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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
1.27 · 4 REVIEWS
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1.27 · 4 REVIEWS
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Sydney , Australia,
Feb 8, 2012,

I purchased Currency Messenger in Dec 2011, so far I can see that the signals would have produced positive results. Only problem in the equation is me. Not able to get on board all trades in my trading times & if I do I dont hold them to target (also didnt trade over Christmas & January holidays just getting back into trading now). I only do live trading on a micro account with suitable money management as my practise instead of demo accounts, as I am constantly working on my pysche & confidence as a trader. Need to do some more work on my trading plan in order to make Currency Messenger work for me, will report back at a later date. Not ready to give it a star rating yet.
Bogotá, Colombia,
Jan 30, 2012,

I think that this is just a combination of the same MT4 indicators but customized under a "propietary system" this is BS, you can get the same signals by using MAs, MACD, RSI or any other indicator. In addition they offer many things that never fulfill, for example, a complete hardcopy of the manual, in short, this is a black box system, I recommend to all to stay away of any propietarty black box system. Fortunately I have to say that plimus refund me the day after I ask for the refund.
london, United Kingdom,
Dec 21, 2011,

This is a pure and simple Scam. Don't waste your time, money and belief in human nature on this rubbish - they are just a marketing company with NO ethics who are out to fleece you. Hark - whoever that is - says he charges $25k per hour is going to give you his system for a one time $997 fee because he wants to help the little guy? Yeah right. If Hark is a market trader it's because he's selling doggey stuff on a market stall NOT that he knows or cares about teaching honest people about trading the FX markets. Snif the air - smell the rat! You should. Get a refund or better still do not buy into this hyped up rubbish. Plimus will be over-run with refund requests. $997 is a lot of money and Hark and Cohorts squeal like pigs when asked for a refund but don't get discouraged - escalate to get Plimus involved directly - they will refund - read their Refund Policy it's pretty straightforward and fair
Dec 20, 2011,

The marketing pitch is impressive, but was filled with lies. I tried the program for 1 week on a demo and lost nearly 1K on a 10K account. The support is nonexistent-numerous emails were ignored. I asked for a refund and finally heard from them. They said that I had to try the program for 30 days and to send a statement proving that it does not work, which was contrary to the guarantee promised during the maketing presentation. I escalated the request to Plimus management and I finally received a refund. I am certain that the the program would eventually result in account depletion.
Melbourne -Victoria, Australia,
Dec 14, 2011,

The product was sold for $997.00 USD. On the day of the purchase it was worth around $961.00 to $968.00 AUD.
PLIMUS charged me $1033.22 AUD which was equivalent to
$1,064.20 USD . I lodged a complaint with PLIMUS for adjustment which they have refused. I consider it very unethical to charge $1,064.00 USD for a product that is sold for $997.00.

As far as the software itself is concerned I have similar system
called "Forex Sublime Champions" which does the same thing.

Since I have similar system and I am ripped off by the vendors

As PLIMUS is not answering my e-mails I will report them to my Bank for a charge back as well. I CONSIDER the treatment I RECEIVED extremely bad. I have been scammed and I can prove it. I give them only one star.