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Updated: Mar 27, 2018
3.483 · 8 REVIEWS
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3.483 · 8 REVIEWS
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Moscow, Russian Federation,
May 20, 2015,

Hello. Translation of my text through Google translator from Russian into English, so if something goes wrong do not be offended.

I use this with an adviser 01.01.2010 know him very well. My impression is very positive.

Here, I read the reviews, very sorry that it happened in these people. But I want to say this too. The fact that I was once advised his friend, the commercial counselor. But unfortunately he lost money because of the fact that the terminal is not placed on the virtual server. That was his mistake, as he hung the computer where he worked as adviser. As a result, he himself admitted that he is to blame for the loss of money.

Total (since 2004) that I have been trading have not yet found stable trading advisor than EURONIS.
There are a lot of monitoring accounts confirming my words here is one of them http://www.myfxbook.com/members/EURONIS/open--pepperstonecom/1197424

Many thanks to Dennis and Nick !!!
Alberta , Canada,
May 15, 2015,

First review for me, but just wanted to say that my experience with all the guys at Euronis has been great. They have been available and responsive to my inquiries, and Euronis performs well. And to be clear, it is not an EA you buy, but a managed service you invest in---so a totally passive experience from my end!
Anup Patel,
Ahmedabad, India,
Nov 14, 2013,

Been using Euronis for 3 years and always happy with the performance, thanks!
UK, United Kingdom,
Aug 1, 2013,

Customer of Euronis / TrueSTP.. Notified they were closing down TrueSTP broker, funds would be transferred to nominated FXOpen account within 48 hours. Details supplied.

Now, no transfers despite a week, and no response to ANY contact.

Only assumption is they have taken the money and run.

All their managed accounts, excluding FXOpen accounts have stopped updating on MyFxBook. Guess the FXOpen accounts are on a VPS.

Guess there will be others in this boat too :(
, Australia,
Mar 8, 2013,

I have been using the Euronis MAM since late 2012. I am now on ILQ Australia. Works as designed. There are some fluctuations, including a dip early on. However, it has recovered very well since then. The return seems very good for the risk. They are continually making it better. Their customer service is excellent, always get back to me and take action. I like the philosophy. I will keep using the MAM.
, Spain,
Feb 25, 2013,

I have also invest 3k$ around Oct 11. actually my balance is below of 1,2k$! This is more than 50%! Losses are not visible at myfxbook.com because the owner change the accounts with 1 or 2 months intervall to hide the huge losses! Absolutley shame!! Allways you will hear from them; we are 4 years on bussiness but if you check their accounts you will see the oldest one starts in July 2012, just 6 Months. This lies are the evidence for every scam. I'm in touch with the Newzealand Police to catch this frauders!
Reply by Bill Hunt submitted Feb 27, 2013:
Sanchez - because you are complaining here - why don't you provide crystal clear evidence of your claim? Rather than hearsay, readers would be convinced with real proof if you would provide it. Why have we not heard from you? Did you contact us? We have a phone number on our site, customer support system and a client list from all our brokers. There is no mention of "Sanchez" anywhere, is this your name? Are you a registered user on FPA? Most importantly why don't you show readers this 50% loss on your account and that it was EURONIS that did it. (Which account, Which Broker, What day?) Are you running the EA on your own and made the risk too high? (We are certainly not responsible for self-traders risk settings.) Show us and FPA readers the Trades and Comments of that trade. We ask that you contact us. If we don't hear from you in 30 days? time (which we think is a reasonable) then we ask FPA and its readers to disregard your post here.
Санкт-Петербург, Russian Federation,
Jan 2, 2013,

Im a customer of Euronis EA, i lost almost all of my hard earned money with this SCAM! I deposited around 15K US Dollar with FXPIG (the broker). In the beginning i got nice profits on my account, but after some weeks of trading Euronis lost some money (around 23% drawdown). After this drawdown I contacted Euronis and asking about the drawdowns and they promised me that this will never happen again…Now to the main part, another huge drawdown and some manual trades with huge lot sizes... In the night of the 12.20.2012 the EA lost another time (about 40% DD) and after this they traded over 100 MANUAL trades in a couple of hours!!!! I lost almost my whole money - Euronis just generated huge commissions with my money! I asked FXPIG (Kevin) to transfer the commissions back to my account, but without any success... I already contacted the police of NZ and the regulation. These are both individuals involved in this scam: Nickolas David ANGELIn3991 Macarthur Blvd #400, Newport Beach, Ca, 92660 , U.S.A. Denis Valerievich SOTNIKOV Tolyatti Str. 12 Apt. 36, Taganrog City, Rostov, 347931 , RussiannAnd now I see they just have a new company, in NZ too. Called TRUESTP LIMITED (4013838), registered on the same address! The company can be found here: http://www.business.govt.nz/companies/app/ui/pages/companies/4013838 I also found that Nickolas David Angeli is Bankruptcies here: http://www.rgj.com/article/20060324/BIZ07/603240419/Bankruptcies-week-March-27?nclick_check=1 how can he have companies and manage client money?!? And also they are now running a brokerage with my money under www.truestp.com !!! Be aware of these scammers. I really hope to get help from the FPA side, I currently try to get every information about these peoples involved in these scam, to pass it to the police and regulatory body. Also i will file a case on FPA and try to get more information from other victims.
Jakarta, Indonesia,
Oct 18, 2012,

I lost over 30% in a couple of days with Euronis!!!


This expert advisor is just over, like my money :(
Reply by Bill Hunt submitted Feb 27, 2013:
Hey - Ribka, Jakarta, Indonesia! not sure why these claims are coming from Indonesia - We have no clients at FXPig from Indonesia. Suggestion: become a registered member at the FPA and show us your account where you lost money? Euronis had DD on FXPig but no clients from Indonesia
Bangalore, India,
Oct 13, 2012,

Its not a review, but a doubt about the real account statement. I would like to point out first 2 trades. If I open a trade(SELL GBPCAD) after first trade(SELL EURCAD), then ticket-number & open-time should increase. And its should be in increasing fashion for every new trade.
But in the statement, 2nd trade's time (SELL GBPCAD 2012.07.10 23:07) is before first trade(SELL EURCAD 2012.07.10 23:35) but ticket(3144479) is more than first(3144465). Isn't it contrasting.?? If a ticket-number is higher then open-time should also be higher (and vice-versa). And there are many such contrast in the statement.

I have seen many false statement generator and I am not saying thats the case here. But need more details to believe it.
It would be great if FPA moderator can throw some light on it.?


Review Moderation Team Note: All data displayed is pulled directly from the broker.

It is possible that one or both of these was a pending trade that was executed in a different order than it was placed in. We recommend contacting Euronis support to check on this.

Reply by Bill Hunt submitted Feb 27, 2013:
Dear Poster, You are wasting readers time here because you don't understand that FXOpen (whom we do not control) is showing you partial fills. If you need further understanding on how to read a MT4 Statement you might consider reading the MQ4 forums. Here is a link that will help you: http://bit.ly/13Wgokg
Frankfurt, Germany,
Aug 4, 2012,

I am trading Version V7000 since its release and have traded V6500 before since almost 2 years in my personal accounts at ILQ(V7000) and Pepperstone(V6500) under Euronis IB.

Results and support are outstanding and the system executes and trades with almost no maintanence.

Long established very profitable system with long live trading record.
Vendor provides new settings from time to time.
Some will not like the high IB commissions.
Reply by Bill Hunt submitted Feb 27, 2013:
Thanks for your comment here. It's important to clarify that you are a self-trader using a licensed version of Euronis. You manage your risk settings on your own. We really appreciate it because good reviews are rare. If the system is performing well then we don't see any reviews because everyone is happy. Thank you for taking your time to write