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Updated: Aug 2, 2023
NetoTrade is a forex broker. Neto Trade offers the MT4 and WebTrader forex trading top platform. offers over 40 forex currency pairs, stocks, gold, silver and oil for your personal investment and trading options.
December 16, 2013:The French AMF has issued a warning about unauthorized forex brokers. is on that list. CLICK HERE to verify.

January 20, 2014 SCAM ALERT

There are 3 FPA Traders Court Guilty Verdicts against NetoTrade.  The FPA now considers NetoTrade to be a Scam broker.

The FPA advises AGAINST opening an account with NetoTrade.  If you have an account with NetoTrade (شركة نيتوتريد), the FPA recomments that you try to withdraw all of your funds immediately.


The FPA asks that NetoTrade's employees in Cyprus and Israel stop trying to post reviews while pretending to be customers.

Website is in Arabic.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 400:1
Minimum to Open Live: $500
Established: 2013
Address: Unknown
Contact:, + 44-2080893679
Regional offices:
Prohibited countries: Unknown
Trading platforms: MT4, WebTrader
Web Trading: ✅ Yes
Mobile Trading: ✅ Yes
ECN: ✅ Yes

Trading Instruments

Currencies: (45+)
CFD: (50+) Gold, Silver, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities

Trading Conditions

EAs/Robots: ✅ Yes
Scalping: ✅ Yes

Managed Accounts & Social Trading

Deposit Methods: Bank Wire (BankTransfer/SWIFT), VISA, MasterCard, CASHU
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire (BankTransfer/SWIFT), VISA, MasterCard, CASHU
* Please check broker website for more information
2.015 • 47 REVIEWS

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Singapore, Singapore,
Sep 15, 2020,

Is it a scam call?

Service use: Other
Just received a call from NetoTrade from a rep call Victor. They said they have to closed their trading department and they have to refund my money that I have in my trading account with them but I am not trading with them.

They said I have $22k and they want me to share my computer screen with them to verify my KYC detail. No legitimate broker ever do that. That should prove that they are trying either trying to hack my computer by tempting me with the fund which I never deposited.

I'm writing this just in case anyone from NetoTrade call, please be careful and beware that it might be a scam.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Thanks for sharing the warning.  Giving someone else access to your computer can allow them to install malware which gives them access at any time.  This would let the steal passwords and other private data.
UAE, United Arab Emirates,
Jul 7, 2019,

They toke my money and they stopped responding to my calls and emails

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Don’t believe them they cheated me and i lost my money with them don’t trade with them don’t believe them
moon sohar
Oman, Sohar, Oman,
Feb 18, 2019,
Registered user

please help me with this case

Dear all I will till you my story I have received a call from this company Netotrade frist call come from UAE they say will opening an account for me with them and they keep a manager who will help me in my acc and teach me who to sell and buy they till my I should deposit at list 500$ for opening the acc then my account manager say that not enough for as to make brofit so he ask my to deposit money and I do I deposit another 500$ than he told my there is a big chance to win a lot of money because the oil will increase so he ask me to deposit money and there is 100% brofit so I deposit 3200$ than a deposit another 2500$ and when the brofit come almost 32800$ I ask to withdraw some money but they not accept they say I should deposit another amount to transfer the amount to my account or I will lose all my money . I don't know what should I do to make them return at lest my money I am a house wife and I give them all my money can any one help my what should I do please I bagging you
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
To get advice, please open a thread in the Scam Alerts folder.
mohammad hashem
dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Mar 21, 2018,
Registered user

i feel i scamed by them

i had a bad experience w them. it was in 2015 when some lady called me and convince me to trade w them the minimum amount investing was 500$
I had a mentor and i managed to raise this amount to 1000$ then somebody called me and asked me to raise my investment to 2000 or more because there was a news he knows about it and it could make me a fortune
and when i refused to do that, thing got changed and i lost trade after trade . m not sure what they did to my account but any trade i was taking, was loss
eventually i got a margin call and because i didn't trust them any more i didn't add any fund to my account and its blow out
Durban, South Africa,
Nov 13, 2017,

Netotrade is not a scammer

Netotrade is not a scame site. I cannot relate to some of the bad and terrible things which have been stated against Netotrade. As regards to the account I had with Netotrade all was well and even when for a meanwhile I suspended my account I was able to make withdrawal of monies from my account. The only thing I could relate to is the delay of couple of weeks it took Netotrade to finalise my withdrawal request. If they can improve in finalising withdrawal request promptly all other allegation levelled against them could be proved wrong. Absolutely, Netotrade is not a scam.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
If NetoTrade wants to prove it is not a scam, they should resolve the complaints that led to them being labelled as a scam.
Doha, Qatar,
Jul 19, 2017,

Netotrade SCam

Netotrade called me to several times and I was afraid to participate and then I decided after long time to start with minimum amount 500$ and when I am paying something happened as if they can see me, they took the double of the amount. after a while another guy as trying to convince me to pay 20000$. I suddenly felt something wrong, The second day they called me again and I told him Named DR. Dyaa let start buying stocks, I refused and told him I want my money back since that time he never call me back and there only lady who keeps telling me I forward your quest to admin. That happened three weeks ago, I can long in and see the amount of money but I cannot refund it.
Thank you
ajman, United Arab Emirates,
Feb 25, 2017,
Registered user

plz if someone trading with plz stop trading bcz its looking like fraud

hi this is saqib and i registered an account in netotrade so in one month i got profit 9000 us dollars nd now one week before i submitted one request for withdrawal 4500 dollars and still i did not get in my account . and i tried a lot of times to cantact them but they are not attending any call before they were calling for deposit and now they are not attending my call because i want to withdraw little amount so its means its fraud so if some one can help me in this matter so plzz help
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 7, 2016,

Neto Scammers

Neto Trade (conmen people) rang me last week (cold calling) and tried to scam my bank account for 2500$ without my permission, which sent me massively over drawn.. I never agreed to anything and they even set me up a traders account without my permission again.

Neto Trade then offered me silly amounts of money to go with them part compensation, but you know your will lose all your money and more by reading all these reviews regardless.

FCA have warnings on their website about Neto Trade as scammers, these people from Neto Trade are not regulated and operate totally illegally!!!!!!!!

Neto Trade even set up more withdraws through my bank account and I had to change all my cards details with the bank very quickly.

Luckily, my bank ensured Neto Trade couldn't take my money and I didn't get scammed by Neto Trade, but had lots of sleepless nights worrying over this scam problem.

Best Advise: "If Neto Trade ring you, just hang up the phone", if you don't, Neto Trade will take your money for certain.
Dammam, Saudi Arabia,
Jun 16, 2016,

Netotrade is a scamming broker, on 20 Dec 2015, I received a call from UK, from MR Fahed Abdullah an account advisor, asking me to join the forex then I told him that I have no experience in forex. he reassured me bygetting the help of assigned an account manager called Tareq Elyan titled "VIP account manager,faculty of economics,university of cambridge".I deposited 2500 USD, then in few days the account manager ask for more deposits to get bonus 100% in addition getting VIP account. He was calling me on daily basis getting remote access to my laptop performing positions without stop loss order .due lack of experience I didn't realized the TRAP that he was playing. always promising to correct the - ve balance & near margin call by Asking me to add more & more money & even hedging position
it is uncontrolled open losses with big Lots,margin level 250-350 % & too many positions. on Feb 5, 2016 the account manager ask me for more deposit to buy gold, I refused then he threaten me if no deposit he will perform a trading lead to total loss.
He is not agree to do stop loss order or closing non-profiting positions & I Have to do unlimited deposit of more money to solve the shortage of margin otherwise it will be my fault.
there was too many Fake promises to solve it.
eventually in 2 months time, I lost my money.
total amount deposited 210,500.00 USD with 0 USD withdrawal
& margin call on Feb 26,2016 where I have been confronted with complicated situation.
now it is very clear to me that they push me to deposit more & more money trying to save the losing account.
, Saudi Arabia,
Jan 18, 2016,

This is a Terrible company ,they main goal is the commission,your money is not.

2014-12-02 5 Stars Thank everyone who reply to my problem with Netotrade.

I am pleased to announce that I resolved this issue with NetoTrade Compliance Department with agreement.

I would like to thank especially Mrs. Roberts for her kind assistance and understanding.

2014-11-24 1 Star MY STORY started in the last week of October 2014, when I received a call from a person form Netotarde
for the second time where the first was a female tiring for hours to convince me to open account of 2000$ with them. In the begging, I refused knowing the risk in Forex trading but the second person his name is ZAIN AL AYIN told me that you can trade in stocks if you want and that there is 100% profit in weeks time in Apple stock if I open account Today.
I did that ,then I received a call form a another stating that he is my account manger ,then I told him about the deal with apple stock ,but he told it is too late that time the stock was around 102 $ now the stock is 117$.MY ACCOUNT MANGER NAME IS( TAHA AMIN) with a TITLE CHIEF FINANCIAL ANALYST . Then he try to force me to deposit more money for bounce ,I did deposit 5000$ then he told to deposit more ,I deposit 2000$ .
After that, he started to make deals with big lots which cost me a lost of 3000$,then I stooped trading.Most of that was my mistake because I was new to trading in general which that his job to help me.Then he told me do not worry ,the lost will come with profits but I have to deposit 5000$ more to rise margin ,I send a email asking him to stop making trades with my authorization but he (you are not tell me that , i make the calls not you).
In less than a week , I lost all my money , and received a call form a person saying that the account in danger and if i do not deposit more money ,I will lose all 15000$ which I did.
N.B. when tiring to withdraw what is left 7000$ of my money the account manger called me and ask to cancel which I refused he closed the line and made sure I will lose all)
Julie Yamsuan
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
Nov 11, 2015,

Same here Furat Jawad,  same guy as well. Everytime he's calling me he is asking me to deposit money eventhough i already have a profit of $900. In just 3 weeks i lost my my deposit and as well as my profit that ive worked for more than 2 weeks. He will asked you to deposit money so you can trade this and that.
Furat Jawad
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
Aug 25, 2015,

Netotrade is a scam company- they play with the portfolio.They tacke my deposits.They don't pay profits.They have multiple sites but with same managers.T Elyan is main trade broker,take care of him.They are located in UK and Bahrai
Victoria, Australia,
Jul 22, 2015,


I would like to warn the whole world about a company ‘Netotrade’ I have lost AUD$105 237.60 to these scammers, please read what happened below:
Netotrade as an online trading company approached me back on the 8/10/2014 telling me all the good Netotrade does and all that they can do for me and all they wanted was USD50 000 and they would double my money and more on a very low risk platform.
So on the 8/10/2014 I advised them to take USD$50 000 off my Debit Card and they did this in 10 lots, they promised that this would not cost me anything in bank or transfer fees – This in fact caused me HUGE fees totalling thousands of dollars of which I raised with them and they advised me that they would credit my account with those $2700 fees in trading money, and they did so.
The next day or so I got an email from Sandy Ross in the Compliance department – She asked for me to scan in my driver’s licence and Medicare card and Debit card I was using – Front and back, and to sign the form 10 times for all the transactions that I made the few days before – WARNING – DO NOT PROCEED with this.
After 30 days (November) they did in fact increase my money to USD83000, and from then on it started sliding backwards - Then I had the dealer Eddie Cooper on the phone to ask for more money to recover the account promising that he will have it recovered and back up by Christmas, I obliged and let him take another USD25 000 off my Debit card – From this date the account only got worse! - This was supposed to be low risk account?! As displayed and advertised on the Netotrade website. WARNING DO NOT DEAL WITH NETOTRADE
I escalated this to management of Netotrade, being Izzet Kamer - He then started telling me that this loss wasn't his or Netotrade’s problem and that I needed to put more money into the account so that he could start building up the funds - On this score I totally lost it with him and demanded that he recovers some of my money - He said he could do nothing without money. – another WARNING DO NOT DEAL WITH NETOTRADE
After this; my uncle kindly placed about USD15000 into my Netotrade account to assist Izzet to start recovering some of the money – As soon as the money was received Izzet lost the lot and now the account is in negative.
After disputing all transactions with Netotrade I had a few calls from Naomie Brooks in the compliance area to advise that they would reimburse me USD$20 000 as Netotrade money and I was to work the trades on my account – So they are admitting that they don’t know how to trade – WHAT are these people doing as supposed ‘traders’? WARNING DO NOT DEAL WITH NETOTRADE

In assessing Netotrade on the Internet I find this company as a totally fraudulent company having conned people into giving them thousands of dollars with NO return.
On the front of the Netotrade website states:
‘Your money is safe with Netotrade’ – My money was far from safe – in fact I lost the total of a house deposit that I had spent years to save!
‘Knowledge is profit’ – This statement is total fraud! I challenge ALL the trading staff at Netotrade as be totally unskilled and unable to trade in the market. How could Eddie be called a Senior Account Manager and Izzet be called a Senior VIP Account Manager and Head Analyst when they lost all my money – and not only mine but USD200 000 of my uncles money as well?

They are now not answering any emails.


Don’t even talk to these traders: Izzet Kamer Eddie Cooper Naomie Brooks

Houston, USA,
Mar 9, 2015,

Managed accounts scammed me out of almost 40K. stay away from these people at all cost!
, India,
Dec 30, 2014,

I sent a Withdrawal request few days back and amazingly I received if after some processing time from Netotrade.
I am spreading word about this and I am happy with the customer support received from Netotrade.
Keep up the good work !!!!
I don't think this is a scam site
Oulu, Finland,
Oct 19, 2014,

Hi again,
I posted a bad review about netotrade last months. The issue has now been resolved. Netotrade has returned my money back to me and both of us are happy at the end

2014-09-28 1 Star Hi
I started trading with netotrade second week of August 2014 with 400 euros, and after two weeks I added 3,900 euros more to my account making a total of 4,300 euros. I entrusted my account to Alan Levin, who boasted to me that he would make me lots of money with his wealth of experience, I believed him and explained to him that I am a student and I had to loan the money I used to trade with netotrade from the bank and would have to return it by the end of September.
True to his word, the first week of trading saw that my initial money tripled in size and all this time Alan kept telling me to pump more money into my account and to notify him whenever I was about to withdraw any money from my account, little did I know that he was plotting my downfall.
The first time I suspected fowl play in my account was when Alan opened three trades simultaneously and under 10 minutes I lost about 4000 k and from then up until now my money has gone from 14,000 euros to less than 700 euros. I also noticed that Alan would deliberately open multiple trades that were losing at very rapid rates and would deliberately leave it. This went on until my husband decided to check on my netotrade forex account seeing that I was a novice and stopped all trades immediately he noticed what was going on. Alan again called me when my account was about 2500 euros balance and managed to convince me to let him keep trading on my behalf after I cried and told him that the money was a loan from the bank and I just wanted to make my initial money back and did not care about profit anymore. After this he told me a day later that he was travelling and has left my account for another, all this while he still kept asking to put in more money. Now almost all my money is gone, I am devastated and very angry, and I appeal to netotrade to please refund all of my money because I know my money is lying somewhere and has not just vanished into thin air.
For your information I am ready to go to any length to bring netotrade down if my money is not refunded, I spoke to Mr Masrawi, who had a similar experience to mine and whose money you have refunded and he told me this about netotrade:
Netotrade is unregulated
Netotrade do not operate from UK
Netotrade address in bank transfer is located in country called Belize
Netotrade have scammed many people in the same way
Netotrade have many guilty verdicts in FPA
, New Zealand,
Oct 7, 2014,

Hi Linda,

I have a same experience. I lost almost $ 4500 USD. I'm also student and borrow money from my friends. Alan Levine is a terrible guy. Don't trust this company....they are making foolish to everyone.
Reading, United Kingdom,
Aug 20, 2014,

I’m relatively new to forex, so I can’t really compare to a lot of other companies. Netotrade is helping me understand what it’s all about.

I always get service representatives who are very patient and seem to be very knowledgeable.

They have some great articles on how to trade, the whole academy section in the site is very helpful.

I tried their mobile trading app- android, not iphone.
Through the app you can receive signals and SMS with daily analysis..

and I’m trading on the go – I dont have to be logged in from home.
And because it’s daytime, the important markets are all still open, and I don’t miss out the chance to place my trades.
Hamilton, New Zealand,
Jul 31, 2014,

I arrived at Netotrade after some questionable experiences with another company that screwed me.

They advertise the same spreads and leverage as almost everyone else,
but there’s no hidden fees or awkward calls when you want to withdraw.

When I wanted to withdraw my earnings last week they said I need to submit my proof of identity papers.

I’d earned a lot of money over the past couple of months and I wanted it.
So I got the papers all together and uploaded them using my smartphone.

I got the money immediately after that, so I guess it was all for customer security.

Also, their web application is easier to use,
and it allows you to start trading immediately and concentrate on actual trading.
Pretoria, South Africa,
Jul 12, 2014,

I’m getting bonuses, really low spreads and 400:1 leverage with them.
You can probably get any one of these anywhere, but they’re giving me all 3 together. I’ve been using MT4 for the past couple of months.
Before that I was using their in-house web program, which is great for beginners because it gives you everything you need (even charts and technical indicators) without scaring you with a cluttered screen.

There’s also a mobile app, but I prefer to be sitting down and taking my trading seriously. I’ve just upgraded to their ECN account so I can get direct access to major market players. You get spreads of 0.3 pips(!). I actually managed to hit a 30% ROI one month. I’m only sorry I didn’t start off here, because they have a really great collection of articles and videos. Even I keep picking up pointers.

The support people are really helpful and patient, and they have experienced brokers and economists on call 24/5. I don’t usually need much help, but they have actually called ME at least twice to warn me I was about to take a loss.
Really, Great job!
, Belgium,
Jun 10, 2014,

Letter I wanted to address at Neto Trade after a bad phone call I received from them:

I just received a phone call from one of your sales person. At about 17:45gmt+1, june 10, 2014. It was a french speaking woman. That was already the second phone call from her. The phone number was 00442036952492.

In the first phone call she asked me if I wanted to know more abaout Neto Trade, I said yes. She told me an 'expert' would call me back for more info. I asked if you had MT4 and the person on the phone didn't even know what MT4 was !!!!

Today I received another call from your company. I ask the woman if you have the instrument ETF SPY and she replied: yes. When I asked the trading conditions and contract specifications she was unable and UNWILLING to answer me. She implied I didn't know what I was talking about and that no FX broker has such things, that is why she was unable to give it to me. Her tone was arrogant.

After that she said that SPY was only available for Gold account. After that she said that it was not SPY but SP !! By the way I found out SP is available for ALL account not only Gold !!!

Then I asked about trading conditions for stocks and if there was a comission. She was STILL unwilling to help and spoke to me arrogantly implying I knew nothing about trading! She advise me to get an education first then come back later.

She said many times I needed to open an account FIRST in order to know what was the commission for the trading instrument !! Incredible!

I replied I had no interest in the company if she was unable to answer very basic questions such as contract specifications.

She ended up hanging up on me!!

Do you treat all you client that way? Do you really want to get new client that way? I want some apologies. If you fail to do so I will post this complaint on forex peace and on all forex and trading forums I possibly can. Info on the net is viral and goes very very quick.

To add insult to injury you do not have a phone number nor an email on the site were I can send this complaint to. The only way to get to you is through your chat box. No answer in your live chat. Then after 3 trial a box opened telling me I had left too many messages !!! WHAAAT !! What kind of company are you???? do you really want to do business in this world????

I am reporting to FPA right now!
John Sachman
Glasgow, United Kingdom,
Jun 7, 2014,

I opened my account after a friend of mine told me about netotrade. I have to say that in this industry it’s easy to get confused, but they make it very simple- easy to fund, easy to access, good spreads. haven’t downloaded their android app, plan to do it soon and will spread the word afterwards.
Perm, Russian Federation,
May 29, 2014,

Tried a few brokers in the past year, found some good ones and a lot of bad!! i will recommend netotrade because I believe that you win some and lose some in many places- here I don’t feel like they are cheating like a lot of others. I definitelly sticking in with this one.
, New Zealand,
May 22, 2014,

I got burnt for $18000 US and never got a single cent back from netotrade ever. DO NOT TRUST ALAN LEVINE he told me he would return my money and did not. I have an email where he says he will send me money and it has never come. Another Netotrade person contacted me and claims no knowledge of him they say given the poor performance he would have been fired.
Bologna, Italy,
May 18, 2014,

after losing a lot of money for different brokers, I finally found an honest broker that didnt rip me off. I opened my account, immediately started tradning, got help from their support center plus good tips. I’m spreading the word around to my friends to come too.
Strasbourg, France,
May 14, 2014,

I tried other brokers but now I think I found my place, this is by far my favorite broker. I recommend Netotrade to my friends, as it’s fair, quick and let me feel like they are on my side.
Especially I notice their customer service which is effective and personal.
Oujda, Morocco,
May 11, 2014,

after dealing and trying some careless brokers I had the chance to trade with netotrade and finally I was able to earn money and then later successfully withdrawal my earnings and profits. the trading platform with the google chrome is really easy and pleasant experience.
John Diaz
Irapuato, Mexico,
Apr 20, 2014,

As an average trader from central america - they are the perfect broker for me. I've been trading with them for over 2 years and never had any issues either.

When i look at their spreads, i have to say that they have the tightest spreads you can expect to see, especially if you will compare them to others. This is also true for their spreads for commodities and indices.

Never i had any issues withdrawing my earnings. few days up to one week of waiting and the money is in my bank account.

I also started trading with my iphone few months ago using the mobile application and it is really convenient and the app runs smoothly.
Kristjan Tiirik
Tartu, Estonia,
Apr 19, 2014,

I have traded with many brokers and Netotrade is the one I stick with and here are the reasons why:

a. Simple to understand website, I can access and do whatever I need.
b. Good customer support when I had to call them.
c. Nice android application, I can trade from everywhere as if I was at home.
d. Straightforward withdrawal process (however, it does take up to 2 weeks).
Schon Sophia
Quezon City, Philippines,
Mar 28, 2014,

Immediate responses, great customer care. I've been trading with them for the past 3 months (mainly EUR/USD and gold) and the experience is so much better than former brokers I have experienced. executions run very fast which is a huge plus and was a problem I've experienced with other brokers. account manager very transparent and called me with updates on opportunities. very good forex trading webinar program too that i recommend heartily.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Jan 21, 2014,

I've traded with several brokers the past two years and had a demo account for two months with netotrade and then a live account since march 2013. What I found very important with the several brokers I traded with is that you get your money much faster using credit card rather than wire transfer. I think a lot of traders make this mistake and then there are communication problems with the bank. I had this issue with my wire transfer and the customer support at netotrade was very helpful in getting it sorted out with my bank. Now I trade using a credit card, I made a withdrawal request two weeks ago and got my money within 5 days.
Rachael Watson
, South Africa,
Oct 21, 2013,

Alex Cole a supposed Senior Manager , behaved irresponsible as a result I lost all my capital on Friday 19/10/2014. Did not even have the decency to call me and explained what happened , accepted no accountability . No training provided . Only called me to fund the account
lojina Moustafa
Doha, Qatar,
Oct 10, 2013,
Registered user

Issue escalated to Traders Court lojina vs. | GUILTY
Netotrade operate their work from Israel and they lie and call us from UK I have my statement for my account shows "Trade 246 ltd"

2013-10-09 1Star My name is Lojina Mostafa and I have been trading with Netotrade under account No. 16385134 My problem started when I asked Netotrade to transfer USD 2500, then company refused to proceed with my withdrawal request and they did not reply any of my emails. After a while Hassan Abdel Latif called me from Netotrade introducing him self as my new account manager after company fired my ex account manager Aly Elkhaldy because he was a thief!!!!! Once Hassan recieved the account he started to open lost trades and ends it without my permission, he made me lose all my balance USD 40000 in one day!!!!!! I tried to contact the company and I reached the hardly after telling them that somy of my friends wants to trade in forex with them, as Hassan started these lost trades without my permission and ended it without my consent, they claimed that it was trading and that forex trading is very risky, then I replied that all these trades happened from your end just beacuse I started to submit withdrawal request now company refuses to reply my correspondences and I lost all of my initial investment USD 10000 and all of my profit USD 30000. luckily they made a huge mistake by stealing from my credit card without my permission and I already submitted a dispute form at my bank. I wonder how to escalate this matter as theغ stole money from my credit card and manipulated my account with out my authorization, noting that I searched over the internet and found aout that they are unregulated company and I know many victims for this company who have similar cases like mine and also submitted a dispute request at their banks . Does any one know how to deal with unregulated forex companies??
Manav Puri
, India,
Oct 8, 2013,

another scam broker busted. today i was searching about this broker & saw the below link which shows how their entire customer data can be accessed by any person. their security is a joke. this is how this broker treats their customer privacy. i must say shame on them & every one must see & evaluate a broker before submitting their personal data like credit card, identifications etc.
,, United Kingdom,
Sep 1, 2013,

, United Kingdom,
Aug 14, 2013,

It is a scum company, they always prefer calling rather then sending an email to avoid evidence, make sure you record the conversation with them. they steal money.
uk, United Kingdom (Really Cyprus),
Jul 8, 2013,

very pleased for now
didn't know much about forex received a few hours of training for free
and from a 1500$ investment, 3 weeks after I stand at over 19% profit, working with tom michels head analyst, very pleased.
cannot give 5 starts cause I never trader anywhere else before.

Review Moderation Team Note: 4 Star rating removed. This review came from the offices of NetoTrade in Cyprus, as did the review from "shani" left on 2013-06-06.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.
Cairo, Egypt,
Jun 10, 2013,

This company is a scam they don't proceed with withdrawal requests
stratford, United Kingdom (Really Cyprus),
Jun 6, 2013,

best service ever!!!! by the first week gain 24% profit, steven smith has a great service, and great learning experience, highly recommend!!

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star rating removed. This review came from the offices of NetoTrade in Cyprus, as did the review from "ronald" left on 2013-07-09.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.
wigan , United Kingdom,
May 23, 2013,

This company is really bad they use very pushy sales tactics and try get you to put more money in all the time and then they are trying to tell you how you need to trade all the time and if you don't trade a lot they are ringing you up saying they can help you trade more often, there just a bunch of sales people who don't take no for an answer they are working on commission only basis that's why they are so pushy and desperate, when you want to withdraw your money out you get 10 phone calls trying to take you out of it, stay well clear and go with a broker that is fsa regulated or an ecn as these guys are just con men
london, United Kingdom,
Apr 25, 2013,

Steven Becket is robbing people. He is embezzling a lot of money of customers. He is promising profits and is cheating. Pay attention to this swindler
Abu Baraa
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,
Mar 25, 2013,

This company is not regulated from FSA, The account Manager tried to convince me that it is regulated by sending RNS no. & different Name of Company. He mentiond Netotrade is part of group of London Capital Group Holding which is registered in London Stock Exchange.
I asked him to send the FSA registration No. in FSA but he send me RNS no. which provided by London Stock exchane market.
I tried to get any connection between Netotrade & London Capital Holding Group.

After that I request to pay back my money , no replying anymore.
I also I request it from website itself many times, I only got "My request proceed after i finished filling the request & submitted.

so be becarful of that name""
Premlal Dewli
mumbai, India,
Nov 26, 2012,

Mr. Steven is very Nice broker! Very respectful ,very good support, he gives,many financial instruments to trade and good margin.
Neto Trade is reliable and give me their full support by providing quality reviews and news that will help me take decisions. This help me a lot to trade on good pair.. Keep It Up Neto Trade!
Neto Trade is a company I trust and recommend to all my friends.
Losaire Bien-Aime
boynton beach, florida, USA,
Aug 22, 2012,

Great Platform, great broker. Mr. been will talk to me in the phone
all the time, the support is very good and I will recommand any body to experience that one. As a matter of fact, I am recommanding my friends personnaly to that Company.
Ukpai Idika
Lagos, Nigeria,
Jul 24, 2012,

Nice broker! Very respectful ,very good support, almost no requotes, many financial instruments to trade and good margin.
Neto Trade is reliable and give me their full support by providing quality reviews and news that will help me take decisions. This help me a lot to trade on good pair.. Keep It Up Neto Trade!
Neto Trade is a company I trust and recommend. Nothing to complain about.
Jon Whitehead
May 7, 2012,

Been with this broker for about 1 year. On March 18th, a new account manager took my account and called me. Asked if i was interested in making money. ?Duh, I said yes. She got me to up the account to 5,000 in order to increase the lot size. In the three weeks I have traded in 1 lot sizes, increased my balance to 9523 and have yet to lose a trade. The account manager calls me everyday about 8:30 and sets up my trades and describes what to expect for the day. I have gone to manual trading and like it. In fact it has doubled another broker account with the same system that the manager set up. So when in three months I reach about 30,000 I will start to withdraw some funds and work off of pure profits. Life is good and I am high on this broker.
allen brewer
, USA,
Apr 10, 2012,

This company is a scam. They have taken my money, called me names (got proof), lied to me and then told me that they lied to me. I have already filed in scam folder.
uk, United Kingdom (really Israel),
Apr 3, 2012,

Hello everyone
My name is lavi and I'm trading for 3 years on forex and binary options
Needless to say I only lost in options it really is not easy
But recently I realized that in forex a large part of my success depends on the broker that I'm trading with it
I was so far in four different companies including netotrade company that I'm with her now
Until now, the services I received were only from a trading platform and emails
And now I get phone calls from experts in trade explain to me exactly what I'm not doingright
And how to improve my trades
I can honestly say that this is the first company I was able to make profits and take them back to my bank
Fairly quickly 48 hours and the money was in my account
I recommend anyone who wants to get better trading experience to try them
My expert by the way he is Danny Brown
Good luck to everyone hope I helped

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