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Updated: Nov 12, 2018
1.235 · 24 REVIEWS
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March 2017:  The FPA is informed that Opteck has ceased offering binary options.  The company now appears to offer CFDs on forex, stocks, commodities, and indexes.

Other websites of this company include opteck.biz.


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1.235 · 24 REVIEWS
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Mar 8, 2018,

The get you in, they win and make good wins based on the fact if they prove a winning rate you will invest more we made some excellent returns until we invested nearly $100k we were making as much as 10K in a session then the bastards dropped the lot almost in one trading session, there is no come back they suggested we invested more even borrow money to recoup lost funds. OPTEK is European for a*******, and there are still people saying how wonderful they are they should be in prison. When you ask for your balance back they tell they will not release because they want to help you get a return or recoup your money, you hand your money over you will never see it again and you will never see a profit.
Opteck customer,
Tallinn, Estonia,
Sep 21, 2017,


Opteck.com together it's team behind is a "nice package" to get rid of Your investments fast. Money "in" will go in seconds, money "out" You most likely will never see. As soon as You have done your min deposit, they will contact quickly and will find enough "honey" to Your ears to request more and more - it's "in Your own interest" for sure. When they see/feel that your deposit "roof" has reached - they will "help" to arrange trades that leads to quick downspiral. Promises they give will never realise, contact persons are changing all the time - every new will promise much better result with him/her. But it ends always the same - You are the one have lost Your initial deposit for sure.
Frankfurt, Germany,
Nov 15, 2016,
Registered user

bad bonus condidions and bad payout

Before i do a deposit my Account Manager promised me 100% real Bonus, but he only gave me a pending bonus.
I tryed to payout but till 2 weeks nothing happened, each day a different Manager wants me to continue. I started complain with cysec an my credit card provider. Very bad partnership!
Sep 12, 2016,
Registered user

Hello army! Today I want to focus on a binary options broker OPTECK.COM from which they had been cheated me and my group, after reporting the problem to the support and to my contact, and we have been told is it is by phone from a their agent that we would be reimbursed and after expressing no longer wanted to continue on their platform, I was told (as the other guys) that we would be refunded our account skrille (from which we had made the payment) and we would be given a bonus to try their platform (as it had been updated), after a few days after receiving the bonus only on the platform and no money in the account skrill I forwarded an email to their compliance department (compliance@opteck.com) and I received a response from them saying that the money was released as a bonus withdrawable (phone while we were told that the bonus would be entered into the platform and that the repayment money would be credited to the account of the original skrill deposit) and that since I had not reached any results the case was closed !!!! that scammers !!! They acted with deceit, and now we want to put an end to these scams .STATE AWAY FROM THEM
northam, South Africa,
Sep 11, 2016,
Registered user

cleaned out

Opteck is a complete scam..everything will be oryt until u require to make a withdrawal..
kuala lumpur, Malaysia,
Aug 24, 2016,

Opteck.biz does not even deserve any star. I was pestered to trade until only 300 left, from 32K. they still have the cheek to ask for another deposit to recover. They pestered me to trade without considering any risk control. scammers.
Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia,
Jun 30, 2016,

Please steer clear of Optek scam!

I experienced a dreadful Opteck scam, I believe their customer account and customer profits they appear to have generated are most likely just “smoke and mirrors.”

After the scam I set up a trading account (with a small balance), in an Australian owned and registered company, properly regulated by ASIC; there are about 2 such companies here. I soon discovered how difficult real and legitimate trading is. With Optek I seemed to experience a dream run, everything ran smoothly and successfully, generating what I believed were good (and real) profits; doing exactly the same thing in my Australian account, I immediately found markets don't behave in the same compliant winning way they did when I traded with Optek, and it is extremely difficult to make any sort of profit at all.

I believe Optek manipulated their trading platform to get me in, and groomed me for the “big hit”- when they got me to max out my credit card and then strip out all the funds in one go (as you can read in the forums, they do this over and over again to their other victims),
Bridget Reid,
Perth, Australia,
Jun 7, 2016,

Have also had the same problems with Opteck and still trying to get my money back. Looks like this will be a right off.
oby anyaehie,
, United Kingdom,
May 31, 2016,

Opened an account with them when i noticed they were telling a lot of bs. Asked for a refund and i was now told of a withdrawal snd management charge and i must fill in a questioneer to get my money. Reluctantly did but over one month now. No money. Have reported to relevang authorities, hoping soon they wil get what tgey deserve.
steven james,
kent, United Kingdom,
May 10, 2016,

i have been with opteck and I'm only only know finding out its fraud !!
i started in December 2015 with the 250 they then told me i needed more money and my first trades was 1,000 each over 30days, 2 of them worked and 2 of them i lost (i had no trading knowledge )

i then tried to withdraw some money and got a call that I'm sorry you lost the money but before you withdraw do these trades and you will get your money back, guess what i lost all money

(when this happens you can not get hold of anyone from opteck for about 7 days, key tactic from opteck)

i then got a call from a senior account manager David bauer promising me the world I'm so sorry mr james we will do this
all of this is to get you to trade more with them all the time. missed appointments missed trades

also i can get a full reumburstment if i trade with him over the next few months

i had to hit 80,000 trading money, i have done this so i hit 83,000 ~i have 750 left no one can refund me opteck tell me they do my account is all verified and still,no refund and also no 750 being returned to my account what to do ??
no reumburstment all lies and guess what for the last 37 days i can no longer get hold of my account manager DAVID bauer
if this happens they pass your account on to anyone i have had a call back from a learn to trade manager, all tell me David bauer will call me a back what 37 days ? and still have told David will contact you shortly

don't not trade with opteck, they have scammed me, and still i have not heard about my missing 750 and also my bonus of full reimbursement ?? felling very let down by everyone in opteck