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Updated: Aug 22, 2019
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Christian K,
Frankfurt, Germany,
Jan 22, 2012,

Have tested the 1$ Trial in one of my Demo accounts starting at Jan 17 2012. With the 1$ Trial you get the first 50pips for free and if you were lucky (like i was) and you made more than 50pip in the trial, then the rest is free.

You get Daily Trade Signals (around 0-6) at 23:30 GMT and an update at 12:30 GMT the day after. All Trades have TP/SL.

At first i was shocked to see that up to the 19th Jan there were no Trade Signals. The Trader excuses and explained that January was so far one of the worst months so far and that there were so far no clear signals for him to enter the market.

Also i see that all followed trades basically all seems to counter the market-trend, which is very risky in my opinion.

Furthermore in one Trade issued (in this case EURAUD) it was a SHORT position, while other trades issued by him, where LONG positions on the EUR-leading crosses (in this case EURJPY, etc.).
So in EUR was really going long, and so the first EURAUD trade got into the minus zone. Why this is done, i don't know. Email Update was send to hold the EURAUD position deep in the minus zone.
I don't know his trading strategy, but personally i would never bet on a strong EURO, i.e open one SHORT EURAUD positions and at the same time open a LONG EURJPY position.

Still i made around +54pips.

Only because GBPJPY ran into +63pip TP and EURAUD was closed with +20pips. The rest Trades where to close just minutes before market closes on friday with minus, resulting still in +54pips

Just for completion:
Another thing to mention was that i read a forums-review where 2 traders and c4p.ca signal users reported that the Performance on the Website listed prior to December 2011 are wrong (these users showed their real results) and so at least for some months prior to December 2011 there are some days missing with -120pip or more. December performance i genuine though.
Link to the "other" Forums: http://fxreview.createforumhosting.com/www-c4p-ca-cents4pips-t2952-30.html

So it's hard to believe he makes ~14.000pips in 2011.