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Updated: Jun 9, 2017
4.333 · 8 REVIEWS
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October 2011 - April 2012:  Multiple highly suspicious positive reviews submitted.

Scion Forex was previously a signals service.  It is now a managed forex accounts service.


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4.333 · 8 REVIEWS
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Jun 7, 2017,

The best forex robot so far. Won all trades so far.

Excellent Although around 1-5 trades get taken per day, they are very very accurate. Great support and really professional. I was looking for a robot that would win like this. I prefer quality over quantity, That in my opinion is the only way to win in forex. Scion Forex has a great approach to trading.
arune javga,
, India,
Dec 10, 2014,

I have been using their service and I will say that they have tremendous potential. I have been closely monitoring their predictions and some of them have been pretty surprising. They definitely know what they are doing the only thing I wish that they had was more trades being taken at at time. Maybe that will change in the future. For traders who have patience and aim for consistent long term growth, I would recommend them a 100 percent.
elbran brochi,
caledon, Canada,
Apr 12, 2014,

I will say their support is very good but I only wish that it was easier to setup for novice pc users like me. They readily remoted to my pc and set it all up which is something no other forex service ever did for me so that is a plus. Trades although they come a bit less often are actually accurate and this company overall is great.
jordan miland,
, Canada,
Jan 20, 2014,

A great service for the price. Before they used to be a signal service which required some time to get used to but I am using there service and they are account managers via their robot. Their style of trading seems to be a slow but consistent steady growth which is cool with me as long as its continuously making me profits. I have been using their service every since it became a "fully managed" service where you just add their robot to your mt4 and leave it running and it has been really profitable. Their support is great. Always get prompt replies and my questions are answered well. I would definitely recommend them.
geoff islanholf,
toronto, Canada,
Sep 12, 2013,

Using their signal service and it is great. They do not lure you into anything stupid. Customer response rate is fast. I like the fact that the signals are web based and that I can check them with my data plan from my mobile phone. No problems thus far.
, New Zealand,
Aug 17, 2012,

Simple and effective signal service. As mentioned previously - alerts come thru to your desktop. No ads, no gimmicks, no upsell, no complicated rules to follow. Results are as per their myfxbook site - wins outnumbering losses.

Just a pity I can't be there 24/5 to see the alerts - I miss a few due to timezone. If they can automate the process so trades are made without us having to be there then this will be a complete winner.

4 stars coz I've only been using them a couple of weeks. Will monitor performance and regrade as necessary.
Jeffery Ian,
Hamilton, , Canada,
Mar 16, 2012,

For what you get, this company rocks. Its free. They got no affiliates, or banners anywhere which leads me to wonder how they are affording to run such a service without charging. Now the small con with the service is, that signals are given once a day for all main pairs. At times you might not be there to receive it. Be sure that this service fits your schedule.

As interesting as it may seem, I have been profitable with this company. Even though there were some losing days, I have had far more winning days. Also their staff and support are a great help.
Teddy Chingha,
hong kong,
Oct 18, 2011,

I have been using this signal service for a month and its showing promise. There are not too many signals given but when they are, they are highly profitable and large. 150 pips or more. We receive live trading signals to our desktop and its pretty neat with the voice and all. If you want my opinion, I would highly recommend them.