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Updated: Nov 22, 2018
3.827 · 16 REVIEWS
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Formerly AFBFx.com

Orbex, formerly AFBFx, is an online forex broker. Orbex.com offers the MetaTrader 4, MT Mobile, MT4 Mac and WebTrader forex currency trading top platforms. Orbex offers over 30 currency pairs, metals, equities, indices, energies, commodities, and futures for your personal investment and trading options.

Orbex.com (was AFBFx.com)

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3.827 · 16 REVIEWS
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Rachid HARRI,
Casablanca, Morocco,
Nov 20, 2018,
Registered user

Good brokers

professional broker and available all the time, effective market analysis, personalized support, my account manager Mr Nizar ARIOUA is real pro, kind and available, thank you to the entire Orbex team.
Schetuen, Austria,
Sep 24, 2018,

Good broker

Good broker nice clear education no tricks at all. Traded with them for 1 year and no problem.
Jane, Cyprus (inside the offices of Orbex),
Jan 10, 2017,

for serious traders, no bonus bulls***. If you ask me most people get brainwashed by marketing strategies.
Forex Peace Army
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Cairo, Egypt,
Dec 28, 2016,
Registered user

orbex.com not pay to me my profits

orbex.com not want to give me my profits of $681 to now
all I did ( a withdrawal request of my profits from my account 12394 )
and all amount gone from my balance on my orbex Mt4 account and I not get one cent on my bank account I withdrawn to
please be aware dealing with orbex.com until I give you an update about my case
thank you
Reply by Orbex Support submitted Jan 9, 2017:
Dear Sherif,

Thank you for your review. As we have already informed you, your account has been blocked due to a suspicion of a fraud transaction.
You have made a deposit through a Credit Card which have been reported as stolen by the issuing bank and therefore the original fund has been refunded back to the same card of deposit following our regulatory guidelines and circulars. As a result, any transactions on your trading account should be cancelled until the case is completely clarified.
Hence, we have attempted to communicate with you several times through the contact details you have provided which were invalid numbers and once we have established a communication we have provided you with evidence that the card has been reported as stolen and your account is disabled temporarily until you provide an official document from the bank to clarify the situation.
With that being said and considering all the suspicious transactional behaviours (i.e. requesting a withdrawal to a different channel than the one of deposit), your account is blocked and can be reactivated only if a clear official document from the bank has been provided where it shows that the card belongs to you and it is active, once the above situation has been solved and we receive what is needed, we insure to reimburse your account with the PnL of the trades you have closed.
At Orbex, we take fraud very seriously and act instantly, in order to keep the highest protection for all clients. We proudly deliver a high quality services and customer support to meet our customer satisfaction, hence why all of our withdrawals are instant and we will never block any amount unless there is a valid reason.
Orbex Support Team
dhaka, Bangladesh,
Aug 19, 2016,
Registered user

I love orbex

very good broker. fast execution, no slippage. specially bangladeshi support team are awesome. Mr. kamrul from bangladesh team helps me a lot.
I treat orbex as my family.
Dhaka, Bangladesh,
Aug 19, 2016,

I am using this broker for few month and earning profit consistently . never faced single problem with the execution .. trading environment is much good rather than other CYSEC regulated broker . their support team is very much helpful . overall i am with this broker
Mr. Fan,
Singapore, Singapore,
Apr 27, 2016,

My previous withdrawal took 12 minutes, today my withdrawal took 2 hrs 38 mins. I'll post more withdrawals in the future and the time it took. Take care all.

Thanks Orbex, please continue to serve traders responsibly.

Ref: http://postimg.org/image/8904dfawf

2016-04-27 3Star Hi, I have been with orbex since 2014 until the present.

Orbex offer me free VPS, which I appreciate greatly. I have good support from this broker as mu personal account manager is on my Whatsapp list.

I really care about fast and hassle-free withdrawal, so I am writing this review while waiting for my withdrawal to be processed. They say it's going to take up to 24 hours, which is a bummer, the last time I withdraw took only 12 mins. I'll add 1 more stars once I withdraw profits. Thanks orbex. Below are the reference to the chat I had with them:

Svetlana Wed, 04/27/16 08:06:40 pm Asia/Singapore

Hello Mr. Fan. Welcome to Orbex Live Support, how may I help you?

Mr. Fan 08:07:30 pm

hi. i just made a withdrawal. please process it for me. orbex has instant withdrawal. it should not take a long time. the last time i withdraw it took 12 mins.

Svetlana 08:08:30 pm

Ok, Sir. as soon we receive your request we will process it

Mr. Fan 08:08:47 pm

yes, i have sent the request. please check.

ok, i have received the sms
08:09:15 pm
this is good. i will wait until it is in my skrill account.

Svetlana 08:09:58 pm

Ok Sir

is there anything else I can do for you?
08:10:07 pm

Mr. Fan 08:10:33 pm

that will be all. orbex is good in serving traders responsibly.

Duration: 4m 26s

Marko Wed, 04/27/16 09:07:01 pm Asia/Singapore

Hello Mr. Fan. Welcome to Orbex Live Support, how may I help you?

Mr. Fan 09:08:27 pm

hi marko, i have already sent the withdrawal ticket and the amount is deducted from my account. I am waiting for the amount to reach my skrill. why is it taking so long? the last time I did withdrawal, it took 12 minutes. now its almost been 1 hour. please check.

Marko 09:09:01 pm


It is normal. It can take less time but it can take up to 24 hours
Mr. Fan 09:10:10 pm

ok, please process it fast, my account manager say that now orbex have fast withdrawal. he say it is instant.

Marko 09:10:22 pm

it is not instant

our finance department will process as soon as possible

as mentioned withdrawals are up to 24 hours

Mr. Fan 09:11:06 pm

ok, i will take note of that.

thank you marko.

Marko 09:11:21 pm

you're welcome

Duration: 5m 1s
Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Jun 19, 2015,

Please avoid dealing with these broker as they will delete your profit saying that they have written in Terms that they can do that! And on there web site clearly states that EA's are excepted!

Email send from Back Office dated 11.06.2015:
Please be informed that ticket # 4553820 has been deleted from your account due to violation of our trading conditions related to News Trading, which clearly states:
Placing stop orders prior to the release of financial news is not permitted, such orders maybe rejected, deleted or filled at the best available market prices at that time.

After some chat with them via emails they offered me to change to DMA account and saying that they do not care if I post a review on FPA as most of the reviews are false. Probably they have in mind those 5stare ratings of them?!?! And clearly no one deleted my loosing trades with them!
Reply by Orbex Support submitted Jun 30, 2015:
Dear Josephine, Thank you for your review. We revised the trading history of your account using the provided ticket number, and we have evidence of closing 13 other news trading orders previously with total profit of 137% of your initial deposit and none of them was deleted. As a matter of fact, Orbex allows market orders with SL or TP during news release. However, placing simultaneous Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders during news release is prohibited because it abuses our No Slippage/Guaranteed Stops policy which is meant to benefit traders in normal trading conditions. Moreover, it is widely known that market becomes extremely volatile during news release and major market participants including banks tend to reject orders or widen spreads to minimize the market risk. Therefore, placing two opposite stop orders at the same currency pair in combination with our No Slippage feature is considered abusive. Unfortunately, all the trades you made were originated in that manner. Since inception, Orbex has proudly earned reputation for it's customer support and fair trading conditions. We take any feedback seriously, and we highly value FPA team's efforts to eliminate spam, maintain transparency and we encourage them to seek the truth in every review. Hence, we find your allegations unjust and misleading because our action was based on the fact that you violated one of our publicly announced conditions and abused an advantage that many other clients are fairly enjoying at Orbex. Finally, we remain at your disposal to submit any supporting documents. Regards, Orbex Support
Rocky Hasan,
Chittagong, Bangladesh,
Apr 29, 2015,

One of the best broker, Good Charts, Good representatives, Good spreads, Good Execution,
Great tools to facilitate trading.
As a whole awesome. New broker, But great service. Hope this broker remains like this always.
Corfu, Greece,
Feb 3, 2015,

overall i find orbex as a good broker although i would have given them a 4 1/2 stars out of 5 and not five...just because (but i cant due to the rating structure so i spared the other half)

a) spread tight and nice better than the most of the brokers i am with
b) execution : never had any issues even on market orders
c) support : what can you ask more than have your account manager stand by and ad hoc on the phone, email, their own chat system...and even skype!? (i send him a skype msg from my mobile and he calls me to any phone number)

d) deposits withdrawals on my greek bank accounts take from a few minutes to be confirmed to 5 hrs max!!! (and it came quite handy when i was close to margin a few times)
e) swaps...as a position trader my biggest pain in the @ss are negative swaps and the usual enormous one... orbex seem to be one of the few with good swaps and even positive ones

now lets go to the negative ones

a) they open and close 5 minutes after and before the opening and closing market hours which make it difficult to chase any opening gaps

b) they dont allow scalping (not big deal due to being a position trader but sometimes i want to make a few scalps and worries me)

for those two negatives i would take the half a star out of five if i could

but really overall a great and stable broker... and hope they continue that way