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Updated: Dec 18, 2018
3.529 · 134 REVIEWS
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Tickmill is forex and cryptocurrency broker. Tickmill offers the MT4 and WebTrader trading currency platforms. Tickmill.com offers over 60 currency pairs, cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, gold, sliver, bonds and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.


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Tickmill.com profile provided by Tickmill, Nov 10, 2016

Tickmill is an award-winning global ECN broker, authorized and regulated by the FCA of the United Kingdom and the FSA of Seychelles. Tickmill offers its retail and institutional clients various trading services with a prime focus on Forex, Stock Indices, Commodities, CFDs and Precious Metals. The Company has distinguished itself among global ECN Forex brokers by providing excellent services with low spreads, some of the industry’s lowest ECN commissions and ultra-fast execution with the state-of-the-art London trading servers located at Equinix LD4 data center. Our team members have trading experience that goes back to 1989 and we have successfully traded all major financial markets from Asia to North America.

In June 2016, Tickmill recorded a monthly trading volume of $49.1 billion, followed by a record-high trading volume of $51.7 billion in July, which makes it one of the largest retail Forex brokers in the world.


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3.529 · 134 REVIEWS
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Nov 8, 2018,
Registered user

Tickmill is offering the lowest spread and commission , very easy and fast depo and withdrawal , provide a good support, suitable for all type of traders. Tickmill is simply the best broker !!
Makassar, Indonesia,
Oct 22, 2018,
Registered user

I like this broker
But I'm Indonesian,
1. May you add Indonesian Bank for Deposit/WD like others broker ?
2. Your Customer services is low, may your improved like others broker

I hope this can be one suggestion that can be manifested in future

Reply by Tickmill submitted Oct 24, 2018:
Dear Rumbi,

Thank you for your feedback. At this stage we do not cooperate with any Indonesian Bank. However, we offer other popular payment options including FasaPay (available to Clients of Tickmill Ltd) and other local methods. Please note that Tickmill is constantly seeking to add more payment methods in order to assist its clients all over the world. If a new payment method will be available, all our clients will be officially informed in advance. For more information about our local payment methods, please contact us via live chat or email id@tickmill.com.

Regarding the customer support experience, if there was any specific instance that did not meet your expectations, kindly email us at support@tickmill.com and we will forward your request to the appropriate person in order to assist you. We remain at your service should you need anything in addition.

Thank you

The Tickmill Team
John rite,
Earth, United Kingdom,
Oct 11, 2018,

You can't fund your account

Tickmill is ok. Nothing special. They are by no means a scam. As they will not steal your money. They have regulators so all your cash is safe with them. Tickmill biggest problem is it's costumer service. They are ether complete idiots, or have no training in forex.

Eg. I ask a question in the 24/7 chat. Why dose tickmill keep changing the deposit back account for wire transfers? And I sent screenshots of the two diffent bank accounts on thier deposit page in the cleint area which were two days apart.
The fool replys "Please note that we switched our banks recently, therefore we kindly ask you to send next deposits to our current bank. All details are provided in Client Area.

I didn't ask you that stupid. Ahhh!?!? So annoying
Besides that tickmill also doesn't allow people to fund thier account using regular cards. You must have visa verified card or MasterCard secure code card. Most people don't have these cards. Only like 16.8% of card owners have these type of card. This card system only recently got started. Which means you will more than likely be forced to use the wire transfer. If you wanna fund your account. Which they constantly keep changing.
Maybe they have a better deal with local banks. For transfer fees. That Might be Why they introduce the extremly rare card system to their traders. And hide behind saying it's safer. Which is true yes it's safer, by all means. But why not allow both cards until the secure code system is more wide spread. Or at least pick one bank account and just use that one! All sounds very fishy. If you ask me.

With all that said tickmill has some of the lowest speads in the business. Super fast execution. Easy to use platform. Quick simple to use website. Ovall one of the best forex brokers. They just need to work on their moron support team.
Cairo, Egypt,
Oct 7, 2018,

cheating Broker

i have bad experience with that broker: i tried to deposit small amount to test that broker .... everything is nice and spread tight ---- but surprise after keep watching my trades they never respect ask and bid price -- they showing fake spread --- my trades was hit my stop loss even before price reach to it ... i trading since 2011 so i old trader and i am happy i didn't deal with that broker ... after investigate i found a lot traders face same issue and i read reviews in a lot websites complain from their cheating and dishonesty
Reply by Tickmill submitted Oct 9, 2018:
Dear Alaa,
Thank you for the feedback provided, it is much appreciated.
As we are sure you already know, we need more evidence to support your disputes and investigate your specific case more thoroughly.
Please note that trade related queries are handled on a case by case scenario, as each query might have unique parameters that we need to investigate. You can always PM us your account number and the trade that was affected along with a small description of the issue. The relevant department will look into it and take necessary action.
uk, United Kingdom,
Sep 27, 2018,


Just tried to deposit funds into new account which was declined. Nightmare dealing with useless live chat. Even after ringing the bank and confirming my card was fine they sugested I ring the bank! Then try sending card info by email and then trying tomorrow! Not handled my expectations well and if this is how they deal with people trying to deposit money goodness only knows what it's like when they have your money. My advise is look elsewhere.
Reply by Tickmill submitted Oct 2, 2018:
Hi David,
Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention.
Our team will be contacting you personally and we are confident they will do whatever they can in order to assist you with any issues you may have had with your Tickmill Account.
Lagos, Nigeria,
Sep 23, 2018,

Tickmill is a joke

I applied for withdrawal for the past 3days,till now tickmill hasn't sent my fund,even after debiting my trading account 20968681.. This is from them. ...
Dear Client,

We are writing to inform You, that your withdrawal request has been processed to card number ***6692.

Please note that credit/debit card withdrawals can take up to 8 working days to be seen in the client's account.
Reply by Tickmill submitted Sep 25, 2018:
Dear Victor,
As you have already been notified by our team, your withdrawal has been processed from our side.
However, the card processor can take up to 8 working days to show the withdrawal in a client’s account which is why you are yet to see the funds in your account.
If the funds are not in your account by October 3rd, please contact our support team --> https://tickmill.com/support/
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 7, 2018,

Never seen anything like it over 100's of trades. Beware of this broker if you can call them a broker

This broker is probably the worst i have ever used over the last 7 years. When you trade with Tickmill expect to lose your money and have their system trade against you. When you open a trade in MT4 with Tickmill you can see the market stop in its tracks if you are going long and the market is moving long. As soon as you enter their system kicks in and trades short against you. Never seen anything like it over 100's of trades. Beware of this broker if you can call them a broker
Reply by Tickmill submitted Sep 10, 2018:
Hi James,

Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback, it is much appreciated.

In order to investigate your case, we will need some supporting evidence such as your account number and the trade that was affected, along with a small description of the issue.
South Africa,
Aug 14, 2018,
Registered user

Scam broker who spikes spreads and refuse to pay out IB funds

I have submitted evidence that this broker spikes the spread and even manipulate prices. I was an IB for this broker until I found out about their devious ways. Now they have moved my IB account and I cannot access it. They refuse to answer my e-mails about my IB account. I saw other IB's having the same problem. This broker is dishonest and only want to take all your money and refuse to pay out the I funds I have earned. I advise all my students to stay away from this broker and use them actually as an example of a scam broker in my training classes proving it with many charts.

Mar 14, 2018 - 1 Star I was an IB of this broker until I noticed how they spike the spread to sometimes 20 times the normal value. They also gap the prices.
Now I wanted to withdraw any commissions earned as an IB but my IB account is nowhere to be found. After many efforts with their support the problem is still not resolved which means i will NEVER get the money owed to me from them.

Nov 22, 2017 - 1 Star I have tried for about a month now to resolve some issues with Tickmill that caused me to have losses, but they refuse to answer my complaints directly. They avoid direct answers and keep on trying to pin the problem on my EA. I have sent them detailed data about the fact that my EA works perfectly on other brokers and it is not the problem, but they will not admit to their devious practices, which are the following:
1. They spike their spread every now and then with sometimes up to 5 times or more the normal spread - and its NOT during news releases!
2. They manipulate the price to sometimes have large gaps.
All these manipulations causes StopLosses to be triggered unecessary as well as trades open that never should have opened.
I have compared the same situations with another broker and the same manipulations does not appear there with their spreads staying evenly during the same time period and their prices also staying stable instead of showing huge gaps.
Reply by Tickmill submitted Aug 21, 2018:
Hi Ernest02,
As we highly value transparency, we would like to investigate your claims. Please share with me your trading account number, IB number and email address.
Kiev, Ukraine,
Jul 29, 2018,
Registered user

The best for me. It is the first broker I satisfied with

I love the way Tickmill UK treated me as a client. Support is doing their job very well.
I also saw a great price improvements for my stop orders (real account) during high volatility news a week ago. So positive slippage is a reality too here :)
I will miss leverage 1:500 since I could not be qualified as professional trader at the moment :(
And they have very nice website from usability point of view

Thank you for the service

Moved to the TICKMILL (FSA of Seychelles) for now
and expecting to have the same high level of service quality
Matara, Sri Lanka,
Jul 24, 2018,
Registered user

Withdrawal not processed. Support service is bad.

My trading account live-2
Account ID - 110911

I requested for withdrawal but yet it processed, I contacted their support team and poor responds. In different time period they told varies reasons but I need my money back. I have bring trading with them long time and they are good till past few months, something to think about to move into another broker if they play with clients money like this, think twice if they deny you to withdraw money is worthy or not to invest with them, I rated 3 stars 5 trading days passed and I am expecting withdrawal process today if not 0% reliable is tickmill. Achually 24 hours is the dead line, work for your word, don't steal money from innocent, if you process my money I leave 4 or more star rating.

Expecting a reply.
Reply by Tickmill submitted Jul 26, 2018:
Hi Fahim-real,

We understand your frustration, however as we received a big load of payments over the last week, there was a delay in the processing. We prioritize withdrawals on a first-come, first-served basis and it seems that there was a number of other requests before you made yours.

Our records show that your withdrawal has already been processed. Should you experience any further issues, please do not hesitate to contact our support team --> https://tickmill.com/support/

Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused.