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Tickmill is forex broker. Tickmill offers the MT4 and MT4 WebTrader trading currency platforms. Tickmill.com offers over 60 currency pairs, gold, sliver, bonds and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.

Other websites of this company include TickmillPrime.com.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 500:1
Minimum to Open Live: $100
Established: 2015
Address: 3, F28-F29 Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Mahe, Seychelles
Contact: support@tickmill.com, +852 5808 2921
Regional offices:
Regulators: CySEC #278/15, FSA-S #SD 008, FCA #717270
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Currencies: (60+)
CFD: (20+) Gold, Silver, Stock Indexes, Bonds, Oil
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
MAM: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, FasaPay, Globe Pay, Local Bank Transfers, Neteller, Ngan Luong, Qiwi, Skrill, SticPay, UnionPay
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, FasaPay, Globe Pay, Local Bank Transfers, Neteller, Ngan Luong, Qiwi, Skrill, SticPay, UnionPay

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Tickmill.com profile provided by Tickmill, Nov 10, 2016

Tickmill is an award-winning global ECN broker, authorized and regulated by the FCA of the United Kingdom and the FSA of Seychelles. Tickmill offers its retail and institutional clients various trading services with a prime focus on Forex, Stock Indices, Commodities, CFDs and Precious Metals. The Company has distinguished itself among global ECN Forex brokers by providing excellent services with low spreads, some of the industry’s lowest ECN commissions and ultra-fast execution with the state-of-the-art London trading servers located at Equinix LD4 data center. Our team members have trading experience that goes back to 1989 and we have successfully traded all major financial markets from Asia to North America.

In June 2016, Tickmill recorded a monthly trading volume of $49.1 billion, followed by a record-high trading volume of $51.7 billion in July, which makes it one of the largest retail Forex brokers in the world.


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3.503 · 221 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Athens, Greece,
May 29, 2012,

I'm a FPA member for more than 5 years. I don't post the reviews but this broker really pleased me. I have a live account with them.
The execution is fast and the spread is a dream - 0 pips on Eur/Usd with 0,2 pips commission /position. I can trade how I want, without any restriction. I don't feel they trade against me. Generally, I use an EA for trading.
On 29.05 they had a technical problem for about 15 min.with their server and my MT4 keep connect and disconnect every 2 seconds.
Before this problem my EA opened 9 positions and was not able to close them due to this problem. When the problem was fixed the price was 50 pips away and I took a big loss because my EA closed the positions immediately.
I contacted their support and I told them what happened. I was waiting a long bla, bla without end that was my fault, my computer, my EA etc.
In less that 5 minutes they check the logs , reverse the trades and refund my account.
It was the first time that a new broker act so quickly to solve such problem.
Till now, really no problem with Armada. Hope they will continue with the same services .

Munich, Germany,
Jul 2, 2012,

What i can say after 2 months with them:
- Support is extremely fast + good
- Spread is very good in average, but also very volatile on spikes. I had original tick data to backtest and had trades with >10pip spread on EURUSD. So you absolutely need an EA able to control spread and then skip those entries.
During the asian session spread is very poor in average. Not suitable for night scalpers.
- I had the impression they are serious and not chasing my SL or playing games
- LMAX seems to have a big lack in liquidity. If you look on their website you can see st 100 - 500 on Bid/Ask, but these are MICROs! So they only have 10 - 50lot on each side. For other brokers you can add a zero.
- Tick scalpers did well in the beginning and then gone worser and worser. I executed over 700 trades in one month and i nearly not had a single trade without unfavorable slippage ranging between 0,1 and 5pip. At the moment its mostly between 0,5 and 1pip, both for exit + entry. Overall you can loose 1,5pip on the whole trade.
- I also traded on some LMAX false ticks, causing slippage of ~70pips. Trades were all refunded, however these were with 0,01lot. I asked, if these would also have been refunded with 1lot. I never got an answer.
- I know from trading buddies trading directly with LMAX, that they also all have increasing issues with slippage and nearly all stopped trading.

I paused trading with them, but will be back, if they hopefully be able to handle the liquidity issues.

Overall: The best retail broker i found since 2 years. Keep up the good work!
Calgary, Canada,
Oct 17, 2012,

All is still good with Armada. Have had no problems and any questions or help I have had were addressed quickly and professionally.

2012-07-16 4Star I placed my first trade with Armada June 26 12.
I have had no problems or concerns to this point.
Customer service, trade executions, spreads, all good.
Will continue to post any experiences I have with them.
Olayemi Ibraheem,
Ilorin, Nigeria,
Feb 7, 2013,

at first they were doing fine when i started using them.when i have build my money from $100 to around $1000+,i had a trade and they slipped my price to a price the market never reached around 40 pips+,and when the market retraced they never acknowledge my stop loss.they claim it was from their service provider.and the are telling me they don't do MIRACLE,the wiped out all my money from $1000+ to like $100+...Below their reply...Dear Ibraheem,

we totally understand your concern, but there is nothing we can do, because we are not the market-maker, we just re-translate what we get from the exchange LMAX and other liquidity providers. Your order was filled during extremely volatile market conditions, while spread was very wide. Hi of that candle was 0.8450 (bid) but ASK, which triggered your BUY order, was 0.8464. Your stop-loss slipped as well, as during 1 minute nzd/usd went ~60 points. We attached 2 print screens from LMAX with BID and ASK prices at that specific moment.

Best regards,

Client Support
Armada Markets
Illimar Mattus,
Tallinn, Estonia,
Feb 13, 2013,


We do not have a client with your name. Nor have we had any such correspondance you are referring to. We can provide any proof of any bank wire or other payment info that has been made by us. Just send us an e-mail.

We process Moneybookers, Liberty Reserve, Neteller, credit/debit card withdrawals within 1 hour during European working hours. Any actual client of ours can confirm this.

I kindly ask you to be honest when you post anything on this website about Armada Markets or any other broker.

Good luck!

Illimar Mattus
Chief Financial Officer
Armada Markets AS
Phone: +372 68 631 63
E-mail: illimar@armadamarkets.com
Website: www.armadamarkets.com
Skype: armadamarkets
European head office: Tornimae 7, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
Bandung, Indonesia,
Mar 20, 2013,

Super low spread and fast execution, I'm happy with this broker so far. very nice customer service. Deposit and withdraw processed in 5 minutes using Liberty Reserve
, Australia,
Apr 20, 2013,

When I first started with Aramada Markets I thought that they were a good broker. After being with them not for 8 months I have realised that they are one of the worst brokers around. Slippage is terrible around the news and service is poor. I hate the fact that they say they are regulated by the FSA but when looking into it further it is the "ESTONIAN FSA" not the UK FSA. They are misleading people pretending to be safe and secure.

I have wasted to much time with them and it is time to move back to an AISC regulated broker that is professeional and not run out of a country with a unstable political party. I see another Cyprus happening here and alot of traders crying soon, time will tell.

For me the slippage I really what has broken the camels back, and then there is the fake positive reviews in this thread. Who does this broker think they are?

After my experience with them I would advise traders to look elsewhere and not belive the positive reviews they read.
Panagiotis Kouskos,
, Greece,
Apr 22, 2013,

Excellent broker. Very good support even and the weekends. Very fast deposits/withdrawals and very good spreads and commissions. I am happy with them and they are the best broker I have try untill now.
, Ecuador,
May 3, 2013,

Very good broker, low spreads, fast withdrawals and deposits.
, Australia,
May 11, 2013,

This is the only broker that I have used which has charged for credit card withdrawals, they charged me 1% just to get my money back, I cant understand how they can do this. Some people say they have good service but this is not what I experienced when complaining about the withdrawal fee, "bugger off" is basically what they told me. Not the best broker at all.
Volker A.,
, Germany,
May 16, 2013,

So, since 15th May 2013 Armadamarkets is history to me. I have withdrawn my money and will never use them again. Fortunately I found another broker that suites my scalping style without such a huge slippage which I had with armadamarkets.

So for all scalpers, stay away from armadamarkets - mid and long term traders have to find out themselves!

2013-05-111Star After trying different scalping strategies with Armadamarkets it is clear, that they sometimes have huge slippage of up to 7 or sometimes even more pips on the "Exchange Account". That is not acceptable! Nevertheless, I will try a last version of scalping with them and after that confirmation, I will change the broker.

2012-08-10 5Star My third review!

OK,ok, because I knew that they will add some other liquidity providers, I had to test them again. With scalping!
And so far I am really happy ;-)
Seems that the earlier mentioned spikes belong to history.

As I wrote before, I was impressed by the support from the beginning and this is still the same!

One thing is sure, Armadamarkets is doing a great job to satisfy their customers.

I hope that they will keep it this way and then they are certainly one of the best, when not the best MT4 broker!

Thumps up from me!

2012-07-06 2Star OK, here is my second review.

They data feed is still very "jumpy" and is not recommended for scalping. I tried an scalping EA that produced mostly losses while I used it with another broker which produced profits. The second broker does not have that jumpy candles.

I do not know how this will affect "normal" middle or long term traders. But for scalpers armadamarkets is the wrong place.

2012-06-01No Rating Used Armadamarkets (AM) from almost beginning of may until today.

+ great execution times for orders
+ great support / take really care of their traders
+ fast deposit and withdrawal via moneybookers
+ no requotes and only a few offquotes when the market is in a huge movement

- uses LMAX as Liquidity Provider (over PrimeXM bridge I guess)

So why is this negative? So on 25th and 31th May there were two huge spikes, that no other broker showed on their charts.
Found the same spikes on FXSalt which also uses LMAX (over PrimeXM)
The spike yesterday made me lose 64 pip with a SL of 5 pips. But as I mentioned already the support is great and they cancelled the 64 pips losses on two accounts.

I received an e-mail that they are adding new liquidity Providers during the comming month. Nevertheless I have stopped trading for now. But I hope that they will kick LMAX or PrimeXM as on of them is to blame.
As soon as I see no spikes anymore, I will be back in no time!

Nevertheless a great broker to trade with.
Warsaw, Poland,
May 23, 2013,

I trade Forex with Armada Markets 5 months now. Mainly I do scalping and latency arbitrage. It's a good broker with extreme fast customer service. I have now 1 of my friends also with them but he trades smaller amount compared to me.
Iwan S,
Jakarta, Indonesia,
May 23, 2013,

6 months trade with this broker and I am satisfied with their service. Fast execution and fast withdrawal. Spread and commission are very low, I'm more profitable specially scalping in Asian session.
, Argentina,
Jun 5, 2013,

Very slow to respond to support queries regarding slippage on their LMAX account. Spreads are getting worse, they must be getting hit with too many scalpers and can not cope with the trade complaints. I am not very frustrated with Armada and looking elsewhere, I am sick of them blaming LMAX and others for their own problems.

Do something about otherwise all your traders will leave.
Kawasaki, Japan,
Jun 17, 2013,

This Broker has very fast execution and low spread (evenif include commissions).
But there are slippage and sometimes spread spike.
If you use this broker, please note it.

Generally speaking, this broker provide good environment.
I think so.
Batam, Indonesia,
Jun 21, 2013,

Lowest spread and commission ever. Very fast execution, I love their 1 click tradings EA.
But I have noticed many times terrible slippage and unacceptable wider spread around news event.
if you trade news.. better look around for another broker.
Have no withdrawal issue so far.
I can not give opinion regarding safety of fund since I have no knowledge about their regulator.
jamaludin baharom,
pulau pinang, Malaysia,
Sep 12, 2013,

Whatever you says about bad of this broker,I dont care..i really likes this broker..fast lightning..fast withdrawal...THE BEST THING IS..you can trade on what system or style with no ristriction..i hedging on news NFP..they pay for it while other broker REFUSE for paying..THANKS ARMADA..

2013-07-21 5Star armada market is the best broker..fast lightning execution,fast withdrawal..overall,compare with other broker,armada still the best.
Bandung, Indonesia,
Sep 14, 2013,

1 month with armada make me feel satisfied, low spread fast execution. News no problem with armada, the spread fully acceptable and now my account growth 200% in 1 month.
Sydney, Australia,
Sep 25, 2013,

Have been with Armada Markets almost 6 months now. To my surprise they seem to be providing pretty good service, especially in terms of spreads and low commissions, but customer service is also nice, they answer e-mails even during weekends!

Based on MyFXBook (http://www.myfxbook.com/forex-broker-quotes/armada-markets/1139) they seem to be having the lowest spreads in the industry.

In terms of slippages I tend to disagree with one of the previous posts. Slippage is a quite normal thing in Forex industry, especially when you trade news, I mean major news events. And slippage at Armada is lower than at my other accounts with IC Markets, Pepperstone, Axi Trader.

I would really love to see them having a solid license from FSA, CySEC, ASIC, CFTC, but as they are young company then I believe they will eventually get there. Good luck to everybody!
Australia, Australia,
Oct 11, 2013,

If your game enough to donate your money to the Estonian's you should be aware of some real life fact.

1. Their CEO and head of risk were involved in a trade fixing (market manipulation) scandal in the US and were found guilty, there were subsequently fined. A report summarizing the case it publicly available online.

2. Based in Estonia they are unregulated and their is no client money protection or financial ombudsman to report them to if they run away with your money.

3. The don't hedge their order flow (your trades) they run a huge "B Book" taking the opposite side of your trades, making money when you loose.

4. They offer deposit bonuses so that you deposit more and loose, this is how they make money. Just take a look at the emails they send, deposit bonuses over NFP, good strategy because they will also slip you on your entry an exits to suck money out of your account.

5. Slippage is their specialty, when you start making money they will slip you to the hilt.

6. Mickey mouse promotions, trader of the month etc. Forex is not a game its a serious business. These people treat it like a Vegas Casino.

7. Support, support is good when your not having a problem but when you start complaining about slippage their support will quickly vanish and you are left hanging waiting for an answer. Most of the time it never comes or they send some pre-written canned response.

8. Because they are unregulated your money is mixed in with the small clients they take on from OFAC restricted and sanctioned countries like Nigera and Iraq. This puts your money at risk.

9. They will offer you free deposits but charge you for withdrawals, this is how they suck money out of you. They know they they can get t back off you by slipping you on your trades giving you unrealistic order fills.

Enough of the facts, I am sick of them and their terrible trading conditions. Read my warnings they are a dangerous broker to deal with.
Akash Saliudin,
Dhaka, Bangladesh,
Oct 16, 2013,

I only wished that I could trade with Armada Markets earlier then I would not have to waste time and money with other broker. It has a very good client support, low spreads, positive slippage, and fast execution time. I trade with them because they don't charge deposit fees or withdrawals fees and commissions are the lowest in the market. Transparent operation, putting customers fast, No requotes, Personal Account Manager, Fast deposit and a withdrawal, offering 1:500 leverage and best place for scalping and high frequency trading. I am sure you are positively surprised with the amazing trading condition with Armada Markets.
, USA,
Oct 18, 2013,

Worst trade execution out of all my brokers. Slippage it very high so it is not good for scalping. Some say support is good but I find it to be slow, live chat is not available 24 hours and email support takes even more than 24 hours most of the time.

I dont have much money with them so I am not too concerned about their bad regulation but it is more the bad trading conditions that made me leave this review.
beirut, Lebanon,
Oct 21, 2013,

i have a account with armada
withdrawal with credid card need 6 workdays:(
Andres from Armada,
Tallinn, Estonia,
Oct 29, 2013,

Malcolm, we do not provide services to US clients. So next time at least indicate a different country when you want to describe your so called "experience" with us.

Secondly, we answer to client emails 7 days a week. So clients get replies from us even during the weekends. Anyway, as you are obviously not our client then your comment about the speed of our customer service is also not credible.

Thirdly, a message to our specific competitors who do not want to provide to their clients as good service as Armada, instead try to publish negative comments about Armada: If you really want to post fake negative comments about our firm then at least try to enter the comments from different locations so that it would not be so obvious that the same person is writing most of the negative comments. Try to use some imagination or hire a copywriter.

Thank you :)
Hong Kong, Hong Kong,
Nov 15, 2013,

Are they a SCAM?. No I dont think so they just a bad broker with terrible slippage. Service is bad bad bad, no 24 hour chat and slow email support. Responses same and never look into problem but give bad response. I leave them anyway, imposible to scalp with. No regualtion is also a big worry.
Mark Wilkinson,
Melbourne, Australia,
Nov 19, 2013,

Very happy with Armada Markets experience so far (client over 4 months). Spreads are very tight on Exchange account and customer support is very helpful.
O' town, Nigeria,
Nov 28, 2013,

They charge $25 dollars initial deposit (they lied about that big time). They have 5 digit on there demo account and 4 digit on live account,(they lied about that too). They manipulate their meta trader 4 platform; during high volatility you will see less movement and the candles hardly move on live account unlike demo account, EA's work positively on demo account but negatively on live account(yes I said it, from experience), bad customer support, it is based in Estonia meaning is not regulated by reputable regulators and you can't get in touch with their so called regulators for complains. Get on your heels people SCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM.
Uch Sanusi,
Bandung, Indonesia,
Dec 4, 2013,

4 months on demo account and 7 months on real account, so far so good. very tight spread on the market. the only problem is deposit/withdraw method for me in Indonesia is very expensive from bank wire and credit card. I Hope Armada Markets using fasapay or local bank sooner.
penang, Malaysia,
Dec 5, 2013,

i have follow this broker since a year,i very satisfied,from one time to time,they give more upgrade of services like liquidity,server and web system.look they really serious for business.congratulation armada.From small now comes popular broker.I change many broker but how long i go,i will comes back to armada.Very-very lightning speed execution and fastest withdrawal.Simple plan with no cabinet account,just email to support what you want,its will DONE! in few hour.For trading,you can make it without any ristriction,do with your imagination,all be done,... all skill,all system and style with no hidden t&c.This really true ECN broker.
Barcelona, Spain,
Dec 5, 2013,

I have tried most ECN brokers. Armada Markets seems to have the best trading conditions as my profits are the biggest with Armada. Money transfers and customer service is also fast and they respond to me in Spanish :)
, Australia,
Dec 21, 2013,

I tried these people also. Server are SO SLOW that i can not trade. Support is not 24 hours which always makes me worry.
Budapest, Hungary,
Jan 9, 2014,

Based on my 5 year experience as trader i see Armada is far the best broker I work with.
I had tried a lot of broker companies, none of them is perfect.
but this is the first time i feel that my broker is on my side and is my partner. if something problem occurs, he will try to provide the best solution for it.
I trade with Armada from 2012 january, really satisfied.
Thank you
Tampere, Finland,
Feb 8, 2014,

I started trading with Armada a few months ago. So far I am happy with their services. Thank you.
Innspruck, Austria,
Mar 10, 2014,

I'm a client of only 2 Forex brokers and Armada Markets is one of them. Been about 5 months with them and I like the service so far. Especially the fact that they do not have re-quotes and there are no restrictions also on the stop-loss and take profit. I can place it even at the spread which is very critical for active day trading.
Frankfurt, Germany,
Mar 11, 2014,

I like Armada Markets broker of forex because I trade news and Armada gives me also positive slippage with news gaps. Execution speed with my London VPS is on average 300 milliseconds but I will try to get it lower with moving to another VPS now. I think they made the right decision to move away from PrimeXM platform to their own Metatrader4 platform.
London, United Kingdom,
Mar 13, 2014,

This is by far my favourite broker, I have tried Ducascopy (tricky bunch), Alpari UK, Oanda and FXCM. Oanda would be my second choice, but for me Armarda are the business all round. Fair, quick and very competent, and I like that they are linked to LMAX
, Finland,
Apr 8, 2014,

-pricing usually good, except some slippage issues. It would be nice to investigate this slippage issue further.
-sometimes they make technical changes and don't notify you beforehand, solution is always to change your password..
-their mt4 platform is doing much better than last autumn, not so many disconnections or connection errors during high volatility.
-customer service is not very effective, they answer to you, yes, but the answers are quite simple and not explaining enough/ at all. This gives you a feeling that they are hiding something. Personally I would prefer to pay more spreads or comissions and have total transparency on services provided.
, Czech Republic,
Apr 21, 2014,

I am trade in Armada Markets several month. Spread is good, execution too. Commision is good.
-withdrawal is fast for skrill. In hours is done.
-Armada is good and friendly broker.
4 stars for me.
João Melo,
Algarve, Portugal,
May 13, 2014,

I used to trade with Armada Markets, it’s a good anf friendly broker. Their commission is good.
when I tried to withdrawal it took a day or two, not so bad. I like to try new brokers every couple of months, maybe I will come back to Armada some day.
, Greece,
May 22, 2014,

Very surprised with positive slippage (especially during the news), spreads are great. It's sad they don't offer CFD's now, but in chat they promised to start offering them this autumn, lets see...
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
May 31, 2014,

End of story. Polish financial regulator KNF has issued a public warning about Armada Markets and filled a criminal case regarding their activity in a local court. The company has ceased operations. Hope that people will get their money back!



You have been warned.
Sevilla, Spain,
Jun 3, 2014,

I love their fast execution, and their interest in the client. The spreads are competitive, the commissions are the lowest I have found anywhere.

I am glad i found them
Gravatai, Brazil,
Jun 6, 2014,

I have an account in Armada. The best deal I've seen so far. Only these negative comments are making me worried. Well they could come here to end this story badly told. Also do not like having to send email to redeem funds.
France, France,
Jul 9, 2014,

Best forex, i've Tried it thanks to contest and I've opened a real account. Trading conditions are vert good, tight spread and fast execution. Weak point only: no cabinet trading.
East Java, Indonesia,
Nov 8, 2014,

A two another equal trades on EUR/USD were opened yesterday after a lunch break. It was a good spike in 60 pips in 1 min, only got 0.8 pip spread on AM their platform, while Exness displayed frustrating 2.5 pip spread, trading costs are 12$ and 25 $ respectively. Once again convinced that its time to finally shift on Armada platform, though its comission based, they offer quite good spreads, won't say raw but with a relatively low markup. Would advice to scalpers to move on comission based platform, it can appear to lead to more expenses while it is not the case when getting down to the real practice.
Kennedy Muchoki,
Nairobi, Kenya,
Dec 20, 2014,

Finally i got the right broker. Armada is so far better than all the rest i have tried. Hope they will soon include CFDs. The spread are so far the best. Regards
Giorgio Biaisol,
Italy, Italy,
Jan 16, 2015,

I have traded for a few months with Armada (now Tickmill). Never had a single issue with trading, depositing and withdrawing.
Yesterday I was able to greatly profit of the huge CHF volatility. I did not get a single requote or nullification of my orders. I could withdraw my gains without any problem, which were transfered on my bank account a few hours after. The day after Tickmill even sent an e-mail to their customers to reassure them that all trades would be honored. A solid company and a professional behavior that other brokers should learn from!
Anthony F,
, Sweden,
Jun 10, 2015,

I had an account with Armada when they were in charge and now its Tickmill. Armada did a really good job and I am glad that the name changed as the service now should not reflect on them. Since Tickmill have taken over the service has gotten from bad to worse. My recommendation is that you bypass this broker and find another one. The slippage is horrendous, and i dont mean that lightly. I havent had a stop loss order that was filled to the tick since "tickMill" took over! It dosent matter if it was in an Asian Session or News release. One trade at 10:59pm GMT was in the green by 30 pips the stop loss was at breakeven at 11pm somehow my stop loss was taken out for a -7 pips? The platform jumped up 30 pips and returned all within 1MIN!!! This is while other broker platforms were going down! I had two other platforms open at the same time so i took pictures of it for proof if anyone wants it. I contacted them i they blamed their liquidity providers. This is at a time when the market is dead and other brokers feeds are going in the opposite direction. Like i said i have not had one stop loss order that has been filled to the pip yet every limit order has been filled to the pip even during a news release! Work that one out if you can. They can find someone to fill your limit order that was 30 pips away before the news release but not your stop loss order? My advice is to walk away from "TickMill" as they are quite literally Milling pips out of you!
Durban, South Africa,
Jun 11, 2015,

Tickmill / Armada do not honour fixed stop loss. They close trades off 5 pips tp 20 pips otherside of stop loss which makes bigger losses in the account.

Their reply is they are STP and thats it. So be careful because your money / losses will be greater than you expect.

They give you your withdrawals all good, but you have suffered bigger losses anyway because the stop loss is an AVERAGE ...

Demo its honoured, REAL account, price jumps further...

Just be careful coz it all adds up..

Today was 5 pips otherside my stop loss, 2 weeks ago was 26 pips otherside stop loss.... that messes up your win to loss ratio and money management setups...
jakarta, Indonesia,
Jun 14, 2015,

Walter, Durban is correct, they do not have fixed SL .. if you are a scalper who use stop loss/take profit at close range, you'll definitely lose a lot of money.
But for deposit and withdrawal I think they are very professional, only one I was disappointed with this broker, the demo is not the same as the Real. STOP LOSE NOT FIXED

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tickmill regulated?

Tickmill has 3 regulators:

  • Tickmill UK Ltd is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Tickmill Europe Ltd is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC)
  • Tickmill Ltd is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Servics Authority (FSA)

How do you use Tickmill?

To get started trading with Tickmill:

  • first, you need to complete your tickmill client registration, login, and upload all the required documents
  • once that's done and your documents are approved, you can select your account type and create the account
  • then, select a payment method and make your initial deposit
  • next, either go directly to MT4 WebTrade or else download and install MetaTrader 4
  • finally start trading with the Tickmill

How do I withdraw my Tickmill bonus?

New clients of Tickmill can get a $30 live bonus, unless their country is excluded from this promotion.

  • The bonus account can be traded for 90 days
  • The initial amount of $30 cannot be withdrawn
  • However, as long as the terms and conditions are followed, a minimum of $30 and a maximum of $100 of profit earned in the bonus account can be transferred to a live account after the client deposit a minimum of $100 in that live account

What type of broker is Tickmill?

Tickmill is primarily a forex trading broker with over 60 currency pairs available to trade.

Tickmill also offers CFDs on stock indexes, oil, precious metals, and bonds as additional trading instruments.

Is Tickmill a good broker?

The best way to answer if Tickmill is a good broker is to read the unbiased traders reviews on ForexPeaceArmy: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/8718/tickmill-forex-brokers

Additionally, we recommend to check recent Tickmill broker community discussions: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/tags/tickmill/

Please come back often as broker services are very dynamic and can improve or deteriorate rapidly.

What is the minimum deposit for Tickmill?

The minimum deposit to open a trading account with Tickmill is $100.

Tickmill also offer a VIP account which requires a minimum opening balance of $50,000.

Does Tickmill allow scalping?

Tickmill permits scalping as well as news trading and the use of EAs.

How long does it take to withdraw from Tickmill?

Tickmill processed nearly all client withdrawal requests within 24 hours.

Delivery times after processing vary from instant to up to 8 days depending on the withdrawal method.

For bank wires $5000 and above, Tickmill promises to reimburse any transaction fees up to $100.

Does Tickmill have Nasdaq?

Among trading instruments Tickmill offers CFDs for Nasdaq 100, and S&P 500 US stock indexes.