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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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Brisbane, Australia,
Aug 2, 2012,

I was watching the sample trade video of Piet Swart making $995 profit and I was quite surprised by his incredible ability to trade a reversal on a H1 chart with only a 20 pip SL. This is very risky in my opinion. Then I was even more shocked to see him trading at $50/pip or 5.0 lots at less than a 1:1 Risk/Reward ratio. So who is he trying to impress? Most novice traders start with less than $1000 in their account so this is risking $50 x 20 pips = $1000/ trade. At a standard 2% risk you would need to have an account of $50,000 to make this trade. So I ask why would anyone use this as an example unless they are trying to inflate the earning capability of their system for the un-initiated? And who would pay $499 on a gamble like that? He states that his system is telling him that the market is going to reverse on the next candle so he places a buy order at market price. If anyone could do that consistently they would be retired on their yacht. Maybe that's why the system is selling on Ebay for $39????
, Hungary,
Jul 16, 2012,

Funny thing that so called professional traders try to make you believe that you can win with this system...
Trading against the trend and having your stop same as your target(even less because of the spread included it is lower than 1:1 R:R) means that you also trade against the laws of probability...
You can decide if the promoters just do not know this so this way you can not call them a trader or simple mislead the customers...
For me this is minimum a major problem as the rating description says...