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Sydney, Australia,
Nov 1, 2021,

Excellence in trader training personified!

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Having come up through the university system and then moving to the private sector, I’ve been a trainer enough to know that I’m nothing but competent and I can see that I don’t know a lot in the world of training. So, it is a joy to see a master trainer in action when I come across them. Chris Capre is one such master trainer. Learning new skills takes time and effort and Chris tells you that upfront. He is honest from the outset, shows you what you can achieve with the right approach and then he sets out to teach you what that approach is. The courses he has constructed at 2nd Skies Forex are crafted from the outset to guide you through the best pathway to learning the skills required to become a profitable trader. He clearly has invested his 20+ years of experience in these courses, refining them and carefully considering how best to guide the student through the materials. His weekly webinars are insightful and I always gain from them even when I have no questions of my own. I cannot recommend the courses from Chris Capre and 2nd Skies Forex enough! If you want to trade forex, stocks, options or anything in the markets for that matter, these are in my mind the best courses to learn to trade or to take your trading on the next leg up.
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 5, 2021,
Registered user

6 years later, still the best educator Ive come across!

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I've been so fortunate to have Chris as my 1st mentor since 2016 and had a chance to spend 2 days on his trading business visit in London.
With his no nonsense approach to trading I knew i was in the right place and knew i had to be prpepared to work harder than the average retail trader. I've stayed ou on this path and focused on building positive trading/mindset habits that have been taught and given most the edge to succeed. Where most educators focus mostly on Trading Strategies, Chris and 2ndskies emphasize more on developing our mindsets through his 20+years experience in Neuroscience so this is top tier professional education that will teach you a "career skill" that you can pass down to your kids as ive seen a few class members teach their own :-) How cool is that?
Support is 2nd to none, either Chris himself or one of our senior members Sascha (top ex student who graduated to working with Chris) I don't know where else i would be if I had passed on this opportunity to work with Chris, so this is an investment well spent.
Kingscliff, Australia,
Jun 27, 2021,
Registered user

Genuine and Altruistic

Service use: Other Length of use: over 1 Year
My experience has been really good, anytime I need help it has been given freely and the course material and support is spot on, I have no hesitation on recommending the 2ndSkiesForex.com training to anyone as I have done to all my friends.
Minsk, Belarus,
Jun 18, 2021,
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A feedback on the experience with 2nd Skies Trading

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Hello everyone.

My name is Constantin. I’m from Belarus (BY).

Before signing up for the TTM course Feb’24 2021 I have had around 3 years of experience in trading. The result was on the negative scale of axis.
I’ve been trying to self educate (gave me initial understanding of trading), then I found a russian speaking teacher who, no doubt, traded successfully but I didn’t manage to apply the knowledge he gave me (I felt I was missing something in this knowledge). By that time, I lurked at Chris’s pre-market session for about a year. Choosing a tutor I follow 3 rules: (1) I must see the logic in his actions, approach, (2) must be a professional imo; (3) I should have a feeling a person is fair in what (s)he’s doing. All three rules matched and I signed up for the TTM.

I dedicated myself to the learning materials of the course practicing reading charts. After some time I realized the knowledge I received helped me to actually read charts and understand what I saw. That was encouraging, had never this before. After some demoing I used my real small acc to start practicing my skills (not sure if I’m right buy personally for me it is important I trade real money, that keeps me always sharp). Here I am to say that I am on the way of the learning curve and have so much more to learn and skilled up.

What I can tell for sure by this time is that a person who is pationate of trading, who has the right mindset, who follows rules can learn to trade profitable by learning what Chris is being tought.

Cutting of my bright and warm feelings the next things I want to say about 2ndSkies Trading team:

1. Chris is a pro and not only a trader but a tutor as well (I feel it and want to
share that with you).
2. Processes of learning, communication with students are well organized.
3. Chris’s right hand - Sascha Gogolin – is a harworking/talented person who
supports community and background processes that work like a clock. As far
as I saw Sascha was one of Chris’s students. Despite of all massive of work he
is responisble for he trades. His commentaries on other students trades posted
and webinars he holds sometimes are highly valued and appreciated by them.

If someone interested: I paid off my TTM course a few times already.
Pennsylvania, USA,
Jun 13, 2021,
Registered user

The right place to learn and build professional trading skills!

I started learning about FX trading by reading free online materials, but when I finished reading all the chapters, I still had no clue how to trade in the real world until I found Chris Capre at 2ndskiesforex.com. He teaches that we not only learn trading conceptually, but we should practice trading on sim, demo and live. I’m so fortunate to be part of the 2ndskies trading community. Aside from the head trader, Chris who shares gangster trades with us in real time daily and the executive instructor, Sascha Gogolin who takes his valuable time to go over each student’s questions in greater detail on our weekly webinars, we also have tons of profitable senior traders who share with us their trade ideas, tips and trading mindsets for us to become profitable traders. Traders in our 2ndskies trading community are so helpful and humble. I do like the fact that Chris has taught us core Price Action trading skills that work on any time frames and instruments for trading FX, stocks, crypto, global indices and options. I know that these skills that I’ve learned today will always be part of my trading plans regardless of 10, 20, or 30 years in the future.
Cagliari, Italy,
May 28, 2021,
Registered user

It's not just that I turned profitable, Chris changed my whole mindset

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I've been a 2ndskiesforex member since 2016.
Coming from the classic mindset of "Man, I've been trying this strategy for a month and it's not working!! Gotta try something else", I initially underestimated what Chris was teaching, cause he was not teaching a 2-rules-that's-it strategy.
He was talking about skills, reading price action context, working on the mindset as a base for becoming profitable... he definitely sounded out of the crowd.

One day I finally got sick of jumping from one strategy to another, losing about 5k by wiping 4 accounts, and started to understand the importance of what Chris was saying in his very first lesson.
Beside that, "being able to read price action no matter what the market context is", and without having to use 7-8 indicators in my charts (making them basically a graphic mess!), sounded RELIEVING to my depressed mind.

It took time for me to digest and practice all the skills Chris taught, mostly because of my lazy mindset and my lack of "mental strength" to put down the work needed to change my mindset and to convince myself that even 30 mins of daily practice can quickly change my ability to find clear trades in every FX pair, stock or even crypto. I profited from BTC run in 2017 thanks to Chris' first core pillar alone.

3 years later I found myself running some stats on my trades and recognizing that for the first time I closed my year not losing money (as always did before), not even breakeven, but profitable. I increased my capital through my trading skills and it was not a "one month I'm rich, next one I've lost twice as that" thing.

5 years later I'm not worried anymore about me not being able to trade professionally.
I'm confident with what I'm doing every day, and I'm not worried about ending the month in profit anymore.

Instead I'm thinking of when and how I can increase my position size, what are the stocks I can trade today and how many options strategies I can use on them to control my risk professionally while leveraging my profit. 2 years ago I couldn't even image I could make money when the market is going sideways.

It's a whole different trading life for me. And I now know trading can be my job and my main source of income.

Thanks to Chris and Sascha for changing my life and for being there every single day I needed support, taking me through this step by step.

No need to say, I encourage anyone who wants to make trading a concrete part of his/her life to join the Trading Masterclass. The community, the support and skills taught in there will make it possible.

Apr 16, 2019 - 5 Stars I totally LOVE this community!
I'll be always thankful to Chris Capre and his Jedi Sascha Gogolin for their precious work and time.
What they are giving out is absolutely priceless, and I'm not referring just to the trading-related part of it.

Since I joined this community, a full-360° "growing process" started (mindset AND trading-wise).
After a year I can now see how I'm slowly switching from the "I need to find my holy-grail system" mindset to "I understand the best way to trade is to learn to adapt to price action context and the way markets continuously evolve".
The former used to consume my soul and enthusiasm. The latter is motivating and makes me feel I'm approaching this as a profession, the right way.

I still have a lot to work to complete this switch to a pro mindset, but I can finally say that this is the first time where my 6 months demo account is at breakeven instead of in deep drawdown.
The nicest side of this, is that I'm now able to understand where I need to work on to move to the next step (from breakeven to profit).

I definitely recommend anyone who intends to take trading seriously to give Chris a chance. For the money, it's 120% worth it.
Home, USA,
May 25, 2021,
Registered user

Chris has one of the best trainings for discretionary traders

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
If you want a system or systems you might want to look somewhere else, however, if you want to be able to read price charts like a big bright neon sign, this just might be the course for you.

2ndSkiesForex has an amazing YouTube channel and his training takes it to the next level.

Chris doesn't just teach you entries, he tries to convey how a winning trader views the market and reads charts, along with money management, and the proper mindset.

This class is the first place I would have started years ago if I could go back, that being said after only a few weeks I went from a slow drain on my account to a profitable trader, and I'm sure I will never blow up another account using the risk of ruin rules put forth in this class.

I wish all Forex classes and the teacher were this good.
Nagpur, India,
Apr 9, 2021,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
dont even know how to start. this guy is the epitome of douchebaggery.
he has a massive igo. he says no one got kicked off for asking questions. lol . i was abused by his so called fake fan and he took his side and when i called him bad person

His words were "Nobody calls me bad and stays in my couse"

what a disgusting human. he wont teach you anything new yet somehow fake review or god knows what will continue people near him. chris capri needs to be exposed. he is quick to criticize another forex educator but cant see how full of himself he is,

like many here say half of his videos are fluffly self glorification. i dated a dentist. wow omg great. what now? jesus christ. fear god chris fear god. a buddhist lol. meditation lmfao. buddhist dnt have such big igo neither are they so much full of themselves. ur a fake human and i hope u get exposed or suffer a lot. i hate you from the bottom of my heart
Reply by 2ndSkiesForex submitted Apr 18, 2021:
Hello Scruboven,

While we appreciate 'scrutiny' of our courses, this doesn't seem to be an actual 'course review' and more of a personal attack.

I'm not sure where to start, but here's my responses to your comments.

RE: Wont Teach You Anything
Well considering we've shown we're profitable:
2020 yearly performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45JcnOtv5fI
2021 Q1 performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45JcnOtv5fI

It seems we can show people a lot about making money consistently.

RE: "I hate you from the bottom of my heart"...."I hope you suffer a lot"
How this part is a ‘course review’ is beyond me, but let’s address these points

1) first off, hating me doesn't really hurt me. While I appreciate your feedback, your hate is not something I'm gonna take personally.

But that hate will not be of a benefit to your mindset. Hate is corrosive. If you dislike me, fine, do so. But to extend that feeling into such a negative emotion (hate) is counter productive to your growth and well being as a person IMO.

2) as to "hoping i suffer a lot"
Well I don't hope the same for you.
I honestly don't.

I know what its like to 'suffer' and I don't wish that upon anyone (even my enemies). Life already presents enough suffering, no need to wish more of that for others.

You must be really suffering on the inside to 'want' and 'hope' someone else suffers a lot.

RE: Getting Kicked Off For Asking Questions
That's correct. Nobody has ever been kicked off for asking questions (tough or easy ones).

RE: Getting Abused By Fake Fan
First off, you admit to calling him a 'bad person'. Nobody in our course is allowed to insult other members, regardless of whether you disagree with them or not.

You are basically admitting here you violated the course rules about code of conduct towards other people, then you are complaining you were 'abused' by a fake fan?

This seems contradictory.

RE: Nobody Calls Me Bad & Stays In My Course
Yes, nobody is allowed to use foul language in my course. I don't have problems with people disagreeing with me, or having critiques of me.

But my course is not a place for foul language as its not supportive to learning.

Your use of language here suggests its highly likely you used similar language in our course, thus if you were kicked off, you're supporting our claim to do so.

In Closing
This doesn't really seem like a 'course review' and more of a personal attack.

How FPA allowed this to be a review about a product with this language is beyond me.

But I'm sorry you feel such hate towards another person, that this is how you choose to spend your time (hoping they suffer, hating them a lot).

As to your actual review of our course (am failing to see much of it here), it seems you felt the need to insult me personally more than give an actual review here of our course.

But I feel we've addressed your points here.

Regardless of all the insulting language, I sincerely wish you experience less hate, and more peace in your life, and that you find success in your trading career.

Kind Regards,
Brooklyn, NY, USA,
Mar 13, 2021,
Registered user

For people who are serious about learning to trade

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Chris Capre and 2nd Skies trading are fantastic resources for learning to trade Forex and stocks. His mentorship has been invaluable and made a huge impact on my success as a trader. The trading courses are clear, practical, and allow you to work at your own pace. There are plenty of real world examples to demonstrate the trading principles you are learning. I am very happy I found Chris Capre! I just signed up for his options course as well. Im looking forward to adding another skill set to my arsenal. If you are serious about learning to trade in all market environments, Chris Capre and 2nd Skies is the course for you. Best of luck!
Cape Town, South Africa,
Feb 18, 2021,
Registered user

Avoid 2nd Skies and Chris Capre at all costs

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I signed up to the 2nd Skies Advanced Price Action (APA) course with great enthusiasm and used it for a few years. I followed Chris Capre on social media, Youtube, researched reviews on him and got nothing but good reviews. Then signed up and believe me when i say save your money and look somewhere else for value for money education. I did that and couldn't be happier. I made money and lost money with his methods, his self invented trading language is confusing, his videos are more speeches and fluffy and its really all over the show. There are still many students in the members discord channel struggling with his methods and obviously not profitable and i probably will never be following Chris. Whilst there were students signing up to his APA course he drops a bombshell - students there is now a new course called TTM and APA support will cease to exist from June 2021 including the discord channel. You still have access to the course but no support unless you sign up to the new TTM course which is expensive ($599) for a year and thereafter $199 each year. From what i read and contacting other students its a re-incarnation of the APA course with "new material" as Chris states. Its nothing more than a rip off in my opinion and he is leaving all APA students high and dry even the most recent students who joined. And by the way that includes his stock course students. Needless to say students are not happy at the moment and too many are afraid to question the fraud known as Chris Capre. I questioned Chris and whenever a student questions him, he is rude, condescending and defensive, oh and he will kick you off the platform because you questioning him. He can advertise his results as much as he likes, he can continue to bash other successful traders, he is nothing more than a scammer extorting money from innocent traders seeking to make a living through trading. Stay away and if you join that's on you. Cheers
1 trader has found this review helpful
Reply by 2ndSkiesForex submitted Mar 15, 2021:
Hello Brad33,

We appreciate the feedback and you sharing your opinion.

However many of the points you stated were highly inaccurate. For example:

1) RE: Students Being Afraid to Ask Questions/Getting Kicked Off
This is completely inaccurate. We've only banned 3 students in the last 3 years.

NOBODY is being kicked off for asking questions. So your description here is completely inaccurate.

2) RE: TTM Course Being Re-Incarnation of APA
This is completely FALSE. There are 6 new strategies, on top of new lessons on:
Tape Reading
Managing Trades
How to Trade Stocks (APA was focused on forex)
And more...

The best of the APA lessons were brought into the TTM, but completely revised, updated and evolved to another level. But 90% of the lessons are completely new.

So to say the TTM is just a reincarnation of the APA is completely inaccurate and false.

3) RE: Students Not Being Happy
Well that doesn't seem to make sense considering 75% of ALL APA members joined the TTM.

Does that sound like students being unhappy? No.

4) RE: Recent APA Students Who Joined
All recent APA students who joined were offered a chance to join TTM for FREE.

Members that had been around for a while were offered a massive discount.

So again, your characterization here is inaccurate.

5) RE: TTM Being Expensive
Yes, the TTM course is more than the APA, and for good reason.
a) We're offering my live trades to my students
b) they're getting access to my pre-market live stream
c) access to mine & Sascha's swing trades

So that IMO merits a price increase.

And since we've demonstrated we're profitable (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45JcnOtv5fI), our live trades pay for the course.

So again, your description here seems misleading at best.

With that being said, Lifetime Access Does Not = Lifetime Support.

This is clearly stated in our terms of service.

All APA students get lifetime access to the lessons, of which many we've added that they didn't have to pay for.

But to assume they should get lifetime support from me for the next 30 years seems ridiculous. At the price paid ($399), that means for 10 years they get full access to me for $39 per year!

Who offers that? Nobody worth their salt, especially a profitable trader with verified results.

In Closing
While we appreciate your feedback and where you're coming from, I feel I've demonstrated how your statements here are not accurate nor reflective of the new course, or our service.

With that being said, we wish you nothing but the best of luck in your trading career and hope you can find profitability and success.

Kind Regards,

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