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Updated: May 3, 2017
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Karl Wild,
Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China,
May 28, 2012,

Vladimir Ribakov's LST System License Trap
Dear all,
as you know the Vendor of a software product tries to protect his work. Some are good in doing this, others are bad in doing this, but there is also category which tries to create additional business with their license terms. Or it is may be just the not understanding of the need's of the customer.

Let me explain my trouble:
I have purchased the LST system on 25th April and installed it on my work computer, played around to get used to the product. After coming home i installed it on my home computer and then the bad story started. I realized that the product is limited to one computer (my fault). I visited the Members Website to find out how I can change the license from one computer to the other computer and the problem would have been solved. But I failed because this is not allowed and such facilitie does not exist.
So I wrote to the customer support and explained the situation which is:
I have 4 computers which I frequently use. My work computer at my company, my home computer, My Laptop to be portable at work and my Macbook air for vacations. To comply with the License Agreement I have to purchase 4 license's but I only use 1 computer at the time.
I tried to explain to the customer service again and that this is not a acceptable solution to purchase 4 license's if I only use it on 1 computer and ask to do it like FAP Turbo where the license is for 1 live account and as many demo accounts as you like. If you make money with a live accout you pay regardless on how many computers it runs.
This is fair and works and if I want to change my account number I can do this in the Member Area by myself.
Believe me, I really tried it the friendly way but after four unanswered e- mail to the customer support I finally got the following answer:

"Hi Karl,

My explanation was completely misunderstood, therefore I apologize and let me please clarify: The LST is a serious and professionally built software. When you purchase the LST, like any other software (Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, etc. etc.) you get a license to use it on a single computer.

A behavior such as you described, of using the software on two computers, and asking support to release your licence every day, is obviously not practical, and is a violation of the terms of use of the software - the terms state that you purchased a license for use on a single computer (again, much like most other serious software product).

What you need is to use the LST on two separate computers, which means you need to purchase an additional license. You can run the LST on even 10 accounts or more (unlike FAP turbo which is limited to one account only!), as long as the 10 accounts are being used on the same computer.

As a gesture of goodwill, I can provide you with an additional license at a reduced cost. However, if you want to use it on an additional computer, you must purchase an additional license.


Forex LST support customer care team"

And this was my answer to them back.

Dear Vika,
Your explanation was not missunderstood. I think you should not compare your software with Microsoft or Adobe software. My opinion is there is a very big difference. FAP turbo has realized that to charge money if someone wants to make money with their software on a live account and if you want to add a second account pay again, regardless on which computer the software runs. Anyway thank you for your offer about the reduced price for an additional license ( you should have written a price ), but I will not take this offer but will request a refund until your change your policy to more customer friendly license terms. In addition I will post this story today on the FPA website and others can also think about your terms and conditions before they buy. I will recommend that people who want to buy your software, should think about how they want to use your product and find out before they buy that your license terms are may be not ok for them and stay back from a purchase of your product or request a refund.
As a gesture of good will I will send you the FPA link of my post so you don't have to search for it.
Best Regards Karl Wild

I suggest to check carefully how you want to use the product and make your decision based on the usage and be aware it may become a license trap.
I have requested a refund and hope that Vladimir Ribakov will think about his license terms and conditions.
There are ways to protect software and to accommodate different usage.
Don't get trapped, get out!