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4.517 · 33 REVIEWS
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big city, China,
Oct 18, 2012,

I've joined for 2 weeks now, so far pretty much only bad trades. The admin (Martin) is completely unorganized, even forwarding members' trade ideas, making this whole thing seem somewhat like an elaborate scheme. I would like to see the user statistics for the members who left all the great reviews bellow. I get the feeling they all might be one-time posters only. He offers 2 services, but both receive the same signals. Nothing like as advertised, instead of 3 signals a day, there is maybe one. This might be a good thing however since they are 80% losers. Other members on the skype group who have been there 3 months, say it's performance is a lie and of the last three months, only one was profitable by 65 pips. I think this should probably be put in the scam category.

P.S. FPA staff - I think only members should be able to post reviews, this way we know if they are credible or not.

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: We are exploring a plan to link the reviews to forums accounts while still permitting non-member reviews. If this is implemented, member reviews will be given more weight in determining the final rating.
Reply by Martin submitted Oct 20, 2012:
Hi Thanks for your comments but I think you are slightly confused about our service and have not been following it properly. I will highlight your errors below and hopefully you can follow us better in the future 1. You say we forward members trades? We now send our new traders signals but we did state that he posted them first in the skype group for a few weeks with great success so he has kindly allowed us to send them now and from this week he has actually joined 4x pips. He has been providing his own signals for months and has full records of 12,000+ Pips made in the past 12 months so will be a big asset for 4X Pips 2. We actually offer 3 services but people do not to use the GOLD & PLATINUM (PLATINUM + IS THE SKYPE GROUP) together a we do say thye are similar type trades. And of course both services will have similar trades so I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say above 3. There are approx 30 people who have posted here with 5stars and if you match the names with the people in the skype group you will see there is still 10-15 of them in the live skype group. Considering some of them posted 12 months ago and are still live in the skype group will show you they are happy to continue their subscription and are making consistent profits 4. Our success rate of signals for 2012 is 80%+ WIN not loss SO thanks for your comments but my feeling is you are getting slightly confused so feel free to email us or skype us direct if there is anything you need help with or need clarifying Thanks
London, United Kingdom,
Oct 18, 2012,

I have to agree with Mark, hopefully you will not think we are competitors posting to rubbish the room. I am posting because like Mark I have found this service to be the exact opposite of what is claimed here. The service may have been good at one time but now it is very poor. I was dubious when I saw that the results on the website were not being updated recently but I went ahead anyway. It is basically one person Martin, nothing wrong with that, his signals have been very poor quality since I have been in attendance, almost all losers or breakeven. I think in 3 weeks one signal gained 20 pips on EU, the rest losers or breakeven. First two weeks he was either ill or travelling or both not sure, therefore in my opinion should not have taken on new memberships as he could not provide a service but putting that aside week three I have not seen any improvement. Fellow people in the skype group seem to say this has been going on for a while and some even say past results are false i,m not sure on that . Nobody in the room seems to be a long term member only one guy came forward as 3 months member but he too was cancelling. I know people have to find out for themselves so if you doubt me go ahead but certainly in my brief time in the room I have seen enough to not renew my subscription.
Reply by Martin submitted Oct 20, 2012:
Hi Thanks for the comments. I have answered some below but will reply to some of the comments above which I fell are inaccurate: 1. The service is not just Martin. There is 3 main people involved in the service with the addition of one more last week and a number of traders worldwide who provide signals. So although you probably only see 2 of them in the skype group there is more behind the scenes working on the website and finance etc 2. Martin was ill for 2-3 days (not 2 weeks) which was unfortunate and thankfully if this happens now then the new trader will step in but we did provide all clients with 1 free week to make up for the 2-3 lost days. As for the travelling thing, not quite sure what you're talking about there, Martin has not travelled anywhere in months and I think you are very mistake there and inaccurate 3.As I stated below, 10-15 of the 30 people who have posted here in FPA in the last 12 months are still subscribing and in the group. You find that the longer people stay in the skype group the less they use it as new people come in and chat a lot and a lot of the older members stay away from it now and just use the 4X PIPS SIGNALS ONLY group where only signals are posted. 4. Past results are all genuine (which is why we have almost all 5stars rating on here) and posted on the site and we try and update them every 2-3 weeks on the site, you can see all Sept results on the site now. And were sorry to hear your not continuing but wish you the best with your trading but we're confident the last 2-3 weeks has been a one off and we will continue with our usual profits into end 2012 and start 2013 Thanks
andy wilde,
manchester uk, United Kingdom,
Jan 1, 2013,

terrible results, that bad, the main guy martin handed the reigns over to someone else in the skype group... complete waste of money and loss of trading capital..
Reply by Martin submitted Jan 4, 2013:
Thanks for the review, but seems you have not been following the signals the past 6 weeks. They have all been winning weeks apart from 1 and this week we are close to +10% profit alone. I presume you are talking about the poor October we had which was poor but that has all changed and the service is back giving good reliable signals and profits again...thanks
Peter jones,
Dundalk, Ireland,
Feb 14, 2013,

I recently rejoined this service as I have been watching the market for a while on my own and have just no success...but since rejoining, I'm back making's great to have trades sent so I can then look at and learn why..and then follow if I agree. Like all signal sites, they dont get it right every time but they do well IMHO and I'm happy