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Updated: Mar 21, 2017
2.081 · 4 REVIEWS
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High Sky Brokers is a forex broker. High Sky Brokers offers the MetaTrader 5 and MT Mobile forex trading top platforms. HighSky.com offers over 10 currency pairs, gold, silver, oil, commodities, platinum, palladium, and gas for your personal investment and trading options.


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2.081 · 4 REVIEWS
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Bled, Slovenia,
Nov 5, 2014,

I have traded through their platform for about four months and mostly traded small lot sizes (under one lot) and everything seemed O.K. Then I started to trade more actively and with lot sizes up to 2 lots, made some decent profits and VOILA - suddenly trading was disabled on the platform and after calling them live several times, after a lot of avoiding me I received an e-mail from them, where they "explained" to me that they will delete a certain transaction due to incorrect price at the time of a trade, etc. After I asked them to explain more about what's going on, they replied with a promise to do so within one week, but after two weeks they still didn't do it, even after I sent them an e-mail again.

So, to make a long story short, everything appears like that if you are trading profitably with them, you are not welcome as a trader.

I recommend high caution or completely avoiding them as your broker!
KRANJ, Slovenia,
Oct 21, 2014,

They have invalid canceled my profitable trade and closed my account claiming that I have got incorrect price entering a trade. I have all the evidance, but they simply ignore it.

bad, bad broker.
Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Oct 3, 2014,

Started to trade with them 23.9.2014 and made some good profits. After couple of days I recieved their mail:

"If the Brokerage House - after detailed examinations – determines that a particular Client persistently and
systematically places orders to take advantage of incorrect prices"

I reply to them if they can explain me what exactly did I do wrong, but they didnt reply.

After couple of days they simply deleted my trade. Im investigating the case and for now I didnt get any detailed INFO (So Im guessing- if the client makes profits they dont like it...)

I have all the printscreens and I will file a case on TRADERS COURT in next days.

Marcus Polota,
Prague, Czech Republic,
Jun 13, 2012,

Been skeptical to MT5 live/real account - but it works and it´s been quick and reliable. Multilingual. OK