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DrPipForex.com Review

Updated: Dec 11, 2018
4.535 · 10 REVIEWS
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4.535 · 10 REVIEWS
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Junior Fx Trader,
East of Europe, Hungary,
Feb 9, 2012,

I subscribed in February again for the service. Hope to make nice money as last year here. Doctor takes either full positions or half size positions. I will inform about coming results.
Socorro Márquez, América ,
Los Angeles, USA,
Nov 13, 2011,

PIP is a good guy. Have been receiving free signals for awhile and accuracy in winning trades is impressive. After I signed up for the live room. Money management in room is conservative and pips are safe. I am impressed with what I see
Nov 10, 2011,

Horrible service. Often lies about his trades by a few pips. Have been a number of occasions where he would tell us to get out of the trade. Then a few minutes later when the bad trade would have reversed, he lies and says he did not leave the trade, and that he just now closed.. Also, when I signed up. I was promised to be taught his strategy. He has never taught or explained any of his trades. STAY AWAY! YOU WILL ALWAYS GET LESS PIPS THAN HIM!
Oct 19, 2011,

Solid trading, easy to follow, honest performance reporting and profitable trades with low DD. A very promising trading room with only 4 hours of trading each day. 5 star system, I hope for a long time more.
sydney, Australia,
Oct 18, 2011,

hi, I am a first time reviewer on FPA. I am currently on a 5 day trial with this service. Its early days, but so far they are proving to be a legitimate service. I can back the last 5 business days of their performance starting on the 12/10/11. On occasions i have not been able to get the same entry nor exits with roughly a difference of around 2 to 3 pips respectively. However, Dr Pip does try and warn us before he pulls the trigger. Dr Pip seems to be a conservative trader with generally only 1 to 2 trades a day and if the market is not acting as it should Dr Pip will walk away until the next day. The level of accuracy is quite impressive. For now I will continue with the service.
Klaus Rigaud,
Oct 9, 2011,

PIP’s rules are simple and I must say that I have made more pips in two weeks than alone in two months. If you join the room you will learn about the markets. Hope I can stay with him and learn much more!
Wilfred Jorgenson,
Siegen, NRW, Germany,
Oct 9, 2011,

I surely enjoyed the experience trading with Dr PIP for a couple weeks and I gained more knowledge about using news for successful trading. He is there for 4-5 hours daily and you will catch some good trades in the room.

I know him from Greenforextrading, where he was working with good results.
Zurich, Swizterland,
Sep 25, 2011,

I have been trading with DrPip for 6 weeks and I have been extremely impressed. Just in the last 4 weeks have made over 20% in my portfolio trading with him. I truly recommend Doctor's trading room. Good Luck!
Los Angeles,
Sep 16, 2011,

I have been trading with DR PIP for just 2 weeks. I am finally confident that my trading experience growing and also as my account. Thank you DR PIP!!!
Sep 6, 2011,

Dr Pip(the room's host) seems to have an intuitive feel for fx market that has so far shown to be correct more often then not. His performance has been consistently positive. As well as making pips for the room by issuing trade calls, he give his opinion on the current market situation, which makes the room very interesting especially if you are a newbie. Since this is my initial review, I wil not submit a rating until several months of trading with Dr. Pip, but from what I've experienced so far, I would give DrPipForex a high rating. If you are interested in joining a Service then definitely give thiz one a go.