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1.414 · 5 REVIEWS
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Darren ,
London, United Kingdom,
Aug 28, 2013,

So these guys, who are apparently affiliated to Greystone Capital Ltd, lost 95% of my investment in two weeks at the beginning of July. They won't respond to emails or phone calls. On their website they have posted a loss of 7.1% for July?! This makes it appear they are making a healthy profit for the year overall. Avoid these companies at all costs.
Darren ,
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 19, 2013,

I opened an account with these guys two weeks ago with their minimum amount of $10,000. Two weeks later its now $1,000. According to figures on their website their worst ever month was August 2011 with a loss of 13.46%. Mostly they show healthy profitable months with the occasional very small loss making month. Nothing like the 90% loss I've experienced in just two weeks. Maybe it will improve a bit before the end of the month. I'll let you know. But right now it looks like the worst investment decision ever. Avoid these people like the plague.
Cape Town, South Africa,
Nov 15, 2012,

I just recently received material on the PrivateFx account, but according to Dan's post, the only account that ForexManaged administer is the Premium Account. Can you tell us what the position is Dan?
Las Vegas, USA,
Oct 9, 2012,

Dan talks as though these are his accounts. The disclaimer on his home page states," Forex Managed simply acts as introducing agent to the managed accounts". They're no better than a car salesman.
, United Kingdom,
Jul 11, 2012,

Observations / Facts about
I joined their one of their managed accounts Precision FX, they also had other managed accounts available at the time (Guardian FX & Chrome FX).
Their published percentage growth per month for the Precision FX was:
Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
23.6 10.1 26.9 -0.32 -4.26 10.38 9.37

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
33.63 15.31 15.43 -8.11 0.7 20.86 10.8 5.46 14.91 10.36 0.05 8.83

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
5.93 13.28 -4.95 3.41 -9.26 -2.35 5.19

They also published performances on their website for their other managed accounts.
Taking a sample of how my managed account fared:
2011 Jun -5.55%
Jul 5.19%
Aug -16.23%
Sep -8.77%
Oct 16.58%
Nov 6.56%
Dec 3.81%
2012 Jan -12.71%
Feb -15.05%
Mar 13.23%
Apr 2.64%
May -1.76%
Jun -40.44%
The LPOA was with Riptide Ventures Inc. which appears to be close related to Cayo Flow Capital.
I would not suggest that there is a scam involved. However the performance has not been good and I’ve seen my capital dwindle by over 50% in approx. a year. Also I note that they no longer publish the results of PrecisionFX on their website but then recent results wouldn’t make very good marketing material. Also they appear to promote new managed accounts with good histories fairly regularly & the existing ones close or disappear.
Reply by Dan submitted Oct 7, 2012:
IMPORTANT TO READ THIS Unfortunately in the forex industry you get people posting on websites like FPA who either don?t have the correct facts or from companies who are deliberately trying to damage and destroy the reputation of its competitors for obvious reasons. This happens in all industries, as it is very easy to anonymously post something very damaging about a competitor with no one to check the facts. But of course whoever reads the post believes them unequivocally and the damage is done. In many cases the posts come from people that are NOT even clients, as forum posters are hired by the competitors to write negative posts as part of a dirty tricks campaign to gain a competitive advantage. To clarify for anyone reading this - We only have one managed account that we promote and that is called Premium. This is NOT in any way administered by either Riptide or Cayoflow Capital. Please go to our site in order to see the results of Premium, which utilizes very low leverage of only 2:1. The Premium trade team have only ever had 2 losing months since inception in 2009. The highest closed DD on record was 6.74% which was back in August 2011 and there has not been a losing month since then. As you can see from the results the trade team are exceptional as well as consistent. Premium UNLIKE many other managed accounts does not try to achieve unrealistic returns by over leveraging or unnecessary risk and therefore it does not give clients a roller coaster ride and therefore provides clients with a profitable stress-free investment.
, United Kingdom,
Feb 29, 2012,

Okay lets talk ''Facts'', yes impressive web-page the Performance figures look good to...Unfortunately its one big Lie !
But don't take my word for it, call their Auditor : Mr Cliff Bodiford, I've spoken to him he's a genuine guy, however they don't advertise his Official calculations, the figures you see on their Glossy web-page have had many negative numbers brushed out !
After spending a lot of time setting up 2 accounts totaling US$40,000, I then watched them closely for several days, the accounts mostly broke even.
Then ''Bang'' for some reason the ''Trading machine'' opened and closed a number of trades between US$100 & US$500, creating a drawdown of over US$1000 in minuets !
I questioned this...their answer, well our drawdown limit is up to 15% and that's normal, so obviously at that rate your account is going to burn out fast !, fortunately I managed to withdraw my LPOA at the Brokers in 2 minuets which prevented any further large losses.
These people are ''Not'' Proffessional Traders, their is no Money management or Risk control in place, they told me themselves that they will not intervene with the Machines decisions...therefore no actual Human Trading involvement.

What I am telling you are the ''Facts'', check it all out...then walk away !
Reply by Dan submitted Apr 10, 2012:
I would like to respond to Paul's comments. Firstly, Paul mentions 'that on our Glossy web-page have had many negative numbers brushed out! We have absolutely nothing brushed out and everything on our website is totally transparent and crystal clear. Please go to and check every page out for yourself. Secondly, our trade teams use very professional sound money mgt and we show everything clearly on our site and that includes any losing months. We are not hiding anything from any potential investor. From the other side of the coin, investors like it when they are making good money every month, but don't seem to be able to withstand any kind of drawdown. An experienced investor will know and expect drawdown. If they are NOT comfortable with drawdown then they should certainly not be investing in any kind of forex investment. Drawdown is normal in forex trading! It does not seem to matter how much you explain to an inexperienced investor about DD, the moment it happens on their account they suddenly forget all reasoning and emotions take over. Our trade teams make it a point of having 3rd party audits done by a registered CPA. There are not many other managed account sites on the internet that actually publish 3rd party professionally audited results. Lastly, as a general note - In the past we have continuous issues with competitors who have been constantly going to websites such as FPA and posting untrue or even slanderous dramatic posts to put people off us. It really is unfair and in some cases nothing more than a dirty trick campaign to take away business from us, since we are top of the google search engines. The industry is very competitive and unfortunately some companies will resort to these kind of underhand tactics. For anyone that is not sure about us and reading this post then I would suggest they take the time to download the audited results from our website. You will then be able to see for yourself the exact results that the trade teams have achieved and confirmed by a registered CPA. I would also like to add that if you do not want to experience drawdown of any kind then the better suggestion will be for you to place your money in a bank instead of a forex based investment. Forex Managed
Simpa Decko,
Zürich, Switzerland,
Feb 6, 2012,

Any experience with them?

They say:
It's truly a global company, with partners residing across the globe in Asia, Canada, USA, Slovenia, and New Zealand.

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