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Updated: Oct 9, 2018
3.08 · 6 REVIEWS
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3.08 · 6 REVIEWS
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Ashley Uwins,
Alberta, Canada,
Oct 30, 2017,

Owner is dishonest and only wants validation.

Absolutely awful, the owner and operator "Jack Larkin" only want to milk the hatred of others to create activity for his forum, which is probably one of his income sources via the ads on the site. The forum seems more geared towards stirring drama and not actually help or provide an unbiased platform of which to discuss trading. He seems pretty lecherous as he only wants to piggyback off user created content and not care whether it helps or detriments the end users as long as he had site visitors. Makes you think if he was trying to build it then exit by selling the site?

If you read some of his written content he puts up a facade of him being an intelligent individual, but when you fact check it may sound and probably is true, if he were the one that said it originally.

Add on top of that the rest of the user base who seems to have parallels with a lot of these radical ideology of "if you're not with us, you're against us even if you prove us wrong you're still wrong."

One last key observation from what I've been able to research from crawling their content is "Jack Larkin" or "Jonathan" is from Canada. He promotes Pepperstone and from what I understand Pepperstone DOES NOT CATER TO CANADA. So how can he trade with something as he states on his site that doesn't even cater to him?

Also I suspect, but don't have concrete proof he's also the reddit user finance_student, in one post he mentions about trader interviews which doesn't seem to have ever been followed through with. In one post he was talking about how or who the interviews would be conducted with and one would only know this if they were involved.
Midge Harrison,
Spalding, United Kingdom,
Jul 20, 2016,

What a joke this place is. Typical of everything distasteful about amateur trading forums. Members appear more interested in arguing with each other, disrespecting & bad mouthing anything they personally don't agree with & generally posting up low quality content.

Best avoided & certainly so if you're seeking valid, workable & practical advice. Plus it's virtually a ghost town lately, which isn't at all surprising considering the general attitude & poor quality content.
Rayong, Thailand,
Jan 7, 2014,

Great easy going friendly forum with lots of professional traders advice and help, fun place to post and make friends, thumbs up for FXgears.com
Gaby Sebani,
, Israel,
Aug 16, 2013,

It's the only free forum that run by pro traders,that has a whole lot of valuable info for free,specially for struggling novice traders.
Graham Bryson,
Lincoln, United Kingdom,
Aug 14, 2013,

Had a good browse around it over the past few days & it's just another average forum serving up the same type of content as all the other mainstream sites.

It's not bad but it's certainly no better than anything else out there.

Rooi Colchester,
Bath, United Kingdom,
May 30, 2012,

Fx Gears is a really valuable resource for traders.The author has put a lot of work into creating an extensive trading psychology guide, the articles are well written and very pertinent, people often under-estimate the importance of their mindset when it comes to trading performance. Content is regularly updated and expanded upon and it seems like they are branching out with their Resources>Technology page. I'd recommend everyone to have a browse of the site!