4.05 • 8 REVIEWS
Updated: Jun 7, 2024
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Forex Avatar -3.03 26.7 -55.979
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4.05 • 8 REVIEWS

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Hamburg, Germany,
Aug 15, 2021,
Registered user

Using since 7 Years, totaly happy!

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I tested many EA´s but this sia System, so when other EA´s get lost, this thing makes my stady profits since 7 years!
Hong Kong, Hong Kong,
Dec 5, 2011,

On the front page, it says " 30 day satisfaction Guarantee", instead of putting the conditions on the same page, the conditions are listed on " Privacy" page, saying you have to provide 30 day trading record showing a loss to get a refund.
cr, Croatia,
Nov 13, 2011,

So far 5 starts for Avatar. In just 2 weeks it grow my account by 5% with no DD at all. Will post here how it works on my account each month.
Afula, Israel,
Nov 13, 2011,

purchased the E.A last month ,like Akos it started with 3 loosing trades on the GBP ,the vendor immediately send an email ,that he is sorry and he found a bug it the software .
after two dayes i got a fixed version of the E.A
since then the E.A is doing great and recovered the previous loss.
i like this E.A ,stop loss and T.P is predefined not like other E.A's also vendor support is great.
Budapest, Hungary,
Nov 10, 2011,

I have purchased it 1 month ago.
I have trusted the developer, so I made no backtests, just put on my real money account with 0.01 lots. On the first day it made 3 loosing trades on GBPUSD, and after that I got an email from the developer, about some bugs, and to limit the ea to make only long trades. After a few days the developer updated the ea.
With the updated ea I made 99% backtests, they looked good, so I put it back on my real account.

Now I have results from the last 30 days on real account (with the updated ea):
EURUSD: 12 trades (12 winning trades) +142 pips
GBPUSD: 15 trades (13 winning, 2 loosing trades) +60 pips

Usually +10pips/trade. (It moves the SL to +10 pips, and usually it was stopped out)
The loosing trades were -50 and -30 pips.
Colorado, USA,
Nov 9, 2011,

Purchased Forex Avatar and one week after running it took large losses on the GBPUSD. They suggested only allowing the prlatform to trade Long until they provided a fix. Took a week for the fix to arrive and once applied, It was another week of email exchanges and installing/uninstalling before my license would work again. License finally fixed and now it onlym make one trade over the next two weeks. Requested a refund after first weeks losses and they replied back that they have a policy of refund request must be accompanied by a 30 day record of losses. There is no mention of this policy on their webpage only the 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied. I am not satisfied with this undeveloped EA and simply want them to honor their refund policy AS DESCRIBED on their webpage. The Equity Curve on thier EA looks like a rollercoaster, what more needs to be said about it;s effectiveness as an EA. This is just the typical scam that is played out by so many on the internet, make extraordinary claims to start the infusion of cash and then when the refund requests start, deny as many as possible to hang on to as much of it as they can.
Perth, WA,
Oct 6, 2011,

The system went negative today, but recovered very nicely to increase its profits on the previous day. Not that i recommend monitoring on a daily basis for any system, but so far I do like the way it trades.

2011-10-06 No Rating Only had it running for a day or so, but so far so good. Sensible trades, SL moved to protect profit, no sign of it being a martingale derivative. So far so good. I do like the "feel" of it and have high expectations it will perform well.

I am running it on a BBVPS to a Gomarkets demo account for the moment. Will test for a month or more before letting it loose on cash.
A great start so far.
Oct 6, 2011,

i bought Forex Avatar a week ago,very interesting to see this EA trades,
EA locks and trail the profits,so far 1 losing trade out of 16,
i made 99% BT and it matched vendor BT,for now it looks promising but only time will tell.
Oct 4, 2011,

so far so good, installed ok, uses mql defender but worked no problem. there are 2 eas one for GU and another for EU both on 5m charts. up to now I have had all winners with my trades closely matching the vendors test. I will give 5 stars now but time is the biggest test...