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Bloombex-Options.com (Was Bloombex.com) (Greymountain) Review

Updated: Jun 6, 2018
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April 2016:  There is a 3rd FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  Unless all three of these issues are resolved, the FPA recommends against doing business with Bloombex-Options.com and any related companies.  If you have funds there, the FPA recommends you try to withdraw them.

June 2016 update:  Bloombex Options is also part of the Greymountain Management group of binary companies.  This group has a large number of FPA Traders Court cases against it. The FPA considers all brokers which are part of this group to be scams and warns all traders to avoid depositing money with them.


June 2016:  ASIC has issued a public warning against Bloombex-Options.com.  CLICK HERE to verify.
March 2016:  The Ontario Securities commission has issued warnings against Bloombex-Options.com.  CLICK HERE and ALSO CLICK HERE to verify

Caution:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against Bloombex Options.  The FPA recommends caution dealing with this company unless this issue can be resolved.

November 2015:  There is a second FPA Traders Court vote against this company.  The FPA recomends a high level of caution deaing with Bloombex Options until these issues are resolved.

Other websites of this company include Bloombex.com

Website is down. One less scam company in business.
Bloombex-Options.com (Was Bloombex.com) (Greymountain)

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Court cases

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  • Resolved0
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  • Guilty3
Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2016-0582016-02-26Rod2014 vs Bloombex-Optionsguilty
2015-1932015-11-02JoeyF vs Bloombex-options.comguilty
2015-0012015-01-04Toupaipai vs bloombex-options.comguilty


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0.796 · 11 REVIEWS
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Feb 23, 2017,
Registered user

I wish I have seen these reviews about Bloombex-Options before, unable to withdraw my original funds. It has been few months past without any progress. Have anyone made withdrawal from them? If does, please share how you did it. I have noticed there are still lots fake reviews on Youtube, tried to report this matter to Youtube and Google but yet received a reply. and have anyone reported this matter to Financial Supervision Commission Bulgaria? I have been waiting a reply from them too. PLEASE HELP if you have a way to help me withdraw my money.
Aug 30, 2016,
Registered user

scam company

Here is my story. The bloombex options has been stealing my money. I can't contact my account manager. 
Usa, USA,
Jun 16, 2016,

Eight months in hoping and praying for it to get better but I'm 41K in the hole now and I don't know what I am going to do. They never do what you ask or make a promise and then never follow through. Worst decision I have ever made going with bloombex. Stay far away.
, Kuwait,
May 25, 2016,

i have recieved many calls from bloombex-options.com employer called fahid basiouni and dr sultan telling me that we have a great offer for you ( 60 days risk free trading ) and after that i will withdraw all my balance with the profite. after many calls and promises i agreed to open account. i opened an account at at 10-2-106 with initial depsoite 15000$ with my credite card

after that, there were many problems. you can read about it here

American living in KL, Malaysia,
May 21, 2016,

I too was scammed by Bloombex ltd. under the presumption of investing with their "Platinum" group with a guaranteed pay out of USD 1M.  Following which, promised withdrawals were intentionally delayed or wrongfully denied while my account credentials changed without my knowledge and numerous unauthorized trades were placed with no approval  and against my instruction in order to intentionally deplete my account.  I am now facing bankruptcy because of this criminal organization.  My account manager went by the name of Nick Gordon.  Any and every person I had come into contact with at Bloombex was shady, non committal and blatant liars.  Upon formally writing them to complain and demand back 100% of my investment, Bloombex reply was a call from their recovery department soliciting another USD 50,000.  I know I'm one of many, but it's not only criminal what they do, it is down right ruthless and heartless.  They must be stopped. 
May 14, 2016,

Would not let me withdraw my money...said all my documents had to be on high gloss paper other than what they initially accepted. Manager when I called kept hanging up in my face.
, Sweden,
Apr 28, 2016,

I started trading with Bloombex October last year 2015 everything seemed ok nice platform.I only used them because they used paypal so i thought the company must be legit. But when you ask for a withdrawal you get ignored. The worst company i have ever experienced the brokers are pushy,loud,aggressive and abrupt. Now i find out today they no longer use paypal and my 180 days are up...
Rod Fierbach,
Edmonton, Canada,
Feb 26, 2016,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Rod2014 vs Bloombex-Options | GUILTY
This company is a total scam they will tell you one thing and then do the compete opposite. I recommend that you do not do any business with this company.
Greenvile, USA,
Nov 27, 2015,

Be-aware : These guys will trade your account even when you dont want them too. They claim somewhere that when you sign up you authorize them too. I in no way ever did so.

They will charge you at least a 25 dollar a month fee for inactivity when you are not trading.

Support is terrible
, USA,
Nov 15, 2015,

Issue escalated to Traders Court JoeyF vs Bloombex-options.com | GUILTY
I was dealing with the Head Broker, John Davis with Bloombex-options.com.

John Davis tells me how lucky I am to find him and that he only works with rich people who trade hundreds of thousands of dollars with him and doing me a service to work with me on such little money. He wanted 100K to begin with. I could only put up $7500, and then he digs deeper and deeper and then the matching happens and so original deposit and match got up to my 67K and Bloombex matched up to 300%.

John built the dream and guaranteed it all the way through. And that he is a man of his word, to promise the very minimum of at least double in 3 months. He did all trading and, he told me that I could withdraw 50K each month started in May, and that did not happen at all. I had to put more in because he then mentions about turnover and always never to worry about anything, and then another deposit of money to speed up turnover and put me into VIP, and then another deposit in June to say that all money is clear to withdraw in July 12th, after Bloombex has 30 days to trade with that, and then Greece was going to leave the Euro and so then John calls me up about more money to put in to really make big money. The account was around $185K as of July 8th, 2015, and then John went of vacation and told me he would be back the following week, which turnout to be around a month.

We had agreed to withdraw all of my investment of 120K and earnings by July 12th 2015, this is the date we met all obligations to withdraw my money. John had horrible trades on the 8th of July and earlier that week, the day before leaving to Singapore, and he had to put capital protection on the account of $90,000 He was gone and left it for someone else to trade without my permission. I ask for the withdrawal of the my money. But at that time John is conveniently out of the country in Singapore and within a couple days the balance had 69K and 80K in long term oil trades, and then within a couple hours the guy sold the long term oil trades and blew the whole account and left 17K in there. They were trading of $12K per trade and I had even changed the password on my account and they still accessed the account.

I talked to John and he was very upset and promised to fix it when he got back. I have been very patient with him to do this. Bloombex does not help me at all and they tell me to work with John. John said the account was under investigation for one month and it was the head broker of the other team who blew the account. By the way, I did not authorize any further trading after the 12th of July and that broker traded after that date and deliberately lost the money.

Finally, in Sept, conversations started more frequently with John on the plan to fix this mess, and of course he wants more money to put in and he will match it with his own money. Here we go again, negotiating things all the time, and he is so believable. I ask him questions that are not answered about the same situation I had with the first broker optionsFX, that John told me to do however those things don't apply to Bloombex. Also, I mentioned about forexpeacearmy.com and that I will go there, and he realizes that I won't put in any more money, and so he now wants to trade the remaining 17K, which if he did would be gone. And the recommendation was to make trades of $5k. They sent me back the remaining amount in the account of $17k, but they blew my $103K.

Every deal made with John Davis, never comes close. These brokers tell the best tales and know every trick to get more deposit out of you. I have been taken advantage of, and these guys dig deeper and squeeze everything out of you.

I have attached our conversations from Skype since 03/2015 to present. This may be the most helpful for updates.
Attached is the banking history. I deposited money from credit cards and then he sent money back to me to do it wire transfers, because of what happened with optionsfx.
Attached are trading histories.