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ForexReplicator.com (William Morrison) Review

Updated: Feb 7, 2019
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ForexReplicator.com (William Morrison)

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Nadeem Awan,
Karachi, Pakistan,
Oct 15, 2012,

I already told how useless is this product in my previous comments. Now another story about the refund, I requested the refund and the vendor kept delaying it asking me silly questions and telling me how many are using it successfully. 5 days gone, and today I contacted clickbank directly on chat and they refunded. I am pasting my conversation below as I received in email from clickbank.. Decide by yourself..

CBCSR (Kacey D) : EXPIRED: 10/15/2012 10:54 AM PDT

Hello Vendor,

This order has been refunded because the customer contacted ClickBank via live chat and requested a refund. We granted the refund because their order was within our 60 day refund period.

See transcript below:

[11:51:18] Kacey: In reviewing your order, I found that a refund was already issued for this order on .
[11:51:31] Kacey: 10/11/2012
[11:53:31] Muhammad Nadeem Awan: I bought this product from forexreplicator, via clickbank.. I used it for 3 days and it was not good. No i didn't get any refund yet.. still the vendor is asking me technical questions.. and not giving me refund.
CUSTOMER : CHANGED: 10/15/2012 10:41 AM PDT

Changed from Tech Support to Refund

I used the settings as you recommended off course. Tradenext is the broker. I am not a newbie the way you are asking me and telling me such questions. Did I make a mistake to buy your product and now you are delaying my refund??? I need the refund immediately. I am not interested to reply your any question anymore so do not waste your and my time more too. Refund my money back. Right Now. And stop asking me and telling me that many are doing well with that. You claim the same on your website too.. Return me my money back right now.. This is my final request for refund.
VENDOR : CHANGED: 10/15/2012 10:10 AM PDT

Changed from Refund to Tech Support

This is a great product and is working well for many. What broker and settings are you using?
CUSTOMER : CHANGED: 10/15/2012 12:58 AM PDT

Changed from Tech Support to Refund

I requested for refund for many days now, but still no refund. Why is that so??? Please send my refund now..

CUSTOMER : COMMENTED: 10/15/2012 12:53 AM PDT

It doesn't work the way it has been claimed, the accuracy requirement you have asked to set above 90% atleast are met hardly after long hours and even if it is met the trade is not sure. I have used it on my demo account for 3 days. But It is not worth to keep in my trading platform, so I need my refund as promised.

VENDOR : CHANGED: 10/11/2012 11:14 AM PDT

Changed from Refund to Tech Support

Would you mind telling us the reason you are not satisfied ?
CUSTOMER : CREATED: 10/11/2012 1:34 AM PDT

Just need my refund.. thanks..

2012-10-10 No Rating Don't waste your time on this. It doesn't worth your time and money to spend on. I bought it and it is not up to the claims and hype which is done in their site. I am a regular trader and fully understand how to do it. It was not helpful. I am going to ask for a refund now.
UK, United Kingdom,
Sep 14, 2012,

By way of an update, it's important to note that this product is very resource intensive so you need a meaty pc to run it. I now only use 2 currencies; Cable and EURUSD and the 15m chart. It's really a clever idea but I'm still trying to work out if its any good. In general, if the historical chart looks similar to the current price, then its likely that the price will do something similar going forward. I dont depend on the % likeness and it does sort of repaint because a few minutes later it will be comparing a new chart. Still, it's worthy of further testing

2012-08-27 No Rating Hi, I bought this product because there is quite a lot of enthusiasm around how it works. It's on demo at the moment on 4 different timeframes for both EUR and GBP. What it does is to match the current price action with historic data and when it sees a similar pattern, it "superimposes" that pattern with a % match, so 95% would be close. In this way, it predicts what the next few bars will look like. It then makes a recommendation with TP/SL. If this is what it is actually doing then it is very clever programming. So will it make money? It's a little early yet and it's not clear what timeframe(s) work best but I'd say it was a scalping rather than a positioning decision support tool and has real potential. There's 60 days on Clickbank and it could do with a few more eyes optimising it
Russell Haynes,
Leeds, United Kingdom,
Jul 2, 2012,

I have been using this since 26th June 12.
So far i am impressed!

I am using this with price action to try make my prediction more accurate ... i am trading Binary Options with a 5 minute chart and 15 min exp.

My results are becomming more accurate as i get used to the software and i have an ongoing forum post at http://www.binaryoptionsdaily.com/forums/general-group2/trading-systems-forum9/forex-replicator-thread1057/ with pictures and trades ...

Other people are posting to me saying they are getting positve trades! with this!
It appears to be reliable in the short term, so use Binary Options with short expity times or scalp .. with 15 - 30 mins!

I find that when
1) the predictor is above 90%
2) i then look to my chart to see if there is any price action (bounce off support / resistance, pin bars etc etc)
3) are the predicted bars (red bars) in my trade direction ...

If they clearly show a rise / fall in the predicted price ... i then take a trade in that direction.

I'm a week into this demo ... using a 24 Option demo account, i am not up £200! Using 5% of my account to trade.
60 Money back guarentee ... with clickbank ... whom i trust as i have NEVER had a refund refused!

I can't post images here ... if i could i would ...

PURCHASE experience ...
Simple and fast!
No upsells on buying (as some do) ... IE - "Now buy this for laser accuracy" "This is a must to make 99% trades win" etc etc ...
buy the product at the moment and get it for GBPUSD and EURUSD ... Which for me is golden ...

Once purchased ... DEMO DEMO DEMO!!!
I am considering buying more indicators for Gold, Silver, Oil and other FX if this works out!
No hard sell ... it is simply an option if you like it!

So ... only a weeks trading ... but my trades are getting more accurate and with Binary Options, more winning trades!
Anything that helps me make better decisions is a good thing!

The default settings are good ... i have chaged my 'History' check to 31 days ... so with 5 minute bars it reviews the past 9000 (approx) bars!
Predicts the next 10 ...