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Updated: Sep 21, 2018
2.118 · 44 REVIEWS
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January 20, 2014 SCAM ALERT

There are 3 FPA Traders Court Guilty Verdicts against NetoTrade.  The FPA now considers NetoTrade to be a Scam broker.

The FPA advises AGAINST opening an account with NetoTrade.  If you have an account with NetoTrade, the FPA recomments that you try to withdraw all of your funds immediately.


The FPA asks that NetoTrade's employees in Cyprus and Israel stop trying to post reviews while pretending to be customers.


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Court cases

  • Open0
  • Resolved0
  • Not guilty0
  • Guilty3
Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2013-1722013-12-21engmansor2000 vs netotrade.comguilty
2013-1582013-11-14MOHAMMED MINHAJ vs Netotrade.comguilty
2013-1382013-10-16lojina vs. netotrade.comguilty


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2.118 · 44 REVIEWS
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mohammad hashem,
dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Mar 21, 2018,
Registered user

i feel i scamed by them

i had a bad experience w them. it was in 2015 when some lady called me and convince me to trade w them the minimum amount investing was 500$
I had a mentor and i managed to raise this amount to 1000$ then somebody called me and asked me to raise my investment to 2000 or more because there was a news he knows about it and it could make me a fortune
and when i refused to do that, thing got changed and i lost trade after trade . m not sure what they did to my account but any trade i was taking, was loss
eventually i got a margin call and because i didn't trust them any more i didn't add any fund to my account and its blow out

Durban, South Africa,
Nov 13, 2017,

Netotrade is not a scammer

Netotrade is not a scame site. I cannot relate to some of the bad and terrible things which have been stated against Netotrade. As regards to the account I had with Netotrade all was well and even when for a meanwhile I suspended my account I was able to make withdrawal of monies from my account. The only thing I could relate to is the delay of couple of weeks it took Netotrade to finalise my withdrawal request. If they can improve in finalising withdrawal request promptly all other allegation levelled against them could be proved wrong. Absolutely, Netotrade is not a scam.
Yasmin ,
Doha, Qatar,
Jul 19, 2017,

Netotrade SCam

Netotrade called me to several times and I was afraid to participate and then I decided after long time to start with minimum amount 500$ and when I am paying something happened as if they can see me, they took the double of the amount. after a while another guy as trying to convince me to pay 20000$. I suddenly felt something wrong, The second day they called me again and I told him Named DR. Dyaa let start buying stocks, I refused and told him I want my money back since that time he never call me back and there only lady who keeps telling me I forward your quest to admin. That happened three weeks ago, I can long in and see the amount of money but I cannot refund it.
Thank you
ajman, United Arab Emirates,
Feb 25, 2017,
Registered user

plz if someone trading with plz stop trading bcz its looking like fraud

hi this is saqib and i registered an account in netotrade so in one month i got profit 9000 us dollars nd now one week before i submitted one request for withdrawal 4500 dollars and still i did not get in my account . and i tried a lot of times to cantact them but they are not attending any call before they were calling for deposit and now they are not attending my call because i want to withdraw little amount so its means its fraud so if some one can help me in this matter so plzz help
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 7, 2016,

Neto Scammers

Neto Trade (conmen people) rang me last week (cold calling) and tried to scam my bank account for 2500$ without my permission, which sent me massively over drawn.. I never agreed to anything and they even set me up a traders account without my permission again.

Neto Trade then offered me silly amounts of money to go with them part compensation, but you know your will lose all your money and more by reading all these reviews regardless.

FCA have warnings on their website about Neto Trade as scammers, these people from Neto Trade are not regulated and operate totally illegally!!!!!!!!

Neto Trade even set up more withdraws through my bank account and I had to change all my cards details with the bank very quickly.

Luckily, my bank ensured Neto Trade couldn't take my money and I didn't get scammed by Neto Trade, but had lots of sleepless nights worrying over this scam problem.

Best Advise: "If Neto Trade ring you, just hang up the phone", if you don't, Neto Trade will take your money for certain.
Dammam, Saudi Arabia,
Jun 16, 2016,

Netotrade is a scamming broker, on 20 Dec 2015, I received a call from UK, from MR Fahed Abdullah an account advisor, asking me to join the forex then I told him that I have no experience in forex. he reassured me bygetting the help of assigned an account manager called Tareq Elyan titled "VIP account manager,faculty of economics,university of cambridge".I deposited 2500 USD, then in few days the account manager ask for more deposits to get bonus 100% in addition getting VIP account. He was calling me on daily basis getting remote access to my laptop performing positions without stop loss order .due lack of experience I didn't realized the TRAP that he was playing. always promising to correct the - ve balance & near margin call by Asking me to add more & more money & even hedging position
it is uncontrolled open losses with big Lots,margin level 250-350 % & too many positions. on Feb 5, 2016 the account manager ask me for more deposit to buy gold, I refused then he threaten me if no deposit he will perform a trading lead to total loss.
He is not agree to do stop loss order or closing non-profiting positions & I Have to do unlimited deposit of more money to solve the shortage of margin otherwise it will be my fault.
there was too many Fake promises to solve it.
eventually in 2 months time, I lost my money.
total amount deposited 210,500.00 USD with 0 USD withdrawal
& margin call on Feb 26,2016 where I have been confronted with complicated situation.
now it is very clear to me that they push me to deposit more & more money trying to save the losing account.
, Saudi Arabia,
Jan 19, 2016,

This is a Terrible company ,they main goal is the commission,your money is not.

2014-12-02 5 Stars Thank everyone who reply to my problem with Netotrade.

I am pleased to announce that I resolved this issue with NetoTrade Compliance Department with agreement.

I would like to thank especially Mrs. Roberts for her kind assistance and understanding.

2014-11-24 1 Star MY STORY started in the last week of October 2014, when I received a call from a person form Netotarde
for the second time where the first was a female tiring for hours to convince me to open account of 2000$ with them. In the begging, I refused knowing the risk in Forex trading but the second person his name is ZAIN AL AYIN told me that you can trade in stocks if you want and that there is 100% profit in weeks time in Apple stock if I open account Today.
I did that ,then I received a call form a another stating that he is my account manger ,then I told him about the deal with apple stock ,but he told it is too late that time the stock was around 102 $ now the stock is 117$.MY ACCOUNT MANGER NAME IS( TAHA AMIN) with a TITLE CHIEF FINANCIAL ANALYST . Then he try to force me to deposit more money for bounce ,I did deposit 5000$ then he told to deposit more ,I deposit 2000$ .
After that, he started to make deals with big lots which cost me a lost of 3000$,then I stooped trading.Most of that was my mistake because I was new to trading in general which that his job to help me.Then he told me do not worry ,the lost will come with profits but I have to deposit 5000$ more to rise margin ,I send a email asking him to stop making trades with my authorization but he (you are not tell me that , i make the calls not you).
In less than a week , I lost all my money , and received a call form a person saying that the account in danger and if i do not deposit more money ,I will lose all 15000$ which I did.
N.B. when tiring to withdraw what is left 7000$ of my money the account manger called me and ask to cancel which I refused he closed the line and made sure I will lose all)
Julie Yamsuan,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
Nov 11, 2015,

Same here Furat Jawad,  same guy as well. Everytime he's calling me he is asking me to deposit money eventhough i already have a profit of $900. In just 3 weeks i lost my my deposit and as well as my profit that ive worked for more than 2 weeks. He will asked you to deposit money so you can trade this and that.
Furat Jawad,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
Aug 26, 2015,

Netotrade is a scam company- they play with the portfolio.They tacke my deposits.They don't pay profits.They have multiple sites but with same managers.T Elyan is main trade broker,take care of him.They are located in UK and Bahrai
Victoria, Australia,
Jul 23, 2015,


I would like to warn the whole world about a company ‘Netotrade’ I have lost AUD$105 237.60 to these scammers, please read what happened below:
Netotrade as an online trading company approached me back on the 8/10/2014 telling me all the good Netotrade does and all that they can do for me and all they wanted was USD50 000 and they would double my money and more on a very low risk platform.
So on the 8/10/2014 I advised them to take USD$50 000 off my Debit Card and they did this in 10 lots, they promised that this would not cost me anything in bank or transfer fees – This in fact caused me HUGE fees totalling thousands of dollars of which I raised with them and they advised me that they would credit my account with those $2700 fees in trading money, and they did so.
The next day or so I got an email from Sandy Ross in the Compliance department – She asked for me to scan in my driver’s licence and Medicare card and Debit card I was using – Front and back, and to sign the form 10 times for all the transactions that I made the few days before – WARNING – DO NOT PROCEED with this.
After 30 days (November) they did in fact increase my money to USD83000, and from then on it started sliding backwards - Then I had the dealer Eddie Cooper on the phone to ask for more money to recover the account promising that he will have it recovered and back up by Christmas, I obliged and let him take another USD25 000 off my Debit card – From this date the account only got worse! - This was supposed to be low risk account?! As displayed and advertised on the Netotrade website. WARNING DO NOT DEAL WITH NETOTRADE
I escalated this to management of Netotrade, being Izzet Kamer - He then started telling me that this loss wasn't his or Netotrade’s problem and that I needed to put more money into the account so that he could start building up the funds - On this score I totally lost it with him and demanded that he recovers some of my money - He said he could do nothing without money. – another WARNING DO NOT DEAL WITH NETOTRADE
After this; my uncle kindly placed about USD15000 into my Netotrade account to assist Izzet to start recovering some of the money – As soon as the money was received Izzet lost the lot and now the account is in negative.
After disputing all transactions with Netotrade I had a few calls from Naomie Brooks in the compliance area to advise that they would reimburse me USD$20 000 as Netotrade money and I was to work the trades on my account – So they are admitting that they don’t know how to trade – WHAT are these people doing as supposed ‘traders’? WARNING DO NOT DEAL WITH NETOTRADE

In assessing Netotrade on the Internet I find this company as a totally fraudulent company having conned people into giving them thousands of dollars with NO return.
On the front of the Netotrade website states:
‘Your money is safe with Netotrade’ – My money was far from safe – in fact I lost the total of a house deposit that I had spent years to save!
‘Knowledge is profit’ – This statement is total fraud! I challenge ALL the trading staff at Netotrade as be totally unskilled and unable to trade in the market. How could Eddie be called a Senior Account Manager and Izzet be called a Senior VIP Account Manager and Head Analyst when they lost all my money – and not only mine but USD200 000 of my uncles money as well?

They are now not answering any emails.


Don’t even talk to these traders:

izzet.k@netotrade.com Izzet Kamer
eddie.c@netotrade.com Eddie Cooper
naomie.b@netotrade.com Naomie Brooks