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GTOptions.com (Greymountain) Review

Updated: Sep 15, 2018
1.201 · 36 REVIEWS
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Porter Finance is part of the Greymountain Management group of binary companies.  This group has a large number of FPA Traders Court vedicts against it.  The FPA considers all brokers which are part of this group to be scams and warns all traders to avoid depositing money with them.



Website is down. One less scam company in business.
GTOptions.com (Greymountain)

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1.201 · 36 REVIEWS
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Australia, Australia,
Sep 8, 2017,


GTOptions are nothing but Thieving !mongrel! unscrupulous Parasites! That are so low they Cannot even get areal job, need to prey on hard working people. Some One ripped me of for thousands!!!! Unauthorised use of other peoples funds? Company states how safe they are(fraudulent statement right there) Use to ring all the time to con me to make trades! Even bloody 2-3am in morning. Would never return my money,Now I can not get them to contact me? Investigations have begun.
Real Trader,
United Kingdom,
Aug 30, 2017,
Registered user


My case was very bad. Why Is there no option for zero/nil star rating? Lengthy experience but I will summarise it.
I got hooked up with this broker through Michael Freeman's (who I didn't think was a scammer) automated software. I quickly discovered it was all a scam when the software traded my funds from $250 down to <£50. I then switched it off and took over. I was phoned by an agent who told me to deposit more and stop using software as they will trade with me to make money. "No thanks".

I continued myself and built my bank back up to about £450, withdrew my initial capital and then continued trading. When I put in further request I was told I needed to trade all funds up to 40 x deposit (MIND, NOT JUST BONUS BUT EVEN DEPOSIT. AND IT IS IN THEIR T&C).

I eventually built my bank to £727 and put in a withdrawal request for £250. That never got approved. They have stopped responding to emails or taking phone calls for a while now.

Now the final straw - 2 weeks ago, they locked me out of my account, passwords stopped working, emails not responded to. I was able to log in today to find out that they have traded my funds by themselves down to £2. High stake trades at a strange time and on strange expiries. Who are these guys and why is the company still openly operating? I read that they have now been blacklisted by Cysec. Is that enough?

I have sent a complaint to the complaint department for all it's worth. I don't think anything will come off it. Most painful was the effort/hard work and time I put in.

Laufenburg, Switzerland,
Dec 6, 2016,
Registered user

Lost 5000 USD in a few hours

The trader Peter Stevens(?) from GTOptions forced trading with BO for some hours in a way I absolutely not agreed with my understanding about risk management. Several time I insisted to trade with much less risk an trade in a way I will earn money with a time frame about several months, not hours nor days. The trader promised a fact which was not true and a lie: he have to prepare my account as preparation for a next step with Mr. Green, which was recommended to me. I think Mr. Green does not exist. I contacted several times the compliance departement and asked about the "Trader Protection Insurance" they promote per homepage and at the phone. They are not willing to help, they only try to get me payed a few 1000 USD again!
Singapore, Singapore,
Oct 25, 2016,

Scammed by GTOptions

Got burnt of USD$11,000 in a week because of a moment of folly.

Their scam works by asking you to deposit with promises of matching bonuses. After which, you are to blindly follow the broker's order to blindly trade (mine was a person named David) and you will see losses after each string of trades to the point that the account is zero. They will also ask you to put up some long positions. I have emailed to them, they reply was you have zero dollars and to withdraw you must trade 30 times your deposit plus the matching bonuses!

So USD$22k x 30 times of trades before you can withdraw. Can it happen? Of course not! You need 1887 trades for that to happen assuming USD$350 per trade.

My disaster is your lesson learnt. Please spread the word around so that no one else will get conned again. My folly not to do a background check first. And surprising Facebook has their advertisement and Visa and MasterCard cannot do anything about these illegal transactions.
Alejandra Rubiralta,
Mexico City, Mexico,
Jun 12, 2016,

Last Thursday (June 2nd 2016) I wanted to invest $250USD in binary options to give them a try. When I was contacted by ANGEL MORALES from that company he told me that I could be promoted to silver level and they will give me a bonus. He never told me that my credit card would be charged. He cheated me. Then another advisor contacted me and told me to make some movements. He lost half of the money, the bonus they gave me. Now I want my money back. I asked for a withdrawal and they tell me I must have an amount equivalent to my money plus the bonus. Now I'm in big trouble because I have this big charge in my credit card that I can't pay. I already asked my credit card to not recongize the charge they made through deceit. Please I need help!!!! I'm desperate.
Lonnie Hayward,
Langley, Canada,
Apr 4, 2016,

Absolutely disgusted with these guys. very diligent with the taking money process, but totally absent when it comes to working with you , returning phone calls or keeping promises. I have requested four times to have my money returned (which is exactly the same as what i deposited) and they call me to get me to deposit more and say whatever they have too to get me to stay. they will change out contact people to keep you busy but they all are liars. don't start the process. Brad and Chris have been my brokers. Each day I they schedule to start trading with me and then there're a no show 4 times now.
Brigitte Wilke,
Alberta, Canada,
Mar 30, 2016,

I have a 21 page document that outlines problems with GTOptions. In short, there is zero accountability with this organization nor do they want to make any attempt to do what they say or make things right. I have tried over and over again with these people to get some service/call backs/help but to no avail. It has left me with the experience that they are only interested in "sucking you dry financially", and will ignore you if you start to figure this out. I gave them the options to explain things if I am out of line. But that has not happened…They are now not responding to my repeated requests for service/call backs. I am seeking all my money that went into this platform – can anyone contribute to prepare me for the battle?
Gary Allen,
Ontario, Canada,
Oct 24, 2015,

On Oct. 18 2015 I opened a trading account with GTOptions. In Sept. of this year, I had the misfortune of suffering a mild heart attack, and I presently cannot work and subsequently have no income coming in. Thankfully, some family and friends are helping me out to survive and put some food on the table. In searching for income opportunities online, I came across binary option trading and then opened an account with GTOptions. I originally funded in with $250. Shortly afterwards I received a call from a broker named Adam Rivera. Adam "sounded" like an honest guy and he also showed empathy for my health plight after I explained it to him. Adam then convinced me to add another $750 deposit, so I did.
The next day he called me again (twice) and suggested we we do some trades and make some money. As he said he would prove to me that I could trust him and he would show me how to make some serious money with my account. I made a few trades as he was firing off trades for me to take..very quickly. I won a 4 or 5 trades and I was feeling upbeat that this looked like it could be a good thing to help me make some extra money during my difficult times.

Rivera advised he would call the next day and he would show me how to make some real serious money. I made and won a few more trades that he fired off to me over the phone. Things still looked good, but then Adam suggested I step it up another notch and add another $2000 deposit from my credit card.

I added the extra 2,000 bringing me up to an account valued at over 6,000. This also included matching bonus funds-- which I didn't request and actually advised at the start that I wanted NO bonuses whatsoever. The bonuses were added anyways, and this brought about my first feelings of concern about the policies of GTOptions. Now with my account sitting at close to 6k, Adam said to brace yourself and get ready to make some real money! He convincingly advised me to jump into these sure bet trades and next thing I knew I was invested into 36 trades in a matter of minutes. Rivera thgen signed off from the phone for the night and advised he would call again the next day to more to make some more money. Meanwhile, I was sitting at home and watching trade after trade expire out of the money, and my account was shrinking smaller and smaller as I began to realize that I was just dumped into a pile of worthless random investments that would eat up my entire account balance in no time. By morning that is exactly what happened and my account was now worth a couple hundred bucks, but to my horror, I am now seeing my credit card balance go up to close to $5000.

Here I am now , after having trusted this character (Adam Rivera )that I allowed in to my personal world and even shared my unfortunate plight. I truly believed the compassion he showed was very real and sincere, but now I am sitting here with a $5000 credit card balance and no means whatsoever to pay this off when it is due soon. I'm asking myself now how could someone do this to another human who is down and out? That, to me is akin to leave a dying animal by the roadside after watching it stuck down by another vehicle. No one at GTOptions will allow me to speak to a manager now to get this straightened out. This is a completely dishonest, immoral and illegal way to conduct business. I will literally soon not be able to pay my rent or food bills if I must send most of my meagre funds to pay off my credit card bill. This has become beyond worrisome as I now don't know what to do or how this will make my life even more difficult than it already is. I was guaranteed by Rivera I would not lose my principal funds Now no one at GTOptions will call me back and discuss this matter! That further infuriates me as this is not the way real brokers should operate. Of course I made a mistake thinking I could make some quick money with binary options, but that's what desperation does to people. Perhaps all I can do now is warn others about this shady boiler room scamming outfit called "GTOptions". Maybe Rivera was dropped on his head as a child and he is mad at the world and lashing out. To bad ---so sad "Adam" you are a disgrace to humanity and you epitomize all the very worst traits in the human condition. Greed ; Arrogance; Selishness; Immorality. The only thing one can say in concluding is .....Karma will someday come back to haunt you Adam Rivera, as sure as the sun rises in the east, this will come true. AVOID GTOPTIONS AT ALL HUMANLY COSTS. You will entering the gates of hell if you get into their clutches
Apeldoorn, Netherlands,
Sep 27, 2015,

On the internet you can find hundreds of victims of GTOptions, just like me. Gtoptions is the most aggressive and arrogant broker that you can find on the internet. I am one of the many they have ripped off and it must stop now! On the website of Watchdog they are saing that GTOptons is regulated: CySEC, MIFID, FCA and EU regulated. I have done some researched and it turns out that this is not true! They are nowhere regulated. Even they didn’t have Trader Protection Insurance. How is it possible that I've lost 80 thousand euros and they wan’t give me my deposit back?
They are busy now to lose all my money so they will no longer need to communicate with me. I’m now with my bank, ABN Amro and their trading experts, examine whether they have passed my false signals. Also I will report this to my Credit Card Company and demand to get my money back.
They have made me lost all my save money and ruined my family. And I will fight them where ever I can!
Please look at this link or google GTOptions and I'm shore that you will change your mind.
Let me tell you how GtOptions work!
First I have deposit 250 Euro. Than you get an very nice gentleman on the phone speaking your languish and conversation will go like this: If you deposit 2000 Euro you will get within 2 days one hundred thousand Euro.
After two days he call you back: Good news, we have doubled your profit!
But you have to deposit 2000 Euro. So it went on until I should got 35 million Euro. I have deposit all my savings worth 20 thousand Euro! How stupid can you be!!!!
The same evening I have lost 40 thousand Euro! 40 trades and one winning. How do you call that?
I call it scam?
The young man was more interested in buying drugs in Amsterdam than helping me with good trades.
When I wanted to have the remaining money back, within 5 minutes I was called back by a new account manager. Please do not withdrawal because I will lose my job. Where is my first manager? He is in Dubai to learn oil sheiks trade with binary options. Yes I have been told so, it is really true! ‘Next day I have been called by my account manager from Dubai. Background sounds were same as before. He just sat in London! It was all lie!
The next account manager yes a new one because the last one must go to Angola teach African people trade with binary option. Please don't laugh because it is really true. The same evening I have lost 20 thousand Euro!
First they let you make big money and then make loss everything till the bonus and so you can't withdraw any money. Once I had 82 thousand Euro (and 23 thousand Euro bonus!!!) but now I have only 9 thousand Euro and this is bonus! So not my money.
GtOptions doesn't want to make you any profit, they are only interested to extract as much money as possible from your account. They have ruined my family. They says that they are The Most Trusted Binary Option Broker, but they are not to be trusted, you will just like me lose all your money! Please see the link. Stay away from them as far as you can!!!!! They lie constantly!
Please if you want to see my ridicules portfolio, please let me know.
Best regards Jirka

Galician, Spain,
Jul 10, 2015,

GT Options an organization of Thieves and Scammers with Reynaldo Martínez and Mike Freeman.
I opened an account at GT Options through the autotrader available on Mike Freeman’s website.
I have requested a withdrawal and GT Options refuses to transfer me the money and have even blocked my email account and do not accept my messages.