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Updated: Jan 6, 2017
2.033 · 12 REVIEWS
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MarketDancer.com (was PureTick.com)

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2.033 · 12 REVIEWS
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Jan 5, 2017,

Alex from Market Dancer, stay far away

Here's an email from Alex, after I told one of his idiot staff I didn't want to work for them. The guy Eric, who works for Alex asked me how much I made last year, and I told him 30k (took care of sick wife)

Stay far away from Market Dancer.

I told them I wasn't interested in anymore emails so stop sending. This is what I got from Alex, a frickin pyscho for sure.

Hi Jim middle name bathtub?

This is Alex.

I own the business.

I am sending an email to you, contrary to your instructions.

Come down here and do something about it. Bring your $30,000 yearly income W-2 report.

We are an idiot even talking to a clown who earned $30,000. You ask for a job and then don't want to follow instructions? (I didn't ask them to contact me as I turned them down last August...they just spam people to see who responds)

Fly down.

Here are your choices.

Stay up there and visit a good psychiatrist.

Come down here and I can set you up with a good Orthopedic surgeon.

I do that as a favor to punks calling my people f***ing idiots and telling me who to mail to.

610-304-6420 if you would like to speak to me in person. I want to hear you tremble, dirt bag.



Alex L. Wasilewski
Tel: 850-269-0191
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
We took the liberty of editing Alex's profanity.
Trade Verdict,
Oct 6, 2016,
Registered user

Puretick = Market Dancer = fraud

Puretick/MarketDancer is old school scam: talk about trades, narrate entries as buy or sell but never show the trades. So really a chat room, not a trade room. While you cannot see the trades, he goes on to post great track records but no longer in Market Dancer as he is afraid of a fraud suit.
Also Alex has a massive history as be derogatory, hateful, insulting, belligerent - heck, you name it. Stay away from him and tell your friends
, Spain,
Sep 15, 2014,

Hi, puretick is a real scam and the alex wasielwki is a real pyscho/insane/unprofessional I have never seen... look at this email he writing me :

Forward to all how you are a f***ing liar

You make a contract and break it.

Looks like you are the loser. How else can you explain that the world's most successful traders will become partners and coaches here?

"Are you going to tell the world that they have not been superstars?

People will laugh at you.

You still have no excuse.

YOU fuc**** lied.

You have a f***ing contract ass****.

It is there in front of your s*** eating face. Now get out of my sight. You disgust me.

I hate liars, and people who do not keep their word. All for $125.00

That is pitiful.

Who taught you that? Your mother or father?

Shame on you.

Why do you have all day to send emails but no time to trade?"

This site and this person need a jail, it's a shame for the trading communauty.

Review Moderation Team Note: We took the liberty of editing the profanity in the quoted email.
Greg K.,
b.c., Canada,
Mar 16, 2014,

I was with Puretick for over 10 months. Scam, Scam , scam.
Alex = 2 faced Huckster . Would never show his 'live' DOM. If you asked, he had kicked people out of his room.
Brian- posted above - is one of his salesman ! So, watch out.
Yes, he has 7 tick targets, with 25 tick stops. Can you believe that!
Alex makes his money by selling memberships and selling ebooks/lessons that you can get free on the internet.
Hey, it's your money.
Check out : Big Mike's trading.com - lots of members there that have been taken by ALEX. Check out Oiltradinggroup.com - at least there he uses a live trading account - all clear for all to see.
Tx. bye ALEX, fly away in your plane , bud. one way...just away.!
Chicago, USA,
Feb 24, 2014,

I started trading with Alex in Jan 2012, and I will say first and foremost he is the real deal. Is he going to be right 100% of the time? Of course not. BUT he has by far the best chat room in the market place. The problem is most greedy traders want to make money right away, and the only scam is between their ears since they believe in "get rich quick" schemes. It takes years to perfect day trading, and most traders don't have the patience. We live in a microwave society, and I don't blame the traders with negative reviews since misery loves company. It took Alex 4 years to cut a profit, so what's up with the rest of these traders? They are just a part of the 90%. Take the bootcamp, your odds will increase.
Toronto, Canada,
Jan 16, 2012,

agree with Nicolas, it is a typical scam. I was in their room recently on some special for a month. They prey on people new to trading. When a new trader compleains about geting stopped out on a room call, he will tell him/her he/she didn't know how to enter and have to pay for an "advisor" to guide him/her and guess who is there to help you for couple of thousands of dollars. As for the track record, they never tell you their entries real time and as the market goes agains them they claim they entered at the exact lows and as soon as the market goes 7 point in the direction of the called trade, they "got thier first target" and the trade made money because they didn't enter when they buzzed the trade, they waited for a retracement. They only book a loss when the market crashes 40-50 points without a 7 point bounce on the way down which almost never happens and then they claim they had their stop 20 points below the price when they called the trade, that is how they got their "track record". One day the moderator actualy admitted he lost money and I checked the track record next day and all the trades were profitable, go figure. Stay away!
, USA,
Dec 22, 2011,

I agree was a member for many months and could not come close to track record. Rev in ES room luvs to pat himself on the back even though many of the trades he does not call in room until they are in place.Refuses to show DOM. Changes stop after in trade and scales in and out without letting you know...waste of money
Tim, ,
Nov 2, 2011,

Member for 1 year. Useful for 2-3 months - but head trader is condescending at times, and will often "let you know" he has been scaling into the trade. Usually this occurs after the official trade has been stopped out. Some useful information for the initial few months - but after that - became monotonous - it is very difficult to obtain the quoted results - and the moderator patting himself on the back...well just got old. Average with a lean towards bad. Had no problems with cancellation. Have a lurking suspicion the moderator never truly trades real money...never does show his DOM - unless it is one with a single contract usually up or down 10 ticks. Also always wondered if some of the "regulars" actually existed..or were simply figments.
Feb 4, 2011,

I've been a member of this room on & off for a couple of years & the head moderator Alex is the real deal!! All there setups & rules are on there website & they expect you to do your homework before you enter the room, if you are serious about learning to trade the emini's on the Dow or P500 I highly recomend them. Dino
Seth T,
Sep 16, 2010,

I 2nd what Nicholas says! These guys are a bunch of crooks. Thanks to reading his review before I tried out I made sure and had written documentation of my cancellation in case these weak traders tried to bill me the month after! AND THEY DID! Sure he calls 80% correct, but he looks for a 7tick target with a stop anywhere from 25-50 ticks! I took 3 winning trades and with 1 loser all of it gone! Absolute joke! Alex, the main trader, is a tool, condescending to any questions that bug him, he'll say "I'm trying to trade!" when you ask about an entry confirmation, "listen when I said it the first time" "don't waste my time"! For $350 a month you're gonna answer my questions. STAY AWAY!