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Updated: Jul 30, 2015
2.56 · 8 REVIEWS
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MetaTraderProgramming.com profile provided by Kristy, May 19, 2013

In 2006, we started out as a group of geeks passionate about currency trading and economic happenings around the world. In our quest for the perfect trade, we coded automated trading systems for MetaTrader , TradeStation, NinjaTrader, and several other platforms. As our passion and reputation grew, we began to complete unfinished projects from other sources, as well as brainstorming and programming custom Forex robots for a diverse clientele.


While we thrive on our unique knowledge of markets, technical analysis, mathematics, and computers, our philosophy is quite simple: Trading Forex isn’t just for the tech-savvy or the mathematically inclined. Whether you trade as a hobby or trade to pay the bills, or need simple scripts or complex, high-frequency and low-latency solutions, we’ll help you design a trading system that’s right for you. From market open to market close, we are here to support all your trading and programming needs. 


Contact CandleFOREX today at www.CandleFOREX.com


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2.56 · 8 REVIEWS
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, Canada,
Jul 28, 2015,

I have worked with metatraderprogramming.com since March of 2013 to 2015. We have over 400 different email exchanges, not just emails. They delivered on 2 out of 3 EA's. The first one didn't work, but I didn't want it anyway after moving on to something else. The second one they did a great job at and they worked with me to keep adding and modifying it. And the third one I ordered November of 2014 and here it is, July 28th and they haven't submitted it. I have emailed them multiple times with no response; then I told them I was submitting a Paypal dispute and so they started working on it again, saying their server was down and he had to care for his wife. And then they stopped working on it sometime after that. The paypal dispute never went through.

So, I'm writing this review to hopefully get my money back.
Tempe, AZ, USA,
Aug 16, 2013,

In response to Ricci:

CandleFOREX prides itself on providing traders with excellent post sales support. All emails are replied to on a same day basis.

The problem with your review is that we don't have a client called "Ricci" in the UK, or in any other country.

If you think you have a valid case, then please contact us and or reply here with one of the following:

(1) Ticket number
(2) PayPal or credit card transaction ID
(3) Customer ID
(4) Quote number or Invoice number
(5) Any proof and or timelines.

We are more than happy to help you, but you do not reply we will assume this this a fake review.
London, United Kingdom,
Aug 12, 2013,

Avoid like the plague . once they have had your money they do not care or provide any support. If your EA does not work , emails are not replied to . excuses are made . This is not a rant , I have proof and timelines. Nice website and promises. Dont be fooled. Save your money and go somewhere else
Tilburg, Netherlands,
Aug 9, 2013,

Best Experience Ever with these guys good customer support they work very hard and you get a good EA for a fair value without any bugs. Paul is always kind and respond to all your questions, so poeple stop saying these guys are scammers! because they build 3 EA for me and they all work fine Excelend company !
Tempe, USA,
Aug 6, 2013,

In response to Nimish:

(1) We do not have a client called Nimish
(2) There is nobody called "Matthew" or "Hera" or "Matthew Hera" at CandleFOREX, nor have we ever hired a person with that or a similar name.

(3) We do respond to all emails promptly, with perhaps a slightly longer reply time at weekends.

(4) If you really sent payment for a service, please provide one or more of the following:

(a) Email address
(b) PayPal transaction ID
(c) Client ID

We would be very happy help you or refund you if you get in touch with us.
mumbai, India,
Jul 31, 2013,

here www.metatraderprogramming.com‎ i have very bad experiance specialy methew hera i tried to understand my concept and he says i understud this but last 25 day i am sending e-mail but have no replay and i got payment already and next get me replay have no reason and my ea not working my style i am tired for this i lost my money

please aware this web site..
Ajay Bhudia,
UK, United Kingdom,
Jun 10, 2013,

I asked candleforex to compile an EA for my manual trading in which was done within 10 days.
I was kept updated throughout the process, can't fault this company.

keep up the good work, shall be in touch for mods again
, USA,
Jun 1, 2013,

I contacted CandleFOREX after a recommendation from a friend as I had been trading for several years manually, and I wanted to automate all or part of the trading system.

My experience was a pleasent one where whin an hour of getting in touch, I was asked for the trading system rules. After I got my quote and time-frame, I went ahead and paid them, and then I was in direct contact with my assigned programmer. I was pleased with the end result and I will be returning to them soon for more work. I wish I would give CandleFOREX more than 5 stars! Great work guys!
Munich, Germany,
May 24, 2013,

I sent several emails which never got replied!
Aswell no answers when I wrote what problems the EA has, what bugs are there .....
I wonder why you answer here ....
Its just not wot te money, neither the time ...

Review Moderation Team Note: We see it was worth your time to leave a response. We wonder why it wasn't worth your time to provide even one of the items that Kristy asked for so that she could check on your situation.

If you really have an issue, you can't expect it to be fixed if you don't give a company enough information to find you in its client database.

Munich, Germany,
May 18, 2013,

Terrible Company! Once they have your money the do not respond to emails. It took forever to the the EA, which was full of bugs. Using this company is throwing away money. (they changed their name to : http://metatraderprogramming.com/) Stay away! They are Scammers!
Reply by Kristy submitted May 20, 2013:
Hello John, We respond promptly to email to all clients. Sometimes on the weekend we can be a bit slower replying but never more than 24 hours. CandleFOREX does not deliver buggy EA's. As stated in our contracts with clients, they are entitled to ask for any bugs to be fixed, which we do at no charge. We have not changed our name, we are still branded as CandleFOREX. We did change our domain name to MetaTraderProgramming.com but our brand remains the same. Lastly CandleFOREX does not take clients money and not respond. If that was the case we would not be in business very long. I can look into your issue if you give me: (1) PayPal transaction ID (2) Support ticket ID (3) Name of the person who you dealt with. (4) Your email address Looking forward to hearing back from you soon. Kind regards, Kristy Walsh www.CandleFOREX.com