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Updated: Oct 5, 2017
2.913 · 9 REVIEWS
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2.913 · 9 REVIEWS
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Oct 3, 2017,
Registered user

Withdraw using skrill

I can't speak for anyone else experiences, just my own.
I have stopped trading so I withdrew my money, I quit while I was a little ahead.

When I withdrew the money is was easy and that was last week.
This week the money arrived in my bank account without issue.

If I ever decide to get back in the game, I will be using Skrill for my online "wallet".

Cheers all and may the pips be with you.
Sep 13, 2017,
Registered user

Friends Please don't use Skrill account they are big scammer There is security for your account

Friends Please don't use Skrill account they are big scammer There is security for your account , There is chance to hack your amount from your skrill account . skrill never responsible for our loosed amount .

I also loosed fund from my skrill account . i have given all details of hacked parson they are saying they are not responsible for loosed amount
Yauheni Vasilevich,
Polotsk, Belarus,
May 12, 2016,

After answering support skrill my opinion has changed. Despite the fact that I got a special VIP status, so that they began to listen to me - it still does not affect their verdict regarding his partner belforfx.com http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/public/review/www.belforfx.com. The details in this thread http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/belforfx-scam-broker.42908/.

2016-05-02 4 Stars actually personally to him I have no complaints to the work of their companies. but that's what they are trying to be indifferent to the problem of cheaters through its partners - it does not speak in their favor! and so for several years to cooperate with them and no obvious problems are not met.
Osama Morsy,
Egypt, Egypt,
Dec 21, 2014,

I had an account on Skrill for about 3 years, used only a few times.
Then I decided to withdraw the money left and close the account.
After 20+ messages to the support, and they sending me fake payment receipt.
I sent them an e-mail telling them "I know you are scam at least have the decency to close my account" and they did, and I lost $50.
Jakarta, Indonesia,
Mar 25, 2014,


I want to edit my country of residence so that I can verify my address and increase my limit thus I sent an email from "Contact" section on Skrill website. After sending, they said they would contact up to 24 hours. But it's been 5 days, and no single reply I've received from them.

I sent multiple tickets to many departments hoping that they received my tickets but still no reply from any departments until now (March 25th, 2014).

I will definitely not send money to Skrill.

Aalst, Belgium,
Sep 28, 2013,

First of al excuses for my English. This is the issue i have whit skrill.
About two weeks ago i opened an account by skrill so far so good i deposit 250€ to that account
the day after the deposit they locked the account saying there were not enough documents i send
the documents (ID, prove of living etc..) about 10 times in the mean time but i get no response anymore.
If i try to call i stay in a Que for more than 20 minutes until i give up.
Is there someone who can help me with this i can not deposit to my forex broker because of the skrill issue.
I created a lot of help tickets but they simply don't answer, so i begin to think that skrill scammed me.
so be aware of this company.
Surabaya, Indonesia,
Jul 29, 2013,

Finally after almost 1 month with no reply they replied my emails. They unlocked my account and refunded my missing withdrawal. I have just tried to re-withdraw my fund the second time as I input the correct account number the first time I withdrew my fund. I always double check the account number for any financial transaction.Very strange. I will update if they still dont process the second witrawal. Thanks to this forum.

2013-07-11 1StarAt first I requsted withdrawal to my bank account (with same name) and should be no problem at 4 July 2013, The next day after withdrawal suddenly Skrill
aka Moneybookers LOCKED my account. They sent an email telling me to verify the account. At the moment I uploaded my documents, but after a week there is
another email telling me the same thing (to upload ID documents). I uploaded my ID once again and no response until today.

The bad thing is I dont receive my withdrawal on 4 July until now (12 July) even the history said it was processed. I had sent ticket for missing withdrawal
but they didnt respond. I used Liberty Reserve, E gold, Webmoney but none of them have WORST service like Skrill (MoneyBooker). Every ticket needs
a week or more to be replied. I still have fund in MoneyBooker and cant withdraw it to my bank account.

They have very very BAD service and act like a SCAMMER. They :
1. Will not answer your question / complaint on time. You need extra patience dealing with them. In my case have sent almost 10 tickets / complaints. And my case
has not been solved.
2. Will lock your account without warning or explanation and you cant do nothing with your money. They will ask your ID, after you upload your ID. They dont do
anything to verify your account. Simply
3. Will close your ticket even if your problem has not been solved.
4. Will not process your missing withdrawal

I have screenshots to prove my statements.

Please STAY AWAY to this scammers. A lot of skrill users experience terrible service. Please check www.reviewcentxx.com. There are a lot of complaints / sad
stories about them. Too bad I didnt search on search engines prior using their service.
Pollença, Spain,
Jul 28, 2013,

I have been trying for over 3 months to get the skrill card.Of course when i applied to it they charged me instantly the 10 € anual fee.What do you think,did i receieve my card?Of course not.After sending aaaaalllll my documents bills ,verifying the adress, the phone and lots of other stuff(maybe i should verify the doghouse as well) the skrill card is still waiting approval. Sending emails and 0 response to them.On the phone they don't know what to response,a bunch of incompetents,they charge money and leave it like that. DON'T YOU EVER USE SKRILL ,they have 0 customer service although it says they'll get back in less than 24 hours.
P.S. : i have to rate one star,because 0 isn't possible,0 just like them ! I'll go and write this review on every blog/forum i'll find and let all know what's skrill all about !
delhi, India,
Jul 10, 2013,

They close the account in sudden..They take 15 days to reply one email...Very poor....
Mrs. Li,
In my kitchen, China,
May 23, 2012,

I was not happy with MoneyBookers at all. It was the first payment processor I tried to use to fund my Forex accounts for the Watanabe Test Forex Project. However MoneyBookers created huge difficulties and wasted me tons of time. I couldn't upload fund to my MoneyBookers account either via bank transfer or credit card. I sent them several emails asking for help without luck. I almost think MoneyBookers doesn't like Chinese customers.

Finally I gave up funding my Forex account via money bookers but fund directly to forex account via credit card. I really hope MoneyBookers will look into the obstacles I have encountered and resolve them very soon to provide better services to customers.

I had one friend in USA open and account so he could send money to my MoneyBookers account. He had big problems transferring money to them. Another friend with a moneybookers account helped me so now one of my Watanabe Test accounts is funded using MoneyBookers.