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Updated: Sep 17, 2018
2.839 · 7 REVIEWS
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Blackwell Global Trader is a forex broker. Blackwell Global Trader offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile global forex trading top platforms. BlackwellTrader.com offers forex pairs, metals, and cdfs for your personal investment and trading options.

BlackwellTrader.com (Blackwell Global Investments)

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2.839 · 7 REVIEWS
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Crail, United Kingdom,
Sep 14, 2018,

Good for Crypto/Fiat

No problems at all with this broker. Actually trade crypto/fiat with the Blackwell lads and have successfully withdrawn funds. Can't comment on previous stuff but for now they seem ok. As long as I'm getting my money.
Munich, Germany,
Jul 29, 2017,
Registered user

They need very long time to put money on my account, very unprofessional methods

I tried Blackwell Global as a Broker only for some days in 2017.
I had a small account and wanted to make a payment by Skrill, so that my account stays without margin call over night.
Skrill payments are running through normally very fast at other brokers, but not at Blackwell Global.
Blackwell Global needed 12 hours to put the money on my account. This is not acceptable and I don't know, why it takes so long. I lost my account because of this. This is very unprofessional behaviour of Blackwell.
You can lose your account very fast, if they don't put the paid money to your account. They seem to have no standard payment fulfilling times and I don't like this. It's a bit like coincidence, when your payment is on the account. Other brokers are much better. The GUI for their management interface is very old fashioned. Also not so good for me. I cannot recommend Blackwell Global.
Lincoln, United Kingdom,
May 29, 2017,

Started testing them out during the MYFXBook Competition. Latency seems pretty good. The sales person said they are adding a new diary tool in a couple of weeks.
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 28, 2017,
Registered user

Scam - Avoid

There is a major scam taking place between Blackwell Global and the producers of the Einstein Trader EA. The producers of the Einstein Trader EA run a number of "Live" accounts with BGI that purport to show the results of live trading using the EA. However, when I set up an account with the same broker, and used the same recommended VPS provider (CNS), the results were vastly different from these "Live" accounts. I was told that this was due the the liquidity providers not being based in the same location as the broker and the VPS, which seems a bit odd given that the reference accounts did not have this issue.

There is something deeply suspicious taking place here, as my account lost around 25% during the month or so that I held an account whereas the "Real" reference accounts made 10% profit during this time. Avoid both this broker and the Einstein Trader EA like the plague. They are both scams.
Feb 21, 2017,

Blackwell has reputation issues. They did not treat their staff in Nigeria well, owed many months salaries and still did not pay till date. When you dont treat your staff well is it the clients that you will treat well. fortunately the affected staff will be heading to court shortly.
Ayodele Opeyemi Osude ,
Nigeria , Nigeria,
Aug 5, 2016,

Blackwell Global has eventually paid my money after many months. The problem was as a result of inappropriate communication of information which led to a lot of panic and also from the financial institution in the country.

Jul 26, 2016 - 1 Star I'm currently having a terrible experience with Blackwell Global. I placed a withdrawal of 10,978 dollars since the 17th of May this year and till this moment, I have not received my money. All I receive from them are empty promises that they will never fulfil. The service of the company is so poor that they do not even reach out to me as regards my money and different occasions that I have tried reaching their Cyprus office, they don't pick up. This issue is causing me a whole lot of inconveniences. I just want my money out of the company because I don't understand how a straight through processing firm that claims to have withdrawals within 24hrs will hold on to my money for over two months. This appears to be nothing but a scam to me because they are not even responding to the thread I invited them on.
London, United Kingdom,
Aug 2, 2016,

Hi, I am one of the staff at Blackwell Global in the UK. I just wanted to put my contact details out there so I can resolve any issues you may have. We are an FCA regulated entity and we have a number of responsibilities to cater for our clients. If you are not happy with the level of service you have received, I am on hand to try and solve this issue for you ASAP. I appreciate that in this industry sometimes when you have an issue and things don't get resolved as quickly as you would like, this leads to mixed emotions, confusion and often a sense of blame. I would like to try and deal with your issues in the first instance and I believe I will be able to rectify 99% of the problems you may have.

Please find my details here.

Ricky Popat -
(44) 203 695 0898 (ext 3204)
Uwaifo Joseph,
Oyo state, Nigeria,
Jul 20, 2016,

The problem i experienced happened to come from my unreliable financial institution in my country, and not from Blackwell Global itself.
I think my previous stance on BGI is faulty and was overclouded by sentiments, cynicism coupled with anger.
Blackwell Global in my opinion is a great company, and they have proven to be reliable once again.

Think Forex, think Blackwell Global...

2016-07-11 1Star
I joined BGI in August 2015. I initially traded and lost all my money, but I didn't stop there. I decided to fund my account again in June 2016 with $200, and I made a profit of $106 in a little over 5 days.

I decided to protect my investment by withdrawing my capital. I initiated the withdrawal on June 11 but still had open trades on my account which made the deduction impossible until June 15. Upon hearing a tip about the companies recent legal issues germane to fraud, I decided to withdraw my balance $106 on June 17.

It is clearly outlined on their website that international withdrawals take a maximum of 5 working days to be fully processed, but my first withdrawal of $200 was fully processed after 16 days (11 working days), while I'm still yet to receive payment for my second withdrawal with today July12 making it 25 days (17 working days) coming.

Communications with the company has proven u reproductive as they cannot provide any concrete information but rather plead for patience each time I place a call or send an email. I have concluded that I've been scammed, but I'll appreciate a thorough investigation into the matter so that other traders will not suffer the damages I've suffered.
szabina farkas ,
debrecen , Hungary,
Jan 8, 2015,

good service, if there are problems, always resolved quickly
withdraw money fast and without questions
advice to all traders