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Updated: Dec 12, 2018
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Jumping Bull-80.823-99.295

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Fabio de Araujo,
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil,
Nov 17, 2011,

Three days after their reply, I'm glad I didn't trust them. Their new demo account has almost 5000 floating in a total of about 7500. Wow! I don't even believe they have a real account using their own EA!
Eddie Febbraio,
Cape Town, South Africa,
Nov 15, 2011,

Fabio, I completely agree with you! If they want to protect their investment accounts, and if their EA really does so well they would mostly certainly, logically take some of the profits they've made so far and use it to show us how this thing operates on a real account! That is one lame excuse and one that the FX community will not tolerate. People used to be fooled by back tests and demo account results, but things have changed! It is really easy to open a live account, and won't take a lot of effort.

Comon Jumping Bull, put your money where your mouth is! Take some real money - and a good amount as well, minimum $ 3000 - and show us how this EA operates! If your EA really does well then you'll only benefit from this! Profits from the EA, and customers will buy your product! Whats there to lose?

Don't do this, and I promise you, you will lose the FPA client base. People will read these reviews and see that you never lived up to the challenge.

I most certainly wont even think about buying this EA if you don't do it - been burned too many times to have not learned my lesson by now!
Fabio de Araujo,
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil,
Nov 14, 2011,

I emailed them again and they replied. Here is their answer:

We don’t have a real account that is set only for this EA. Our real account is our own investment which we cannot share it with you.

But being very honest with you, this is the best EA you can buy. Very simple idea and straight forward. Trust me, it would be the most successful EA.

The rest is up to you.


The developer says the real results can't be revealed and I need to trust them. There are EAs out there with real results different from results in demo accounts. I want real accounts, not demo, they won't accept demo money for their EA and I won't run it only on demo accounts. I think if they were really honest, they would show a real account. So my first impression is negative. I would love to buy this EA but I won't - not based on a demo result.
Jumping Bull EA,
California, USA,
Nov 13, 2011,


we had a wrong email address on the website. Please email us again and you will get an answer immediately.

Fabio de Araujo,
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil,
Nov 13, 2011,

I emailed their info@ email asking why they just include demo results in the webpage and asked if they will accept demo money for their EA in case they can't reveal real results. So far no response.