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Updated: Jun 16, 2016
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Minhaj Ahmed,
Sylhet, Bangladesh,
Feb 7, 2016,

My account Blocked from 1.5 year and Okpay not doing verified. They rejecting my all real document. now they dont provide any replay of my support ticket. My Okpay wallet id is : OK995151493
, Germany,
Mar 3, 2015,

In my case okpay.com turned out to be a complete scam service:

I've been a customer of theirs for about 2 years and had no issues, depositing and withdrawing. I don't recall the exact amount but maybe it was like 30.000 eur in total.
I had 4500 USD in my account and tried to exchange it with a verified exchanger of theirs. Then things start to get interesting. Funds are locked.
To clarify a few things before going further: source of funds is another verified exchanger of theirs that I have used since the start of m account
I get an email from them stating that I need to get verified. I say ok. They want an additional document or a photo me with holding the ID in one hand and in the other the paper iwth my okpay account ( like a convict ).
I give them the national health card that is an ID in Europe. They didn't like it ( without any reason ) stated and asked for a photo with my ID in hand, after they said it's an alternative to the additional ID. Well I insisted and said no it's not normal, but after giving them another document ( drive license ) they were not happy stating that it's fake. I asked them what they consider the next step. They said it's the picture with ID in hand.
I did that in the end and they said it's not good either. Ok, I asked them again what is the next step and the said notarized documents. I asked them if that is all? They said this is the step for now with no other mentions.
Presuming that the will pull another trick on me and ask for something extra I had them apostiled also, because I thought this is what they're going to ask next to complicate things even more. I apostiled and notarized the documents and now after receiving the documents, knowing they can't state these documents are fake because the can check the apostile number and I can complain against it they say it's not done in the right country.
I can presume that it's caused by the okpay customer support miscommunication and it makes me think this because it took them 3 or 4 days to verify the documents and now after all this time they realize it's not done in the right country.
It's either miscommunication in their departments with bad intention or clear intention of scamming customers. Furthermore when I asked them the company details to file an official complaint I got no answer. They asked me to send the documents in Cyprus, they operate from an UK company and I read on some other site the're registered in British Virgin Islands? Or maybe they're just located in Russia?
Besides the money in my account I lost a lot of time and nerves and the fees of about 150 eur for notarization, apostilation and courier fees.

Please excuse not very precise dates and amounts because I can't access my okpay.com account to see the figures and the chat with the customer support.

Until now I can say okpay.com is a scam and has my funds locked for almost 1.5 months already and if you are a masochist you can try this company it will bring unknown pleasures...
atiray, Kazakhstan,
Oct 19, 2012,

I top up my forex account via OKPAY, payments are instantly, all transactions are handled automatically.Withdraw money via OKPAY debit card