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Updated: Aug 21, 2019
1.902 · 11 REVIEWS
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1.902 · 11 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

WA, Australia,
Mar 18, 2018,

I subscribed to traders elite as lifetime member but after a year, I couldn't receive signal alert from them. To be honest with you I never used it on my live trading account but i can say there are some signals that are losing and they don't post it on their website. They stop traders elite and now they started selling new software as Trendprofiteer which I doubt will not last . I will not buy this new software even if they offer lifetime member if it's not sustainable.
Melbourne , Australia,
Dec 16, 2017,

Scammers and theives

This is terrible service. They market longer term subscription specials, get the money then stop sending signals, then they start selling new packages and stop supporting old packages.

They don't reply to emails. Nurok and Co are Scammers and theives and I suggest you save your money and don't sign up with this theiving service.
California, USA,
Feb 13, 2017,
Registered user

Australian SCAMMERS ELITE at it's best!

Australian Scammers Elite -

I have paid $199 initiation fee and $99 3-months membership fee. This money is pale in comparison to what I have lost with your signals on four trades that all went exactly the opposite way to your signals.



If you guys are weekly swing traders with 200 pip stop losses, then you need to advertise accordingly. The only honest statement that I was able to read on your entire website is that you are profitable 10 months out of the year. But no mentioning of what your actual amount of pips generate is.

boise, USA,
Jan 27, 2017,
Registered user

I signed up about 30 days ago and looked thru the site, training. I decided that it's not for me so I asked for a refund. They wont return my emails and It's been a week and still no refund.

I'll update if I get a response.
Bangkok, Thailand,
Dec 31, 2016,
Registered user

Just sign up at the end of 2016, and hoping to get a signals and make profit in 2017. Will keep update
Utah, USA,
Oct 31, 2016,


I been using their MM account at Tallinex. Started in Sept 2016 with 2500 now equity is at 1500 and balance is 1690 for the start of this week 10/30/16. Its only been 6 weeks equity down 40%, balance down 32%. I do not see how they claim to make a profit. They just sent out an email claiming to have made 845 pips last week but my account is less that it was at the start of last week.
Stay away from this.
Reply by TradersElite submitted Nov 3, 2016:
Rat, in the last week, our account is up 26% and we have profits locked in of winning trades that could see this figure grow even more. Unfortunately, in trading, there are losing weeks as well as winning weeks. When a customer starts with us during a period of losses, and then leaves within a short time, they lose.
If you stick with a repuratable service or trading strategy for a long period of time, there is a naturally a high probability of enjoying growth. We're proud of our results over the last 4.5 years and we have had thousands of customers that have enjoyed our service and continue to do so. Sadly, no-one can predict the future, so even the best traders or strategies can get things wrong sometimes or be spiked out by unexpectent extreme market moves.
Regarding our email last week, if you read it, it states;
"That's a total of 845 pips in profits from our winning trades just last week!"
The key words here are "winning trades". We provide updates on a regular basis as well as full transparent details on our site for members to see in real-time.
Our winning trades last week were;
* NZDUSD: Entered a Sell at 0.7170 and hit Target 1 for a quick & easy 50 pips
* EURNZD: Entered a Buy at 1.5240 and is currently 125 pips in profit and within range of Target 1
* EURJPY: Entered a Buy at 113.65 and hit Target 1 with price currently at 115.20 for 155 pips in profit and halfway to Target 2
* EURUSD: Entered a Buy at 1.0920 and currently at 1.0985 for 65 pips in profit and in range of Target 1
* EURAUD: Entered a Buy at 1.4300 and hit Target 1 currently at 1.4470 for 170 pips
* USDCAD: Entered a Buy at 1.3150 and is currently a huge 280 pips in profit and over halfway to Target 3
We also provide market analysis on a weekly basis here - http://www.traderselite.com/market-analysis
Our service is a complete service that includes powerful indicators, insightful market analysis and signals by email alerts and mobile notifications. We have only recently offered trade management via PAMM accounts and when accepting this option, it is expressly advised that high frequency signals are included in addition to our published signals.
If you focus on long-term trading, you can ride through the challenging times and we hope you take this as sound advice.
South Africa,
Oct 3, 2016,
Registered user

Traders Elite Results are purposefully falsified !!!

Terrible signal service. Results are purposefully falsified !!! Traders elite is claiming 2000-3000 pips profit per month in the last 3 months. But reality is a large loss.

for every trade 3 x positions are taken. If a stop loss of 50pips is reached its chalked up as a 50 pip loss. Therefore each position is exactly 1/3rd of the whole position. In a winning trade all 3 positions' pips are added up (NOT Divided by 3) therby giving the illusion of 3x the amount of profit/pips in a winning trade

Wake up people you are being sold a con !!

Sep 30, 2016 - 1 Star Claimed pip profits by this service are a complete lie ! Have been running the copy trade service for 2 months and reality is a loss of - 2050 pips. This service is claiming performance of 4000 - 5000 pips for July to september. Are stealing clients monthly subscriptions based on completely false promises & performance !!

Dont believe the BU*** !!!
Reply by TradersElite submitted Nov 4, 2016:
Evan, unfortunately it appears that you are an extremely abusive and angry person. You have attacked us in Live Chat (we had to ban you!), by email and by Support Tickets.
We have attempted to resolve your issues and what you have done here is malicious and vindictive with the sole purpose of negatively attacking us.
Your subscription was refunded promptly and without any issues and your account was down by only $80. Had you stayed, then we suggest you would have enjoyed growth in your account as do many other members by following our signals.
We should add here that your subscription was refunded weeks before you started these malicious actions. To us, that displays your mindset.
We are very proud of our service which has operated for 5 years this last October. Our goal has always been to assist traders achieve long-term successful results.
As a member, you have also received 3 propritary indicators which you still have in your possession even after refunding your subscription which was promptly done at your request.
Our results are based on our published signals and we focus on signals by email alerts and mobile notifications. We have now posted over 50 months of results with a monthly win rate of around 80%. Unfortunately, that means we have a losing month 20% of the time. Our published results are based on our published signals. We provide full proof of this to all our members and you can clearly see where the entry was taken and what was the end result. Trading charts don't lie and it's a totally transparent system. We have only recently offered trade management via PAMM accounts and when accepting this option, it is expressly advised that high frequency signals are included in addition to our published signals. Over 99% of our customers trade manually and we encourage our traders to be empowered by the signals they receive and the indicators they have access to. Naturally, results will differ between all traders depending on where they entered, what stop was placed, when they exited, how they structured their positions, whether they took hard targets or trailed the price, whether they added positions, and so forth.
Regarding multiple positions, quoting our response from Ticket #201986;
"Many members, including US citizens can only open 1 position. Our results we publish are based on simple mathematics... where was the price when entered and where was the price when it was closed. Naturally, results differ depending on where members entered, how they trailed and where they exited."
In other words, everyone trades differently regarding number of positions and our
speciality is publishing signals and updates for those signals. Some people will trade 1 position, some 2, some 3 or more. Everyone's results will differ.
We stand by our results. Anyone can view our results and we also provide screenshots of every trade we take at entry and when targets are hit or profit locking updates are provided. All our results are transparent and we've generated years of proof to back up our claims.
We wish you well and encourage you to seek help for your mental condition.
Poland, Poland,
May 16, 2014,

These guys cannot trade. Terrible, extremely bad performance. They just started "managed accounts" service down -85% since march
Reply by TradersElite submitted Nov 4, 2016:
Jotazet, we can't verify your claims regarding your experience but we will bring to your attention that the myfxbook link you provided was for a BETA EA (that's why the link os for fx-profiteer-beta). It was never used for publicly and from time to time, we test systems and software.
S.C., USA,
Sep 29, 2013,

I have had traders elite trade copier for 3 1/2 months started with $1000. I down $50.00 going to give them 2 1/2 more month.
Robert L,
Chicago, USA,
Sep 13, 2013,

I had a great success with Traders Elite. I agree trade copier is the best, Their results are spot on. I'm using set up of 0.01 lot per $500. I love that I can set up 2 accounts for one subscription. Also I like the ability to pay as I go, or prepay for 3 or 6 month package. So far I have used their service for 4 months. I had no issues what so ever with their service or trade copier. This is the best service I have come across so far, especially for me since I have a small account and full time job.