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Abdel Rahman Alimari aka Omari aka Abdel Rahman El Omari

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2017-06-08:  Cysec has imposed a total of €400,000 in fines and placed other sanctions against Abdel Rahman Alimari and others involved with CommexFx.  CLICK HERE to verify.

Abdel Rahman Alimari is also "Omari" of Prime4x.
April 2017.  Cysec has withdrawn its license and authorization from Commex. CLICK HERE for details and to confirm.

June 2016:  CommexFx website is down.  One less scammer in business.

JUNE 2015:  Omari the Scammer may be in jail for his crimes.  READ THIS THREAD for more information or to share any information you have.
July 2015:  Cysec has extended the suspension of the license for CommexFx.  CLICK HERE to verify.
June 2015:  Cysec has suspended the license of CommexFx for 15 days.  CLICK HERE to verify.


2012-04-07: This broker is just Prime4x under a new name.  Click here to read the details.

CommexFx and CommexTrade are blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.  If you open an account there, we do not believe you will ever see your money again.  If you have opened an account there or had an account at Prime 4x, we recommend that you try to withdraw all of your money immediately.  If there is any delay in processing your withdrawal, file a complaint with the authorities immediately.

Other websites of this company include,,,,,,,,

IBs include

Another name for Abdel Rahman El Omari is Abdel Rahman Khedr Abdel Rahman El Amary


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2.596 · 10 REVIEWS
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, Indonesia,
Sep 13, 2012,

hallo mr bashar,

can you give e mail , mobile phone mr omari ?
i try to chat with live support but they dont give me the owner name's of commex fx.( secret ). besides that I try to chatting with my email when open account in prime forex but they dont give response. thank you so much to mr bashar if sharing info mr omari in commex fx.
Jordan, Jordan,
Sep 8, 2012,

i know the real story about what people name it "scam"
Mr AlOmari is in Cyprus and his office is open to all.
his company is regulated by Cysec , which means that he is well observed and not looking for scamming .
i work with this company commexfx for 4 months and with large amounts of money , i didn't face any problem with withdrawing .
Mr Al Omari is real professional ,

i work with this market since 2003 , now i chose to work with commexfx because it is the best broker i worked with.

P.S i didn't meet this guy or even know him before , just contacting him by email , phone , mobile and skype
he already sent me an invitation to Cyprus

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: Bashar, we recommend that you read all about Omari's actions at Prime4x at the FPA. The number of traders who had their entire account balances stolen is very large. One trader desperately needed money for his mother's medical needs. Omari was informed and did nothing. That trader's mother died.

We recommend you get your money out while you can. Omari doesn't care about you. He just wants a good review from you and will be happy to steal your money later.