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Updated: Oct 18, 2018
4.158 · 187 REVIEWS
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MyFXChoice is a forex broker. My FX Choice offers the MT4, MT5 and MT Mobile trading currency platforms. MyFXChoice.com offers currency pairs, metals and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.

MyFXChoice.com (Formerly FXChoice.com)

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MyFXChoice.com (Formerly FXChoice.com) profile provided by George, Jul 13, 2018

FXChoice is a global broker specialising in CFDs and Forex for private and institutional clients, not to mention fund managers. The company offers the tried-and-tested platforms of MT4 and MT5, with trading on the go also available via mobile apps. FXChoice prides itself on its customer service, aiming to be the industry's best.


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4.158 · 187 REVIEWS
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Oct 10, 2018,
Registered user

Overall Happy With FX Choice. Introduction to Funding complete success.

Part 2: Funding

It took exactly two days - actually less because the funds were received in my account on the second business day. That was extremely fast. Also, they reimbursed me the bank wire fees to my account, that look less than 24 hours. These guys are on point. Next part will be about my trading in Part 3. (see previous post Part 1).

Stay tuned.

Oct 4, 2018 - No Rating Part 1:

The subsequent reviews I will do in a couple of parts (Part 1: Introduction / Part 2: Funding/ Part 3: Trading/ Part 4: Withdrawals) from Introduction to FX Choice, Funding, Trading, and Withdrawals. I have seen very good reviews and only a small handful of reviews complaining mostly about Trading and Withdrawals. My experience thus far has been with the Introduction to FXChoice and Funding. Once my wire is transferred to my account I will do a review on that, then by sequential order follow the aforementioned parts.

Introduction: Like many of you, finding a good broker is difficult, for me, as I am a Canadian, brokers are nonexistent. Sure there is questrade, which I tried, however their questrade fx global platform is very difficult to navigate and slippage was horrendous. I looked at a few reviews on FX Choice, surprisingly, all around, very good reviews. So I thought I would try them out. My first account with FX Choice I spoke with a customer rep by the name of Lordz - come to find out 'Lordz' is a she, they were very helpful, and extremely knowledgeable. I must say, I spoke with someone within seconds of accessing the chat option. After speaking with her regarding funding, she made a slight error with the banks name before we ended the conversatoin. Guess what? 'Lordz' calls me 3 minutes after the conversation to rectify the slight error! That ladies and gentlemen is amazing. She didn't have to call me, as the information is also listed on the site and when you go to the deposit tab. So I rate my experience 6/5, yes six out of five because of the extra mile put in to reach me. FX Choice if you read this, give her employee of the month! That's what I like to see, someone who goes out of their way to inform you.

Funding: So I was at the bank and the bank teller could not determine if Bulgaria or Sofia was the city of the country. Mind you, not everyone is good at geography. I must admit, I knew Bulgaria was the country, I just didnt know what the rest of the address on the wire slip referred to. What did I do next? I'm with the teller in line and he asks me to verify . I go online on my mobile phone in the bank and connect to a customer service rep by the name of Mohammed. I ask him (I believe its a he as I do have ethnic friends - I'm from Canada we love everyone :)). Anyways, I ask him to verify what is the country, city, and the address of the beneficiary bank - he verifies that and I am on my marry way! By the way, logging on to the chat took less than 30 seconds. Thats how fast customer service took. Point to me another Broker that are that fast? My rating in this experience was 5/5.

In part 2 of my journey with FX Choice I will post about how long it took to Fund, my Trading Experience, and I will try doing a withdrawal as well.

So far FX Choice is very good. Like all new relationships, people are normally on their best behavior at first then start to show there true colors. I promise you readers I will post about each of my experiences in detail so that you can make an informed decision. Based on my first two experiences, I would definitely recommend FxChoice. We will see how they operate when we get down to the trading business.
Julio Guerra,
Oct 7, 2018,
Registered user

Can't enter into my account back office.

Hi, I can't enter into my account. Just wondering if this is happening to others clients. I left a message to their customer services, but not replied yet. I want to left the incident registered in the case will be future problems. I never had major problems with them.

Jan 31, 2017 - 5 Stars Very good customer support. One of the best out there. The person who attends me about some withdrawal problem was very detailed in the explanations. Even if I was affected by the issue and can't get what I wanted, can say nothing but good about FxChoice Customer Support. I give 5 stars even if they have restrictions on deposits and withdraws for USA customers. They only accept Bank Wires. They have their reasons. The website is very friendly to manipulate and organize the demo and live accounts. The executions are very fast. Since 2013, I never had a single issue with them and hope will be that way for years to come.

Dec 30, 2016 - 5 Stars I have been 4 years since January 2013. This is an excellent broker with an excellent customer Service. Haven't encountered any problems with withdrawals or deposits. I give them 5 stars without any doubt. They responses for my emails are fast. Hope they will continue the same way for many years ahead.
Reply by George submitted Oct 8, 2018:
Dear Julio Guerra,

Thank you for taking the time to share your concern. However, we are confused with your hasty decision to write this without even giving our customer support a chance to reply.

Our records show that you submitted your ticket on Oct 8, 2018, 12:00 AM (GMT+3) and our support replied within less than 9 hours, Oct 8, 2018, 8:53 AM (GMT+3). We would like to inform you that our usual ticket response is within 24hrs. In such cases, we strongly recommend contacting our 24/5 Live Chat Service for immediate response and resolution to your issue.

Best wishes,

Sep 20, 2018,

FX Choice - A very good broker!

FX Choice is an honest, legitimate, and professional broker. I have been with them for 19 months and everything has been exactly as expected. The customer service via chat or phone has always been very good. The pips + program is a excellent way to lower trading costs. I always wire money when funding my account and they refund the wire fees which results in no cost to me for depositing. I have spoken with Paul at FX Choice over the phone and he is very knowledgeable and straightforward. A good broker that you can trust!
Reply by George submitted Sep 21, 2018:
Dear Scott,

Thanks for the great review. We're pleased you've noted our honesty and customer service as positives as we work hard to deliver the 'best in the business' on these fronts. And thanks for your commendation of Paul.

Best wishes,

Panama, Panama,
Sep 19, 2018,

Short Review

Respectfully and responsibly I must say that I have very little time operating with FxChoice, and except for this inconvenience, I must say that everything went very well. I hope to write a better and positive review in a short time. I hope you can solve my case as soon as possible. I'm with FxChoice because I have a great community of friends who recommended them to me.
Reply by George submitted Oct 8, 2018:
Dear Daniel,

Thank you very much for your feedback. We hope that your case was handled and resolved to your satisfaction. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for choosing us.

Best wishes and happy trading!

Sep 17, 2018,
Registered user

I recently was told about fx choice so i used them as people spoke highly of them. I put in my sell limit position thursday night with pur whole group. Friday it not only hit my tp it surpassed it then market closed. Spreads went huge after close and it opened the same. Anyway my spread was 17 but keep in mind it is suppose to be set on Top of that. It did not close out my position i have screen shots of it ro prive as well as 12 minutes before market closed i took screen ahot ro send out to team mates showing what i was at. My entire teams closed out but mine did not. So now i am forced to close out my trade in profit but $800 below what it should have been. So i contacted them. First he tried to say my buy in amount didnt hit ao i told him i had screen shot he asked for it i showed him. Then he tried to say it was slippage i said wrong again that is not slippage. Then he told me i need i need to be assisted by another department. Im done dealing with them. My whole team put that trade in I called and i put it in first then called it out to them. They screwed me out of my money. I will tell everyone not to go with them terrable company i am pulling all of my money out. And will be fkreced to use a United states compa y with 50:1 as i will not trust any broker off U.S soil again they can do what they want and say what they want. I like the leverage for my big gains but i do not trust a non U.S company now. Not with my lifes work not to mention the time it takes to get our money when we want it. Blew my goals i had set as im now foing back to 50:1 once i get my money back. If they were a U.S broker i would sue them as they are here and can be dealt with by courts screen shots do not lie. Dont use this broker better to have 50:1 with a U.S broker and your money is safe than the lure of high leverage with a broker out of country and untouchable by our laws doing what they want.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
MyFxChoice contacted the FPA about this review.  They said that Jaiden's account was only a demo account, which means there was no real money to lose and no money to take time to get.

The FPA was very concerned about the possibility that this review was based on a demo account, so emailed Jaiden on September 19th.  As of September 28th, the FPA has not heard back from Jaiden.

Under the circumstances, the FPA recommends being skeptical of what Jaiden has written in his review.
Sep 13, 2018,
Registered user

Great custommer support and a good variety of methods to deposit and withdraw also tight spreads. Great broker overall
Reply by George submitted Sep 17, 2018:
Dear Trader28,

Thank you for the great review. We'll keep working hard to bring you the service you enjoy.

Best wishes,

Texas, USA,
Sep 13, 2018,

I liked the broker until things went south. I set a stop loss during a trade which was not triggered and it is normal for them to say oh! during highly volatile period, things could go south... When stop is set...stop is set....no more dime should be lost after that... Period! i am done.
Reply by George submitted Sep 17, 2018:
Dear Narayan,

Thanks for your review and the kind words about your experience with us.

We are sorry that your trade closed with negative slippage which was caused by a volatile market. Stop Losses are indeed used to stem potential losses, but sometimes negative slippage can be incurred meaning that the Stop Loss is triggered at a worse price. Respectively, the same can be said for Take Profit orders. If positive slippage occurs then the profit can actually be larger than hoped - but we don't receive many complaints about that. As you saw in the price-tick spreadsheet we sent to you, there was indeed a price gap on the GBPUSD chart, which closed your trade with negative slippage.

We hope you'll reconsider your decision to trade with us again.

Best wishes,

Mike Quinn,
California, USA,
Aug 23, 2018,

Try a withdrawal before rating them 5 Stars

While my trading experience with them is fine - don't give them a five star review if you haven't tried to take money out - they are a total pain to get money out (I've been trying for over 2 weeks, and they always have an excuse why they decline the withdrawal - I still don't have my money)
Reply by George submitted Aug 27, 2018:
Dear Michael Quinn,

Thanks for your review.

We have told you time and time again that you cannot use Credit Union to withdraw money – that is the only bank in the United States of America that we cannot send to. Deposits are permitted with Credit Union, but withdrawals are not. As you deposited with Credit Union via your card, you would not have been given the warning that we pop up on your screen to remind you that you cannot use this method to withdraw. Card transactions depend on the card processor, not the bank.

Then you tried to initiate a withdrawal to a third-party – this is completely against company policy and is stressed throughout our website.

We requested again that you provide us with bank account details in your own name that is not a Credit Union account, but instead you decided to heed our other advice and convert your money to BTC and withdraw that way. We confirm that the withdrawal has now been completed. If you'd listened to our advice in the first place we wouldn't have had to have this discussion on a public forum. We now consider the matter closed.

We deeply regret that you have given us a 1-star review – we have been completely open and prompt with you. If we tried to force through the withdrawals, they would have been rejected, and you would have had to pay the steep fees – we were trying to do you a favour.

Washington DC, USA,
Aug 10, 2018,
Registered user

Excellent customer service and great platform.

I omitted giving stars for my previous review regarding the customer service FXchoice continues to offer me. As I previously stated, great customer whether you are a beginner. Have never experienced problems with their platform. First impression is everything when it comes to business. FXchoice is Top Notch! I highly recommend them.

Jul 4, 2018 - No Rating I have been using the FXchoice broker to practice forex trading and I have to say that I am very satisfied with their platform. The connection is to the point. Most of all, they don't rush you into anything like start trading or even demo. I am looking forward to trading with this company as they have already demonstrated their willingness to help beginners. Best customer service!


Reply by George submitted Jul 10, 2018 Dear Jena72,

Thanks for your very positive review. Yes, we pride ourselves on our customer service, and we’re glad to see that you have praised our platform.

But after all these positive words, why did you not rate our services with the star system so other clients can see? It would be beneficial if you could improve our score on FPA so we can shine among our competitors.

Many thanks and happy trading!

The FXChoice Team
California, USA,
Jul 17, 2018,

Asked this company to help verify a monthly statement a trader sent me to verify if it was real before paying for there course, but they keep saying they can’t tell me if it was photoshopped by a con artist/scammer. All I need was a yes or no question if the screenshot was real or fake. Sounds like they stand and protect scammers in a market that is full of scammers and con artist.
Reply by George submitted Aug 2, 2018:
At FXChoice we value all of our clients' privacy and do not divulge information about them to anyone, except legally sanctioned authorities. We do not 'protect' scam artists of any nature and take exception to the claim. We are one of the most trusted Forex brokers in the world.