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SkyFx.com (Trademarker) Review

Updated: Mar 27, 2018
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May 2016:  Cysec has withdrawn the license of SkyFx and ordered the company to return all client funds.  CLICK HERE to verify.  This is one more broker the FPA warned was a scam which was later shut down by regulators.
February 15, 2016:  Cysec has suspended the license of Trademarker, Ltd.  CLICK HERE for confirmation.


October 2015:  There are now 3 FPA Traders Court guilty votes against companies owned by Trademarker.  One is against Capital Option.  The other 2 are against SkyFx.  Based on these, the FPA considers Trademarker and all related companies to be scams.

The FPA recommends against doing business with SkyFx, CapitalOption, and all other Trademarker companies.  If you already have an account with any of these, we recommend you try to withdraw all of your funds immediately.

This Scam label can be lifted when all current issues against Tradermarker companies are resolved.


January 2016:  A series of recent articles in the Israeli press indicate that Aviv Talmor is under investigation for operating a Ponzi scheme.  Companies believed to be associated with him include SkyFx, Capital Option, FXTG, One Binary, Algo Plus, Plus FN, and Algo Banque.  CLICK HERE and start reading at post #103 for more information.


SkyFx/Trademarker sent an agreement to pay money owed in order to end a client's claims against the company.  Inside the 8 page agreement, it said the amount would be transferred to the Client's trading account in 153241 days.  That would give SkyFx over 400 years to pay the client.  CLICK HERE and scroll down to post #10 to see where this was reported.

Read any agreement very carefully before signing it.

WARNING: Instead of discussing steps needed to resolve client issues, SkyFx has threatened to bring in a lawyer to remove the Scam label from their company.  Their rep also included what the FPA interprets as a bribe attempt.  They refuse to withdraw the legal threat unless the FPA removes the Scam label first.  You can CLICK HERE to read the emails.


The FPA considers this to be another reason to not do business with SkyFx.

October 2015:  There are currently 2 FPA Traders Court guilty votes against SkyFx.
Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.
Other websites of this Trademarker (Cyprus) Ltd include TradeMarker.com and CapitalOption.com.

SkyFx.com (Trademarker)

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Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2015-1662015-09-24Des Hall vs skyfx.comguilty
2015-1602015-09-15PilipenkoIgor vs SkyFx.comguilty


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2.814 · 63 REVIEWS
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Stephen Craig,
Thailand, Thailand,
May 8, 2016,

Hi As another victim of the Unscrupulous Forex Brokers Sky Fx i would like to offer all who have been scammed a chance to get your voice heard.I know of a financial Journalist who want to expose them for what they are and at the same time collect what happened to all of us .Our Story if you like . His name is Andrew Saks McLeod and his e-mail is andrew@financefeeds.com. Write to him and tell him what happened to you with Sky Fx
unknown, Colombia,
Apr 18, 2016,

I worked with them for a while, I know the scam techniques, if anybody wants info. let me know

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Daniel Dawson,
Westonaria, South Africa,
Feb 22, 2016,

I deposited $250 with Skyfx.com on 6 November 2015. After payment the trading manager Dylan Cooper requested that I pay an additional 250 dollars to start trading. I decided not to continue with them and applied for a refund of my payments. I have been battling to get any correspondence until last week when Dylan Cooper told me that the money was transferred into my account. I regret the day that I decided to put money into skyfx.com. They are a bunch of unreliable people out there. I am still battling to received my money
Warsaw, Poland,
Feb 16, 2016,

be careful about money company lost license
Skyfx.com not pay for costumer
, Sweden,
Feb 15, 2016,

George M.,
Athens, Greece,
Jan 21, 2016,

Skyfx is scam company because their acount managers and their brokers grab money from traders without any authority or any LPOA paper to do that!!!!

2016-01-12 1 Star Skyfx is the most terrible and extremely bad performance. Unethical behavior!
kent, United Kingdom,
Dec 26, 2015,

I have been trading recently with Richard Williams who claims ownership of Skyfx, after significant problems with other brokers in the company he suggested to work with him, i made 5k profit from a trade but before i closed it he insisted for me to deposit another 10k! and if i didnt he would freeze my account. after a week of lengthy arguments and me telling him that i didn't even have 10k. He is now refusing to approve my withdrawal request. i have over 11,700 usd in the account. The thing is i probably would have traded some more with skyfx but now i know how little control i have of my money, never again! and strongly advise anyone else to stay away! i am looking into getting in touch with UK Trade and Investment who should be able to help, if i am successful i will let you know on here.
Kgulile Mbatha,
Manchester Uk, United Kingdom,
Oct 25, 2015,

I currently have a trading account with Sky fx,My Broker Thom managed to win me few trades as we drained my Bank balances We have reached $60000 balance on my trading account.Thom is no longer available to talk to me despite several request to call me back,Sky Fx is refusing my withdrawal requests
ms adams,
, Bahamas,
Oct 24, 2015,

sky fx is a set of thieves i am still awaiting my withdrawal yet they call when i sent them a email say i want to invest they call , but when they call and i inform them that i want a withdrawal they hang up on me, now what u hv to do is visit your bank and let them know that your card is no longer safe as they hv team viewer watchin your account and taking down information then they just take money from your card daily , they will be caught wat i did was record the conversation so, i track location, so the bigger heads are on their case
, Singapore,
Oct 22, 2015,

I have similar problem like "Dee Guan, Wong (Wilson), Kuching, Malaysia" in this thread http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/resolved-skyfx-by-trademarker-cyprus-ltd-is-a-scam.40548/

Here is my story :-

I received unsolicited call from Skyfx partner offering Risk Free trade on Apple Stock. His name is Eric Roy and the e-mail is (ericroy@skyffx.com).

I was wondering why not invest a small amount of $600, then an account manager named Michelle Montgomery (MichelleMontgomery@skyffx.com) guide me opening an account.

After that Michelle recommended me a broker name Tom Long (tomlong@skyffx.com), Tom advised me to increase my account to 20k and will give 10k credit bonus so that I can trade like normal people ? Since I am very new to trading, I followed his advise because he promised me to make a lot of profit from this capital.

If you see my trade history from 17/06/15, all are in profits until 26/06/15, Tom advised to open a sell 1.50 lot on sbeanjul15^ without any SL being set. It was a treacherous trade and I lost 79k on 30/06/15, not only this trade but few others too along the way. I tried contacting Tom or Michelle but to no avail, where are they when I need them ?, it's like on purpose.. And then I decided to call SkyFx customer service for advise and they mention I have to top up to secure my margin which I do not have any more fund to top up and have to close the trade in order not to loose more..

I should have withdraw everything I have in there but due to the limitation of withdrawing, it will get my credit bonus removed. Worst thing when I can withdraw from profit, Tom did not advised me to withdraw instead asking me to open trades and leaving it open overnight, instead I wanted withdraw when it break even but losses took over and was unable to withdraw due to the credit bonus limitation.

This are my life savings and SkyFx had willful intend to ruin their clients. If I would not have picked up that call, I will be safe !!!

Account : 15585