy to use for us Novices

Having utilized many different platforms and sites, this is by far the most effective system to use. All the information is at your fingertips allowing for split second decision making. It is so user friendly I cannot believe I didn't purchase it earlier! The customer service is so helpful with all my enquires and are open! Wonderful product!.
Valera, Venezuela,
Sep 14, 2017,

Very Nice System! Thumbs up!

Fantastic system for basic understanding. It made what I thought was so daunting, very very simple! The interface is perfect, making it easier to analyze graphs and accounts. I specifically enjoy the ability to see the forex signal visually, for me personally, it makes the experience more interesting and easily integratable into everyday life. A much easier alternative to the norm. It has made trading effortless. Well thought out and brilliantly put together.
Toronto, Canada,
Sep 3, 2017,
Registered user

Best EA builder by far

I have purchased several EA builders for MetaTrader. EATree is the best one by far. I have using it for the last five years and most of the EAs in my EA portfolio were built using EATree.

Building a profitable EA is a skill that takes long time to master. I have friends that expect to build an EA in minutes and start trading on real accounts! It doesn’t work this way in real life. First you must have a successful strategy that you traded manually for long time, then you must master a tool, such as EATree software, to build your EA and then you should work hard to get your EA to be profitable consistently. Finally, you must have a good money management to determine how much volume (lots) you are going to allocate to this EA in your EA portfolio.

I can simply say that I have covered the cost of the EATree software long time ago and I am enjoying my profits.
india, India,
Apr 16, 2017,

Absolutel waste of money !

Absolutel waste of money ! I am lauging at myself why I purchased it............How the world fools you , this is what EA tree gives