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Hirose Financial UK Ltd.

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What is HiroseUK?

HiroseUK is a forex broker offering the ActTrader, MT4 and MT Mobile forex trading top platforms.

HiroseUK.com offers over 45 forex currency pairs, cfd, bitcoin, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.

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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 100:1
Minimum Deposit: $50
Established: 2004
Address: 25 Finsbury Circus, London, EC2M 7EE, United Kingdom
Customer Service: info@hiroseuk.com, 0800 860 0923, 0203 687 0348
Regional offices:
Regulations: FCA #540244
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, ActTrader
Web Trading: ✅ Yes
Mobile Trading: ✅ Yes

Trading Instruments

Currencies: (50+)
Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin
CFD: (15+) Gold, Silver, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities

Trading Conditions

EAs/Robots: ✅ Yes
News Spike Trading: ✅ Yes
Scalping: ✅ Yes

Managed Accounts & Social Trading

Deposit Methods: Bank Wire (Bank Transfer), VISA, MasterCard, Neteller
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire (Bank Transfer), VISA, MasterCard, Neteller

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2.626 · 28 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Jaka Tanujaya,
Jakarta, Indonesia,
Jun 20, 2014,

Currently using Hirose UK for trading. I found this broker have tight spread and have a lot of bonus for Indonesian trader. Unfortunately, their trading platform still need a lot of improvement. Beside of that, i think Hirose UK is a great forex broker.
Randy Dwi Liverpool,
Palu , Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia,
Dec 30, 2013,

I think Hirose with Lion Trader Platform is the best from they company ...
a month ago they proved to make a demo contest in Indonesia and I am grateful to win.
thanks Hirose
Tokyo, Japan,
Sep 4, 2012,

I've tried demo version at first and then using their live account for 2 months. Nothing bad to say so far. Hirose really has low spread and great execution (its not MT4 though). and the other reason I joined them is because it has the FSA regulation (so don't worry 'bout your fund).
Hirose Financial UK Ltd,
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 9, 2012,

Established in 2010 and a subsidiary of one of the most successful FX companies in Japan, Hirose Financial provides a simple, multinational online trading solution to the global FX market. Our integrity and service we offer you lie at the heart of our business.

Trade from 1,000 units with no transaction fee. Learn to trade with a minimum margin requirement of 3GBP, 4EUR, or 5USD. EUR/USD 0.7 GBP/USD 0.6 - 1.2 USD/JPY 0.6
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 16, 2012,

So far so good. It seems to be the UK branch of a Japanese forex company. Tight spreads with good execution.

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Bangalore, India,
Sep 18, 2013,

They are absolute con artists. Will stop hunt and make it look it look like nothing happened.
Russian Federation,
Dec 1, 2016,
Registered user

Beware of the broker.

The broker does not pay profit.
Broker cancels profit.
The broker does not want to lose their money,.
Invest your money, and he will be happy to resetting your account.)))
karanataka, India,
Jun 26, 2013,

Hi these broker says they don't accept third party deposit and issue refund if there is so.And i have reported a third party funding and provided bank letter also.But the broker keeps on refusing to refund the money.Finally i plan to approach my bank for charge back the transaction.

So better stay way from these type of brokers were they fail to honor their own company policy,
reza tianto,
indonesia, Indonesia,
Jun 18, 2016,

scam broker they are thief. i cant withdrawal my money.stay away from this broker
chennai, India,
Aug 13, 2013,

hiroseuk.com is a scam broker they widen the pip more than 30 pips(between buy and sell price)GBP/USD and EURO/USD during news time in-order to trigger the small players position.

And also they never followup their terms and conditions.They have double stand in it.
chennai, India,
Jun 19, 2013,

They Widen the spread 40 pips in gbp usd to trigger the position.....better stay way from these broker...
Rosaria Timpanaro,
Enna, Italy,
Apr 21, 2014,

After a normal trade session I got two strange movements into my trading account:
438126 2014/04/16 05:58:05 Deposit/Withdrawal 0.00 0.00 - 319.24
438342 2014/04/16 08:40:56 Deposit/Withdrawal 0.00 0.00 1.61

Astonished, I wrote them an email asking what was it. Only during the night I received the "Daily confirmation" with the same withdrawals and no other explanations. Only after more hours, I got this email:

Dear Sir / Madam,

there was a price timeout at around 10:45pm GMT yesterday evening (01:45am this morning on MT4). As a consequence all trades have been cancelled. The net effect is that your account has been adjusted (for both winning and losing positions during this time) to reflect the point just prior to 10:45PM last night (01:45am this morning).

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you and hopefully this situation will not arise again.

Kind Regards,
Hirose Financial UK Ltd.
27 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2QP
Website: www.hiroseuk.com
Email: info@hiroseuk.com
Tel Local: 0800 860 0923
Tel International: +44 (0)20 7614 3580
FAX Local: 0800 860 0924
FAX International: +44 800 860 0924

With other emails I tried to convince them that it's not fair this behavior and they continued answering me things like "Due to the pricing error all clients that traded over this period have had their accounts adjusted. This includes, for fairness, where clients made losses.".


Actually I am fighting with them because I want my stats to be corrected, and I wrote them:
" I am afraid you didn't get my meaning. I understand you will never give me those money back, I just ask you to modify that movements: it was not a withdrawal. A withdrawal, in fact, means gain and it was not. So, please, revert those withdrawal with a new funding and then take it back again as a loss, because my stats needs to be adjusted as well.
I can't speak on the phone, my english is not good enough.
I wait for your email confirmation when you will have done the next two adjustments (in and out).".

I think they are too ignorant, superficial, shallow and careless to help me and many other customers.

Stay away from them!

This is my suggestion.
Sajib Siddiqui,
Chittagong, Bangladesh,
Jan 5, 2014,

They are pure scam. They hijack trader's personal document. They first ask for documents from me to open account not denying to open account.
Abbottabad, Pakistan,
Jun 16, 2014,

Please try to avoid of trading with "hiroseuk.com", as they are great cheater & fraudulent. This is I experienced with them.
1. They make wide the spread, some time more than 300, it is not happened with other brokers, when some one has entered TP price to his/her Sell or Buy (Bid or Ask). When you do complaint, you get reply that there was a news session.

2. The spread is not that what it shown at MT4, for example EurGbp has 109, but when some one made a Bid or Ask (Sell or Buy), it will be some 7 digit more than the specified spread, means it will be 17 not 10. For this they also reply that this is variable, when it is not variable but it should be fixed as shown on "MT4 market watch".

3. The Hedging is not fully activated even by default it is allowed.

Further your choice, wish to gain or loss.


md. sakil khan,
bangladesh, Bangladesh,
Sep 15, 2015,



they canceled my account

Terry Jacques,
wellington, New Zealand,
Feb 7, 2014,

currently using hirose. they do offer good spreads under normal conditions but unfortunately on news and economic releases they widen the spreads on EUR/USD GBP/USD and other pairs between 30 - 40 pips which is just plain stupid. They even hold those high spreads up to 5 minutes. for example on 7 feb 2014 friday i entered a long trade of EUR/USD at 1.3572 which topped out at 1.3642 i could i made 70pips but thanks to these turkeys i have to settle for 40 pips. I can understand 10 -15 pips spreads for
about one minute but 30-40 pips is just thieving. looking for another broker for sure.
John Anthony,
London, United Kingdom,
Mar 7, 2014,

Tight spreads on Lion Trader platform on majors and some crosses under normal trading conditions, execution seems to be good, again under normal conditions.

Customer service fairly quick, responsive and professional, FCA UK regulated, HOWEVER, spread widening during major news events is ridiculous. I can confirm the previous review from Terry, Wellington, NZ on 2014-02-07 as I lost 40% of my account equity on the same news release, due entirely to a 35 pip spread (all of my open positions were hedged with no stops set, i.e. risk free, or so I thought!)

Today, exactly one month later, I have witnessed more than a 60 pip spread on a news event where price moved less than 20 pips (which lasted for several minutes after the event) ... utterly ludicrous! I can't tell whether this is unethical behaviour or not as I don't have access to their internal systems or prior knowledge of their trading practices, so reluctantly, I have to give them two stars. More annoying than anything else, I now have the unenviable task of finding a reputable broker offering fixed spreads.
Alexandria, Egypt,
Mar 22, 2015,

I had a live account with this broker; then, I decided to close it for a terrible problem. Spread fluctuation was unreasonably huge especially during news announcement. If you trade with this broker, your stop loss will be hit not because you are wrong about market direction but because of spread fluctuation. I worked with several brokers and never saw such huge spread fluctuations.
Batam, Indonesia,
Jun 20, 2013,

fast execution with no requote. but you will surprise to know their spread during volatile market. Just take care you positiion and pending order
Steven Gouws,
, South Africa,
Mar 28, 2014,

I joined Hirose a week ago. Execution is pretty good. There is some slippage on Stops even on small trade lot sizes and gets bigger as the lot sizes increase, but not always.

However as noted here by other Traders, spread widening has knocked me out of 2 trades in the last 2 days already. also some price spikes are more aggresive than other brokers, also closing trades, this could be the reverse of spread widening though. However this does not help. Even though my other Broker has a spread of 2.1 Pips on EUR/USD these radical spikes do not occur and keep you in the game.

Their help desk is responsive and friendly. i think that if you are a long term trader or use enormous Stops Hirose is a good broker to use, but for short term, medium Stops like 25 pips or below are going to get hit often so go elsewhere like FXPro where I am trading as well.
Mexico City, Mexico,
Oct 9, 2014,

I read online really bad comments of this broker after I had already signed up for an account with them, most people were complaining about the size of the spreads and their spikes in MT4, but I had got a Lion Trader account whixh is kind of ACT Trader, so it was ok and very similar to MT4 but with great spreads! its huge in Asia right now but honestly most people only know MT4, I have traded with several brokers now and Im happy with Hirose-s service so far, although to be honest its all about the spreads for me.
tlemcen, Algeria,
Aug 22, 2013,

I have an account with them. hirose uk is Broker excellent particularly Spread excellent such as 0.8(eur/$)
You just have to learn platform /liontrader/
Home, Malaysia,
Dec 28, 2017,
Registered user

I made a $100 profit, no problem withdrawing, what's the angers around here.

I'm not sure why are people came out with least evidence and claim they are sh*tty company.

For me, I don't trade on their MT4, and it is my first Binary Option broker I'm trading with, with tons of bad reviews I have heard of Binary Option scammed your money, I did started with them, for they offering $10 welcome bonus without deposit,
"D1000023269 2014/11/10 14:10:17 UTC Deposit Adjust MT4 - 14000345 10.00 Complete Open an Account Campaign"

I then deposit $20, and withdraw $25.82, I reached their requirement like trade x10 times right? And lost $4.18, pretty scary for me when money comes and go that quickly. Repeatly, I deposit money and withdraw and deposit when they are having promotion. I did a total of $150 deposit and withdraw around $250 to my Skrill account, that's roughly $100 profit. Their Payment history is a mess, you need to first transfer the fund to your MT4 and then request a withdrawal, so I assume $250 is the amount I have withdrawn.

I decided to rejoin again and win some buck, I'm afraid I couldn't get my cash out though, still Binary Option has been rumor to be a big scam, I'm trying to make another $20, and see if I can withdraw $200 this time. Bad thing is that, they offer less pairs to trade.
slamet pramono,
Jakarta, Indonesia,
Oct 16, 2013,

I like HIROSE, they have tight spread, fast execution and fast withdrawal less than 24 hours
Andy Colter,
Osaka, Japan,
May 29, 2014,

I have found Hirose UK to be very competitive on spreads during normal market hours - while spreads may widen over figures I think this is a reflection of their liquidity providers – I have to make the choice of knowing I can trade out of a position on a wider spread or getting rejected on other platforms.

Firenze, Italy,
Apr 9, 2013,

I've tried Hirose UK becouse of its very tight spreads. I had a good surprise discovering: 1) it's true STP execution. 2) Money withdrawal it's easy and fairly quick. Custumer support is also good enough.
They use actrader which is a good platform, but if you're accustomed to MT4 they recently introduced it, but spreads are higher (some rebates are offered too for promotion).
I had a little present sent at home as a nice suprise, even if I have only a very small account. So far so good. Reccomended.
jakarta, Indonesia,
Jul 30, 2013,

good regulated broker fast on execution
Midlands, United Kingdom,
Oct 18, 2013,

Good service and spreads generally tight. Trading Credits to test the system is good and I got my money out without a hitch
Solo, Indonesia,
Dec 13, 2013,

Hirose is the best broker in my opinion ..
Tight spread on lion trader with no comission.
Deposit via wire only took 1 day from my country, 2 days for withdrawal. it is very fast for wire transfers.
Disadvantages: crazy spreads widen when there is a news, but it occurs naturally for STP broker. I can handle it by avoiding short order before the news ..
I love this broker, keep a good work guys..!
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 10, 2013,

I found Hirose UK by goodle search. Thanks for free trading credit. Quick support, operator was friendly and i am happy with very tight spread.
Alex Pro,
Szentendre, Hungary,
Oct 16, 2013,

My first contact with HiroseUK broker started with trying their 10pounds No deposit bonus. I managed to get the bonus within 2 days.

Later one of their broker called me from London asking me about future deposits. The guy was friendly and helpful, which to me is always a big good point.

A few days ago i opened a "Act Trader" Live account. You can choose this or MT4 software, but i recommend this due to better spreads.

At first i found hard to manage this software, but then you realize, it knows way more than a Metatrader4. The 52 currency pairs and the incredible good spreads are what makes this broker a good choice. Furthermore the minimum deposit required to open an account is only 20$, and the min lot size 0,01. But be aware that all your positions will be closed at 100% margin level.

It is said in the homepage of the broker, that good spreads are available between 0:00GMT and 19:00GMT hours. Later the spreads are bit higher, but still competitive.

The execution is ultra fast, feels to me that they are a true No Dealing Desk broker. And because of this and the flexible spreads , i dont think they manipulate with spreads to hunt the stops.

All in all, i am very happy to find HiroseUk broker. They offer spreads, currency pair numbers, opening lot sizes like noone else with low money.

I recommend it absolutely! I hope my review helps you guys to find a good broker for future profits! :)
Muhammad Naim,
Jerantut, Malaysia,
Jan 2, 2015,

For me Hirose UK is excellent broker, even my account ebb and flow.
Not suitable for news trader since its spread widening too big that will activate your unfavored limit and stop.
Deposit and withdrawal via Credit Card and Neteller with no problem at all. They will ask you bank account details if withdrawal amount greater from your deposit via Credit Card. I use MT4 platform. Be aware some candlestick or bar might be not same as other broker. It only happen during end to start of the server. (ie: 23:45 2014/12/17 to 00:00 2014/12/18). So for Bollinger Band trader will get obvious BB formation on M15 and H1 Time Frame.

For Margin Killer Trader, this broker help to protect your capital hence you will not loss all of your capital. Margin Call Level is 150% and Stop Out Level is 100%. If your capital is $100 and Used Margin is $64, then you have no Stop Loss, you will loss only $36. Please bear in mind, if you got Stop Out, all you open positions will automatically close either winning positions or losing positions even on different pair.

I'm happy with Hirose UK, it suits my trading style.