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Updated: Aug 13, 2018
4.214 · 182 REVIEWS
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MyFXChoice is a forex broker. My FX Choice offers the MT4, MT5 and MT Mobile trading currency platforms. MyFXChoice.com offers currency pairs, metals and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.

MyFXChoice.com (Formerly FXChoice.com)

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MyFXChoice.com (Formerly FXChoice.com) profile provided by George, Jul 13, 2018

FXChoice is a global broker specialising in CFDs and Forex for private and institutional clients, not to mention fund managers. The company offers the tried-and-tested platforms of MT4 and MT5, with trading on the go also available via mobile apps. FXChoice prides itself on its customer service, aiming to be the industry's best.


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4.214 · 182 REVIEWS
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Washington DC, USA,
Aug 10, 2018,
Registered user

Excellent customer service and great platform.

I omitted giving stars for my previous review regarding the customer service FXchoice continues to offer me. As I previously stated, great customer whether you are a beginner. Have never experienced problems with their platform. First impression is everything when it comes to business. FXchoice is Top Notch! I highly recommend them.

Jul 4, 2018 - No Rating I have been using the FXchoice broker to practice forex trading and I have to say that I am very satisfied with their platform. The connection is to the point. Most of all, they don't rush you into anything like start trading or even demo. I am looking forward to trading with this company as they have already demonstrated their willingness to help beginners. Best customer service!


Reply by George submitted Jul 10, 2018 Dear Jena72,

Thanks for your very positive review. Yes, we pride ourselves on our customer service, and we’re glad to see that you have praised our platform.

But after all these positive words, why did you not rate our services with the star system so other clients can see? It would be beneficial if you could improve our score on FPA so we can shine among our competitors.

Many thanks and happy trading!

The FXChoice Team
California, USA,
Jul 17, 2018,

Asked this company to help verify a monthly statement a trader sent me to verify if it was real before paying for there course, but they keep saying they can’t tell me if it was photoshopped by a con artist/scammer. All I need was a yes or no question if the screenshot was real or fake. Sounds like they stand and protect scammers in a market that is full of scammers and con artist.
Reply by George submitted Aug 2, 2018:
At FXChoice we value all of our clients' privacy and do not divulge information about them to anyone, except legally sanctioned authorities. We do not 'protect' scam artists of any nature and take exception to the claim. We are one of the most trusted Forex brokers in the world.
texas, USA,
Jul 13, 2018,
Registered user

I will trade with them for a long time.

Best broker for USA traders.Good response from chat service.Deposit and withdrawals on time.

Jul 3, 2018 - 5 Stars I use FxChoice as my broker they are great and responsive to your needs.Chat is good and fast.

Reply by George submitted Jul 5, 2018 Thanks, columbo5! We break our backs to ensure our customers have the best customer service and it's nice to see the fruits of our labour mentioned on FPA.

Happy trading!
California, USA,
Jul 10, 2018,

Highly recommended!

MyFXChoice may not offer the tightest spread around though theirs are not bad either, but they're by far the most painless forex broker that I have dealt with, I highly recommend them for beginners especially if you 1.) are US resident, and 2) would like to deposit in cryptocurrencies.
Reply by George submitted Jul 12, 2018:
Thank you very much for your positive review. We go through great pains to ensure our clients have a 'painless' experience, so it's pleasing to see that you've highlighted that as one of our best features.

Best wishes and happy trading
Jul 4, 2018,
Registered user

Best Damn Broker For U.S. Traders.
customer service is the best, deposit and withdrawal top notch and very trustworthy. for U.S. traders this is the broker you want and need.

Jun 14, 2018 - 5 Stars im very concern that FXCHOICE has been throttling connections of traders, they are a good broker but they might be doing something to cover there butts . there update on myfxbook and other has been very slow

Mar 25, 2018 - 3 Stars Epayment no longer except US Citizens. and you can't convert your bitcoin to fiat currency so where back to depositing by wire transfer with fxchoice. i hope they find better payment options, not everyone has 2K to wire just to get the fee back.

Nov 25, 2017 - 4 Stars need to add paypal as deposit, i like bitcoin but at the moment can't convert bitcoin to my USD account, also would be nice if they can add credit card deposit , other then that the best broker for U.S. traders

Oct 5, 2017 - 5 Stars they made my dream come true, you no longer have to have a bitcoin trading account to withdraw with bitcoin. thank you fxchoice

May 17, 2017 - No Rating question for fxchoice, on your website it say you take bitcoin for deposit but it don't say if you allow withdrawal with bitcoin

Mar 11, 2017 - 4 Stars will give 5 stars if they had credit card deposit, other then that they are a good broker, they had credit card deposit just last month don't know what happen to it

Reply by George submitted May 19, 2017 Hello Poundtrader,

Thank you for your message. Bitcoin is included as an option for depositing and withdrawing. Please visit our “Deposits and Withdrawals” page to see all of our payment methods. You can find this page under the “Accounts” tab from the main menu. You can click on each one of the payment options to read details such as process, instructions and other information.

Should you have any further questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reply by George submitted Dec 11, 2017 Dear Poundtrader,

Thank you again for another valuable review. As we have explained in similar comments by other users, Bitcoin deposits to a fiat-denominated account (such as USD and EUR) are currently suspended until further notice.

Please note that for our US clients we reimburse any wire transfer fees for deposits of $1000 and over.

Best wishes,

The FXChoice Team

Reply by George submitted May 15, 2018 Dear Poundtrader,

Thank you for your message.

We are sorry that a third-party company has affected your experience trading with us. Please note that our clients can deposit and withdraw Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to/from the corresponding accounts. If you want to make a smaller deposit, we would recommend that you open a Bitcoin-denominated (or Bitcoin Cash-denominated) account and fund it with Bitcoin (Bitcoin Cash).

As per your concern about the wire transfer amount, US clients can deposit only $1,000 to qualify for bank fee reimbursal.

We are working on adding new payment methods for our US customers and will keep clients informed of any progress.

Meanwhile, should you have any questions, our support team will be glad to assist you. Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in response regarding the technical issues with the website’s (FPA) reviewing system.

Best wishes,

The FXChoice Team

Reply by George submitted Jun 19, 2018 Hello Poundtrader,

Thank you for your review and close attention to our services. We would do our best to help you solve your connection issue if you could share more details of your particular case with our support team. Nonetheless, we can assure you that our server connection is stable and the issue should be not from our end.

As per your concern about Myfxbook updates, we cannot be held responsible for third-party service quality. We recommend you address your request directly to the system in question.

Our support team is always there to assist you.

Best wishes,

The FXChoice Team
Tejas, USA,
Jul 2, 2018,
Registered user

Doesn't do what they say they'll do.

I previously rated this broker 5*. I have traded with them for some number of years and have appreciated the platform and trading conditions. I have not previously bothered trying to get a rebate of wire transfer fees as I considered that "small stuff". But I have now tried taking them up on that offer, when I decided to up my stakes with them and wired another $12K into my account. Bank of America does not include not of the fee for the transfer on their transfer advice, so I submitted the form I got including the from & too acounts (mine & theirs) amount of transfer, day, etc. and then in a separate form (as they explicitly allow) in their form submission, a line entry from my bank account showing the withdrawal for the wire transfer. Here was the response from myfxchoice:

"Status of your request ID 36229 (Bank fee refund) has been updated: Declined
Dear Aaron I. Cohn,

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept your document for the following reason:

• The document you upload should contain the following information: the amount of wire transfer, the amount of wire transfer fees, it should state that the transfer has been sent to FXChoice Limited. This all should be in one document.

We kindly ask you to upload a new document which meets our requirements.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind regards,
The FXChoice Team"

And here was mine:

"Your query ticket #: 11017694
Question/Issue: I’m sorry, but I have one document with the wire transfer particulars, but it doesn’t show the wire transfer fees.

And I also provide a statement from my bank account showing the charge for the wire transfer. I uploaded BOTH.

I will do so again. If you choose not to honor your rebate of wire transfer fees given this documentation, I will take this up on the commentary pages for forexpeacearmy.com where I previously gave you a 5* review and will update that accordingly.

Love & kisses."

So I am doing what I promised/threatened. I DO appreciate the trading conditions at this broker. I appreciate the responsiveness in these pages. However, I really think it is colossally stupid to nickel and dime a customer with an almost $21K trading account this way. And I really think you should do what you say you're going to do. In my professional affairs I consider that my first and cadinal commandment. I expect the same of my broker.

Nov 19, 2016 - No Rating See previous 5* review. Nothing negative to add on execution or anything else, but attempted a withdrawal. Got back an email asking me the reasons for my decision, and asking if there were anything wrong/they could do better. Fine. But my withdrawal has not been processed. There has been a delay. Not sure yet whether this signifies a severe problem or not, so not rushing into trader's court.... YET. A cautionary note.

Nov 5, 2016 - 5 Stars So far, so good. I moved from Tallinex because of some extremely obnoxious swaps adversely affecting my results, in pairs where you wouldn't expect that (where central bank interest rates are close), because I frequently hold positions for days, sometimes even weeks. Swaps at this broker are very reasonable and more than make up for the slightly higher commissions, at least for my trading style. Spreads are modest. Slippage is negligible, and I've more often than not noticed slightly positive slippage in hitting TP values. Administrative issues (e.g., crediting deposits, wire transfer rebates, etc) are handled quite efficiently. One caveat: I have not tried withdrawal yet; will amend/revise when I do so. I've had no technical problems, and their platform seems stable. For USA residents looking to trade out of the clutches of dishonest, horrible, USA brokers and hamstrung by ridiculous regulator-imposed rules, this broker seems a very solid choice.

Reply by Anthony K. submitted Nov 21, 2016 Hello Aaron,

Thanks for your “note”.

As a part of our quality control procedure, we do ask our clients why they withdraw money before we process their withdrawal requests, especially so, when they withdraw all their money. We simply want to know whether or not their decision to make a withdrawal has anything to do with our trading environment or conditions. Additionally, sometimes people submit their withdrawal requests in error. Someone wanted to do an internal transfer of funds and instead submitted a withdrawal request. Or they buy trading software (expert advisors) but are not able to set them up on their own. As a result, they get frustrated and submit a withdrawal request. And when we ask people, they explain the situation to us, we help them to get things sorted, and they end up canceling their withdrawal request.

We are sorry we didn’t process your withdrawal request on Saturday the 19th when you replied to our email and wrote your cautionary note. Our offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Best regards,
FX Choice Limited
Reply by George submitted Jul 3, 2018:
Dear Aicohn,

Thank you for your persistent coverage of our services on FPA.

It seems to us that you have been extremely hasty in posting this negative review. We agree that we declined your first request because your document didn’t contain the necessary information we need. Let’s discuss the timeline so others can see your extremely hasty behaviour:
• 17:17 – Wire transfer fee refund requested
• 17:50 – Declined
• 18:04 – Wire transfer fee refund requested (resubmitted)
• 18:40 – Accepted
All times are server time

As you can imagine, we are very sad to see that in the 50-minute period between the initial decline and us eventually accepting your request you have decided go on FPA and vent your anger.

It is not for us to decide what angers our clients and what doesn't, but we feel you have evaluated us unfairly here for the sake of 50 mins.

Best wishes

The FXChoice Team
Texas, USA,
Jun 27, 2018,

Great Broker For MAM Account Managers!

I trade two Forex Grid System MAM accounts through FXChoice and I have been pleased with all aspects of their brokerage operation. I have never had any issues with wires in or out of the broker. My MAM fees are always accounted for on a timely basis each month. The FXChoice "Back Office" portal is one of the best...very easy to use and I love that!
Reply by George submitted Jun 29, 2018:
Hello FX Hedge,

Thank you for your positive feedback; reading such reviews makes us feel proud. The experience our clients have with us is at the centre of our focus and we are glad that you appreciate it.

Best wishes and happy trading!
The FXChoice Team
Jun 27, 2018,
Registered user

My issue was resolved a few days after I made my post.1300$ USD back I my account.

Thanks for resolving my issue My Fx Choice seems to be a solid broker.Im going to stick with them.

Jun 18, 2018 - 1 Star I tried to make my first withdrawal of 1300$ USD and Fx Choice deliberately erased my last name off my request information so that the wire withdrawal would be rejected by my bank and they are acting like they can't track it when they are the ones who have the original tracking number.They are deceiving and act very nice and seem real concerned but they are snakes. Don't use this broker. Im going back to a US broker... They keep closing my case numbers as if the issue has been resolved.Im filling a complaint with the IFSC, you can find the complaint email tab at the bottom of their website. IFSC.

Mar 27, 2018 - 1 Star I decided to try this offshore broker who excepts US clients, but they just Robbed me. They Closed out my EURAUD trade without it touching my Stop Loss what so ever.Not only that the Trade was about to Tank, So they took my money and Im also missing the money I would have won.Ticket #: 10240647

Reply by George submitted May 4, 2018 Dear M.Jones,

Thank you for your review and for mentioning the ticket number.

It seems that your review had been posted here one day before we answered to the ticket and explained what happened to your trade. We are glad to see that you appreciated the answer and sent us a positive feedback, so we believe that the issue has been resolved.

However, since the issue has been posted here, we should explain that the trade in question was stopped out as the account didn’t have enough margin to keep the trade open.

Should you have any questions, our customer support team will be more than glad to assist you. Our sincere apologies for the delay in response here, which was caused by some technical issues with this website’s reviewing system.

Best wishes,
The FXChoice Team
Reply by George submitted Jun 28, 2018:
Dear M.Jones,
First, thank you for making a rebuttal on your previous post. We appreciate your commitment.

We are well-known across the industry for our outstanding customer support; we can assure you that our team is always eager to settle any issue that may occur. However, some transactions, such as wire transfers, involve third parties and this is where we cannot be held fully responsible. Nonetheless, we do encourage our customers to address our support team, as our client experience is at the heart of what we do.

Best wishes,
The FXChoice Team
London, United Kingdom,
Jun 14, 2018,
Registered user

Deposit and Withdrawals are extremely poor...

I am an IB partner with FX Choice and have over 100 clients. I continually experience problems withdrawing funds into my bank account. I have never encountered such a poor system of depositing or withdrawing funds.
Reply by George submitted Jun 19, 2018:
Hello KierYorke,

Firstly, let us assure you that we appreciate your IB partnership. We are sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant experience with bank transfers. According to our records, the issue was resolved the same day when the review was submitted/published (14th June). Also, we’re happy to see that you received the payment in less than 24 hours from the time it was sent (normally it takes 2-5 business days).

However, we would like to take this opportunity to explain the issue since it has been brought up on the forum. The reason for the delay on the bank transfer was an issue with the intermediary bank, as your withdrawal request was initially submitted in USD. However, once we identified the problem, you were able to withdraw the funds in your bank account currency, therefore avoiding unnecessary currency conversions.

Please be sure that our support team always stands eager to help you solve any issues.

Best wishes and happy trading!
The FXChoice Team
Atlanta Ga, USA,
Jun 9, 2018,
Registered user

Need better deposit solutions

I have been using their demo for quite a while and I love their system so far. I want to get away so far from my other broker for a while and join fxchoice but their deposit are hard for an USA citizen the epayments are closed for USA citizen and their wire transfer is impossible not on their side but in our banks tried with my credit union first and they declined the wire transfer because fxchoice is a bitcoin broker and tried with another bank and I have same response that they will charge me the 45$ for the wire transfer and they will decline the wire transfer what else can i do. Don't know but it would be nice if they can add more ways to deposit for USA citizens. Like debit/credit card or paypal.
Reply by George submitted Jun 13, 2018:
Dear Orishaoko1,
Thanks for your review.
For US citizens, we are afraid the only option is a Wire Transfer. Yes, we cannot accept transfers from Credit Union. However, we can accept transfers from nearly every other bank in the United States of America.
Of course, we are working hard at unlocking further deposit methods for US citizens, including card payments. We will keep all of our clients informed by email of any further developments.

Best wishes,
The FXChocie Team