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Updated: Oct 11, 2018
5 · 45 REVIEWS
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For-Exe.com profile provided by Steve Norman, Feb 25, 2017

At www.for-exe.com we share the tools that we've developed for our own trading needs. We don't sell indicators and expert advisors just to make money from 'wanabe traders'; we provide what's good enough for us to be successful traders.

The three main tools that we use all the time are:
Advanced Trade Manager for entering and managing trade
eWavesHarmonics for supporting our trading decisions (a lot more than just an indicator)
Advanced News Trader EA for the big red news events

Everything else is available for free or a negligible cost.

We hate scammers and we hate spammers but we love organisations that are genuinely trying to help traders do better, like ForexPeaceArmy ;)


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5 · 45 REVIEWS
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England, United Kingdom,
Oct 9, 2018,
Registered user


In first place I would suggest eWH and ATM - 2 best tools I have ever used. On top of that Steve has created great course with his method how to see and trade any market. The approach is amazing and providing you with great knowledge to better understand overall market behaviour. You will have lots to learn but when you finish you be shocked how well you can see the market compared to what you did before.
On top of everything Steve's responds to any matters I had was instant which I believe is very important too. Overall I think 5 star is not enough and his products or course he's providing is undervalued :)
trincomalee, Sri Lanka,
Sep 14, 2018,
Registered user

harmonicindi is so powerful and professional

i am using this (harmonicindi) indicator not (eWavesHarmonics) but i really want you to let know this software is so so professional and accurate this software will teach you what it does. you must have this software. if you are a good discipline trader, then you can study the market with this software. highly recommend and still profiting while writing this review , will purchase the pro version ASAP

(they didn't pay me to add this review, this is my true experience )
Jun 4, 2018,
Registered user

Very happy with this course, and the eWave Harmonic indicator helped me to setup all my trades.
Thanks Steve for your great work.
Vienna, Austria,
May 16, 2018,
Registered user

By far the most comprehensive and essential trading course ever. No matter what you trade. There's nothing like it.

I don't know what to say about this course, only that I think Steve is giving it away far to cheap. After having gone through two coachings, which lasted serveral months to one year and each costing somewhere between 5 and 10K this course boils down to the necessary essentials of trading.
Of course you can read books on each of these topics, which I did, but Steve gives you the essence of what's needed to apply that stuff in real trading.
I've yet to get into the eWave Harmonics Indicator, which is a very powerful tool. Don't underestimate it, but you will not get to it's full potential without knowing exactly how read your candles, find support and resistance and so forth.
If I only had known about this earlier. Would have saved me a ton of money and loads of bad trades.
Apr 25, 2018,
Registered user

Increadible accurate trading tools for money management and technical analysis. Elliot Wave tool is great.
Czech Republic,
Apr 16, 2018,

Happy with eWH

Hello all eWH friends.

I bought this system three month ago. I am very satisfy with it. It give me a clear enter signals with a good R:R trades. I make a lot pips during this time. What to say more. I can recommended it to all traders who wonts to trade professionally. I am really happy with it.
Raffiek Khan,
Gauteng, South Africa,
Mar 29, 2018,
Registered user

I incorrectly used the installation instructions for another program which offcourse did not work

The previous review was a complete misunderstanding on my side, I had purchased the eWaves and was using the installation instructions from another program. Steve contacted me and we resolved this matter. I am now only beginning to use this program but judging from the assistance I received from Steve and the comments from others I believe that it will only get much better from hereon.

Raffiek Khan

Mar 20, 2018 - 1 Star Purchased the eWaves, tried to install would not install on my MT4 platform. I tried to contact the suppliers and no response whatsoever.

Reply by Steve Norman submitted Mar 29, 2018 Hi Raffiek

I replied to your request for help on the same day that you emailed, My email asked:

Have you seen the new web page that I made on MT4 Tips and Tricks (see my last blog post). That covers MT folders.

You didn't reply to my email, so I couldn't help you any further.

Hundreds of people have installed eWaves on their MT4 platforms without any problems whatsoever. I think the problem is on your end, it's not an issue with eWaves or the service that we provide. We'll do our best to help with installation problems but there isn't a great deal that we can do in supporting local PC issues.

Jan 26, 2018,
Registered user

I utilize ATM and eWH on a daily basis -very great combo (ATM & eWH) worth every $.
Roly Pearce,
Lennox Head, Australia,
Jan 14, 2018,

Overall and in all honesty, this is by far the best trading tool I have used. t is designed to provide all the tools you need to support informed tech

Upon reading other reviews of eWaveHarmonics (eWH) it is clear that I can dispense with a wordy introduction, as there are many glowing reviews already that I read through on Forex Factory about eWaveHarmonics and Steve himself.

Suffice to say that using eWH has made me a consistently profitable trader for the first time in 5 years of trading. I think two of the key strengths of the eWH is that it is equally effective on any time frame you trade and it clearly defines your Target Zones and initial stop to trade, with a good risk to reward ratios. Risk to reward was always a problem for me before I used eWH.
These are some reasons I only trade eWH now:
• simplicity and logic with the trend lines for a possible trade entry in line with trend on any time frame
• the ease of placing initial stops and take profit levels on any time frame
• ease of calculating risk/reward ratios using the stop and profit zone on any time frame
• the Supply Demand zones giving the TLB confluence on any time frame
• using the EWAVE trend line break as a strategy also places an entry near the zero line on the AO on any time frame – pull backs
• eWaveHarmonics provides a comprehensive and simple plan of Elliot wave theory into a practical tool for being in synch with rise and fall of the market
• good success rate and profitable trading with more than enough easily identifiable setup possibilities.
So I am trading without any indicators on my charts because all you need is the ewave harmonics software to take all the subjectivity out of my trading. It has made it a hundred times easier to have a trade plan that is simple and easy to understand.
I also use Steve's Advanced Trade Manager (ATM). It is in sync with specific trade setups that are signalled by eWH. It is the complete Forex trade manager and assistant for MT4, particularly designed for advanced Forex traders and scalpers who need to enter at the click of a button and let the computer manage the trades. Fantastic! You really need to visit the For-exe.com site to see the functions this amazing tool has.
The real kicker is that:
a) the whole program of Steve’s indicators are incredibly affordable
b) there are 14 Training module videos that show exactly how to implement the eWH tools in relation to ewaves, candlesticks, supply and demand levels, support and resistance, divergence of the eWH histogram, trapping the bulls and the bears, fundamental analysis, equality and symmetry and finally putting it all together.
As well, Steve provides other useful tools, such as the Trade Logger (free), which records trades on a data spreadsheet and takes a picture of your trades, all at the click of a button. An enormous time saver if you are serious about trading.

Five out of five on all features of eWH!!

Nanjing, China,
Nov 25, 2017,
Registered user

Good tools from good hands

I know the owner and the creator of for-exe.com - Steve - since the beginning of 2012. During these five years, I have been communicating with him a lot, discussing not only Forex trading but also philosophy, life, and other questions. From what I know by now he is one of those few people in Forex field who is honest and genuine. Paradoxically in Forex, the more we focus on money the further away we get from it. Money comes as a side effect of sincere work, patience, and effort. It seems that Steve knows that secret.

I also observed from the comparatively early stages how Steve developed eWaves indicator, and gradually made it into eWaveHarmonics. I still have the initial versions on my computer as well as the recent one. My knowledge of trading and Forex was growing parallelly to the growth and development of this indicator. While Steve was developing eWaveHarmonics, I was learning about Eliot Waves, Trends, Trend Lines, Synthesis of Timeframes, Harmonic Patterns, Supply and Demands, Psychology, Money Management, Thinking in Probabilities, Fibonacci targets and many other things. I had a few Forex mentors along the way that helped me a lot on this path.

Surprisingly in the recent year or two, I started to realise that instead of focusing on other systems or ways of trading I can mainly use just one tool - eWaveHarmonics indicator, because what I learned by now is very well synthesised in it. This software is simple and sophisticated at the same time.

So eWH helps to know the direction bias and a general picture of the market. I can choose my direction bias by looking what eWH shows on higher timeframes. I can also see the recent supply and demand levels automatically drawn by the indicator, and adjust them based on my understanding. And basically, I can trade what the classics teach - after the impulse move, enter on retrace in the direction of a higher time frame trend. The indicator just helps to make it more evident and seamless.

I also use Steve's Advanced Trade Manager, that saves the time, the nerves and reduces the stress, for quickly entering, managing and exiting the trades. It is in sync with specific trade setups that are signalled by eWH.

I can't guarantee like no one can, that after getting these tools, you will suddenly become a consistently profitable trader. No, you will need months if not years to learn and reach that level if you are a beginner. You need to understand the principles behind, and you can't trade a signal blindly even if it is an excellent one. But if you are already knowledgeable in trading and Forex it can bring the change. Especially if you also go through Steve's Trading Course, that teaches the principles and the application of this trading method and psychology and a lot more.

I appreciated Steve's tools and his work and wanted to give a fair review that others would be able to know about it. But as Chinese Daoist Zhuangzi once said the honesty that is on display becomes less genuine.

For the final word, I wanted to mention that Steve is not only a talented coder, but he is an experienced trader, and most of the time he gives outstanding calls, timely pieces of advice and has a good grasp of trading in general. If you have a chance to have a direct communication with him, don't lose it!