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Out of business Tom Flora
Updated: Apr 13, 2022
The TomsEA MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The Toms EA automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on live accounts by the Forex Peace Army™ The forex robot was developed by Tom Flora.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.
Out of business Performance tests

Status Account Product P/L Weekly,% Weeks tested P/L Gross,%
Tom's EA1 +0.31 100.9 +35.974
Toms EA +0.1 54.6 +5.478
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3.805 • 67 REVIEWS

Traders Reviews

Maryland, USA,
Apr 27, 2018,


Lost 40% of account over six months ... Results speak for themselves ... $2500 down to $1400 ...
Auckland, New Zealand,
Jan 18, 2018,
Registered user

Hi, does anyone still use this EA? i purchased it some years ago while still in beta stage and it had glitches and sub optimal support, I have read others have had better experiences. It would be nice to fire it up again with help. Does anyone know where support for this EA is still available from?.. if at all?
PS: i have not submitted a rating as it was still in development at the time it seems. They then distributed an improved version months later but did not offer to update the older version for the first purchaser group. That did not win to many friends with first purchasers at the time as the purchase price was over $2000.
Toronto, Canada,
Sep 27, 2016,
Registered user

I am still using Toms EA latest version in my demo account only. But the results so impressive. Their customer service is really awesome.
, United Kingdom,
Nov 21, 2014,

I have been using TomsEA since 2011. I had managed to successfully use this tool and make money without any problems even throughout the many changes that happened, and never lost any money. This year, another change happened and i was unsure what to do. I talked to Jose and decided to trust what he said because of the performance of TomsEA for the years i had used it. I was told i didnt have to manage it myself anymore and it would be done for me. I was given log in details so i could view it whenever i wanted. Within a couple of months i couldnt view my account, so i emailed jose many times to ask if he could sort the problem, which never happened, then when i asked what is happening with my account i was told it had taken a large loss. They had lost all of my profit from the past three years. They had traded a different way to which i would have liked but i shouldnt have let them trade a different way from what was working for me.

2014-04-05 5Star I have been trading Ea's for years and never found one that consistantly works as well as TomsEA. Ive been using it for several years and feel very safe with it and have always made money with it, never lost any. I have been conservative with it as they suggest and stuck to their guide lines which seems to work perfectly. Initially i was excited thinking i would make some quick money but this is an EA for the long term which is even better, because it seems to make more the longer you leave it and the more it has to work with. I was a little worried when WorldProFX changed but Jose helped me out, and he makes things very easy.
Sussex, United Kingdom,
May 3, 2014,

Have been trading this TomsEA for more than two years. Had a bad start but looking back it was probably due to bad settings that I did myself. Since working with Jose Jaen, and particularly since the change to FXDD, things have been consistently good. April was quiet but still made money.
, Singapore,
May 1, 2014,

I used this TOM's EA from 2011 Dec. I experienced the big DD in May 2012, about 65% DD. then It take about one year to bring back.
Since Aug 2013, I open a new account with 7000 USD deposit (1:400 IBFX AU). only used EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs with 10% risk level. so far it is OK, monthly return is about 3%. But I am not sure what is the difference between TOM's EA and profit -agent, and trading strategy has any change for ver 1.96 vs previous versions?
with Ver 1.96, I experienced about 30% floating DD in Feb 2014 because of GBP/USD pair. But very surprised, with previous version, when floating DD reached such level, 1x level usually reach 500 pips or near stop 600pips. But this time, 1x only reach about 400 pips and martingle level reach 39x very soon. that mean it change the trading level from lower level to high level very soon.

in a conclusion, TOM's EA is workable. but you have to use enough capital to support the DD. even 7000USD is not safe for 2 pairs with only 10 risk level.
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 20, 2014,

Started with $2000 achieved 69%.Increased to two accounts with significant funds and am achieving a good passive income with excellent guidance from Jose Ricaurte Jaen you cannot go wrong. I wish I had committed more funds earlier but still know I will achieve better than targeted returns.

2013-04-26 5Star I have been using Tom's EA for the EUR:USD pair since October 2012 and am up over 73% in 6 months. This is by far the best forex service I have come across and I will be recommending it to family and friends. Initial settings of 0.01 lot size was increased to 0.02 and now for May back down to 0.01. Will be increasing this to 0.03 and adding more funds to match the additional gearing up.
Julio M
Atlanta, GA, USA,
Apr 17, 2014,

Be aware of trading TomsEA with Jose Ricaurte Jaen with WordlProFX or WPFX or Guardina Trust FX.

My 10K account was wiped out in a week period and was the only among other accounts following the same system.

2014-03-18 1Star Hi Dustin,

Thanks for the feedback on my comment of 2013-10-16, I haven’t been here for a while and just noticed it.

I don’t understand following part “WPFX led on that when you factored in the money you had withdrawn ie made already you did not lose near what you are saying you lost” please explain further, I didn’t withdraw any money during the wipeout period.

Also I sent to you ( support files and the latest statements I had from WPFX (as every time a drawdown come they stop sending them), the account (xxx118) was managed by Jose Ricaurte Jaen in WPFX:

Aug 31st 2013 – Monthly statement – Equity $ 9,867.17
Sept 23rd 2013 – Daily statement – Equity $ 5,027.59
Sept 23rd 2013 – Jose Ricaurte’s email saying he made adjustments to avoid further drawdown
Sept 30th 2013 – Daily statement – Equity $ 452.33
Oct 2nd 2013 – Profit Agent subscription cancelation email
Oct 4th 2013 – Daily statement – Equity $ 2.65

Hope this clarify and allow you to provide further feedback.

Best Regards,
Julio M

2013-10-16 1Star Profit Agent (aka Tom's EA) system 10K account managed by WorldPro FX wiped out overnight, this is to make the forex community aware, hope I had paid more attention to warning comments.

Comment: Added by Dustin Pass on 2013-10-18
Hello Julio, I reached out to World Pro Fx and they said they have no managed agreement with you. Was the account wiped out by TomsEa or from a managed account? I have not received any emails from clients stating there account was blown up recently and those in the past were from over leverage. WPFX led on that when you factored in the money you had withdrawn ie made already you did not lose near what you are saying you lost. In any case, feel free to contact us directly at I would like the opportunity to analyse your report if you will let us so that we can see why you experienced a margin call when none of our other traders have reported any such thing. It would go a long way in helping us to improve the EA if improvements are needed.
Sven Iversen
Silkeborg, Denmark,
Apr 15, 2014,

Back in November 2011 I started to use Tom's EA and have used it with fine results. But since February 2013 Jose Ricaurte Jaen has been managing the account with excellent results. His help and dedication to make the account grow and perform has been a very positive experience, that I can give my sincere recommendations and 5 stars.
Cape Town, South Africa,
Apr 10, 2014,

Well I am back - thought it to be appropriate to update my experience with Tom's EA. Again I most definitely have to thank Dustin for introducing me to this awesome EA and his generosity allowing me to use it!
Another gentleman, who has been supportive and professional and helpful is Jose, who definitely also deserves praise!
Well from being sceptical investing three figures, then realising that Tom's EA does work, to investing five figures and realising just over 3% per month. This off course at the recommended risk levels and recommended number of currency pairs traded. Tom's EA traded my account to within a couple of USD shy of a 6 figure investment, realising a steady 6.53% per month!
Again I recall Jose's words and Dustin's teachings - Tom's EA is a slow EA, which works, but it takes time.
Well with a steady return of 6.5% per month (and this in USD) I do have a lot of time :-)
I will be adding additional funds to my account, which will bring added benefits of being able to trade more currency pairs at a lesser risk and therefore this should also show an increase the return of 6.5% currently realised.
Added benefit for sure is Dustin, his support team and a keen and helpful always available account manager in Jose.
I have difficulty in understanding the complaints regarding this awesome EA and for me personally my experience and results actually stand for 10 out of 10!
Thank you Dustin and also Jose - you made a mega difference to my trading experience and therefore life!

2013-09-12 5Star Having had lots of not too good experiences some years back in forex trading I have been privileged to be introduced to Tom's EA by Dustin Pass. Off course as per usual one is sceptical of good solid continuous performances of Tom's EA shown by Dustin, when looking at systems in Forex in general. In either event I felt it would be worth another shot and with Dustin's recommendation I did contact Jose Ricaurte Jaen from WorldPro FX, who in a prompt efficient and friendly manner answered my enquiry. After discussing my needs, scepticism and questions Jose went out of his way to add additional facts and proof of the performance of Tom's EA, as well as what his experiences are with this EA - the Good, Bad and The Ugly and by adding a comment, which I will always hold him too " Tom's EA works, but it takes time!" Jose also mentioned conservative settings/settings recommended per size of account and that he would set it up, together with an analysis setup in Myfxbook. Ultimately it would be a managed account, which Jose offers with very little input by oneself accept that one has to transfer some funds for him to place (which in itself is easy and seamless - after completion of some required paperwork off course)
So here we are - I am in the process of setting up a second account for Tom's EA to run and give us consistent returns. My first account we set up July 22nd of this year and I cannot say more accept that I am very happy with it performance to date. Again remember it takes time to get going, but eventually the compounding effect bring the results: (keep in mind that this is a smaller account and we are only using the EUR/USD pair in this instance) the last week in July 1.51%, August 4.22% and currently September 1.15%, so we already seeing 7.01%.
I cannot say anything else, but that I now have my own proof regarding the performance of Tom's EA - thanks to Jose and his team at WorldPro FX. With his expertise I have no worries having to manage the EA either! From my experience Jose is willing to go the extra mile to keep me happy and with this I can have a peaceful nights sleep, knowing my investment is giving a good return and is in good hands.
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