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4.517 · 33 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Bangkok, Thailand,
Jun 15, 2012,

Met these guys few weeks ago at a forex meeting in Bangkok and been impressed with the service so far. Honest easy to follow service and this week alone I am up over 250pips in GOLD and AUDUSD alone. Keep it up guys
Bangkok, Thailand,
Jun 18, 2012,

Was introduced to Martin in Bangkok recently and joined the service 2 weeks ago. The help and support they have given me for free has been a great help. I am new to trading and just trading a small $1000 account but had some good trades in the 2 weeks and my account is growing slowly. Hope to increase my account size in the coming months as money and time allows but so far so good. Keep up the good work guys
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 24, 2012,

Supportive team with a great and honest service, no gimmicks and great communication. Definitely recommend.
Max Ardmore, London,
, United Kingdom,
Jul 24, 2012,

Five star rating for sure, very useful site and good service. I was recommend by a friend and i will definitely recommend to my friends.

Many thanks guys
Surabaya, Indonesia,
Aug 6, 2012,

I have been with ProfitForTrading for a few months now.. I am still kind of new to the trading game, but have been having great results with these signals. I have found them to be honest and reliable... not making pie in the sky promises like some other signal services. I can say that the trade results posted on their site are a true representation of what you can expect. The other element that makes me want to recommend these PFT is the community aspect. The Skype group is top.. and like the icing on the cake after the signals. Thanks Martin and co. for making such a great service available!!
Hua Hin, Thailand,
Aug 12, 2012,

Using this service about 2 months and been impressed overall. I trade Forex full time and was introduced at a seminar in Bangkok few months ago and decided to join. I don't take all the signals but I use them to help my own analysis and to give me assurance over my own trades. The trade ideas they give on top of the daily signals are also very good with the 2 recent ones of EURCHF & EURNOK making me about 300pips. So I would highly recommend this company, results seem to be honest on the site and if you ever have any questions they answer immediately on skype or email. Thanks
Pavan Uttamchandani,
Las Vegas, USA,
Aug 13, 2012,

I've been with several signal services and this is easily the best. Their customer service is second to none, really friendly guys, which makes a huge difference. 3 trades a day and the signals are always on profit at the end of the week. Also, great follow up about moving SL etc, usually missed by other services! A+
Kenan Cuma Aslan,
Antalya, Turkey,
Aug 15, 2012,

Hundreds of pips a week is normal, other signal alerts I've trialed can not meet this in a month! No hesitation in recommending this provider. Friendly and reliable team who I will be with for a long time at this rate.... just signed up for a year subscription - which I must say is very competitively priced!!!!
Ireland, Ireland,
Aug 16, 2012,

Been using their gold service (which is the cheaper of the two options offered at only €49 a month) for a couple of months now...a pretty phenomenal service in my opinion and I have tried numerous signal services and robots over the last 3 years (many of them highly rated on FPA). I receive an email everyday at roughly 12 noon GMT with one or two pending trades and on average I make 150 - 250 pips a week trading very conservatively (i usually set my limit at 60 and SL at 35 - 40 purely because I dont have time to be monitoring my trades). This service is BY A MILE THE BEST FOREX SERVICE ON THE PLANET and I have had my ass roasted a million times in this business. The site itself is nowhere near as flashy or sensationalist as other forex services. What you see is what you get. They claim very simply that you will make anywhere between 500 and 2500 pips per month following their trades (depending on which service you opt for) and that is EXACTLY what they deliver. Incidentally you get all this for only a fraction of the price of most other signal services out there. Carlsberg don't do forex signal services but if they did...
mark austin,
London, United Kingdom,
Oct 18, 2012,

This service is terrible. In good faith, it was proposed by FPA in a well meaning attempt to find extra value for its customers but these guys do not deliver anything like the success the calim. Having been with them for about 5 weeks, I have lost considerably more than I have won. There give out a whole raft of lame excuses but at the end of the day, they have provided 5 weeks of poor signals with no rationale. This service does not provide value and overclaims results. Do not use it or you will lose money. I cannot begin to guess where all these positive reviews have come from. Traders are far better off developing and fine tuning their own strategy and then executing this flawlessly.
Reply by Martin submitted Oct 18, 2012:
Sorry to hear your comments Mark and I would be the first to admit the service has been poorer the past few weeks than over the past few months and years. But overall September was a positive month as you can see on the site. The start of October we have had a poor start but have improved the service again with the addition of a new trader who has been posting in the skype group at first and provided about 500-600 Pips profit in the past 3 weeks and now his signals are being posted to all levels, GOLD, PLATINUM & PLATINUM PLUS. Not quite sure what you mean by lame excuses, we tell people when to move SL or close early and always update or try to be live in skype. We did have our head trader off ill for 2-3 days but everybody was compensated with a free weeks signal for that so maybe that is what you meant Thanks again