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Updated: Apr 14, 2019
3.369 · 54 REVIEWS
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November 2015:  Multiple fake and suspicious positive reviews submitted.

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TheBestForexSignal.com profile provided by support-tbfs, Aug 2, 2018

We are professional Best Forex Signals Providers. We use successful forex tools for trading.
We trade using next Best Forex Strategies: ABC breakouts, Trendlines breakouts, Supply & Demand, customized Elliot Wave.

Forex trading has become quite easy especially if you are using the right Forex signals from a reliable source that will allow you to trade or exit at the right time, TheBestForexSignal.com is this source. The services here are from professional traders as opposed to retail traders, this assures all our members of accurate information that works towards their success.TheBestForexSignal.com uses modern methods to provide forex signals and alerts to all the members regardless of whether they are beginners, intermediate or advanced traders.Forex trading can be an interesting platform for you to start your business reap profits. Our special assistance will cater to your needs and provide holistic solutions to appease your doubts. Register an account with us to start receiving accurate forex signals today .Trading in forex is a challenging.


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3.369 · 54 REVIEWS
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EF Capital Group Ltd,
lyon, France,
Mar 20, 2019,
Registered user

STAW AWAY from this service, complete SCAM and only spread collection !!

STAY AWAY, this is only spread collection from them as an Introducing broker, results are only made to gather commissions from your open trades. Not a single real trading style or Skills in trading. This is pure hazardous game.
DO NOT PUT A SINGLE PENNY THERE it is a dangerous ***SCAM*** !! Consider Around 10 % in loss per week !!

Reply by support-tbfs submitted Mar 22, 2019:
This user had the same results as our site, but he was not pleased with the amount in pips, he expected 2,000 pips per month, but we are making 500 pips per month.

Fortuna, Costa Rica,
Jan 5, 2019,

Super good!

They met my expectation.
I am taking profit, and I am satisfied with them.
I do not want to change them.
Van De Mer,
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Dec 25, 2018,

A very serious site with many successful signals and forex trading tips.
I personally like Black Stone Forex Signals ... their recommendation is to trade 25% risk, in that case it is a profit of about 10% a month, although I prefer a higher risk and go to 50% risk, but I therefore have about 400% of the profit per year.
My advice, do not rush much on the Internet, there is a lot of scam, but these guys are not a scam, but one of the most serious websites for Forex signals.
Oct 16, 2018,
Registered user

Results don't match website...Testing with a small live acct

I am in the process of testing the Daily signal with a small live account. ($100 with a fixed lot of .01 to test the pip results on the website. Though they have been VERY responsive to my questions, their posted results (pip count) aren't close to their posted results and they couldn't really explain how I could get the results they post.
Today was my first day of auto-trading and the performance was BETTER than they posted BUT that means the losing days will be worst than they post! I based my risk on their WORST posted losing streak which was 9 consecutive losing trades in July for a pip total of -181. Since they place three trades per pair, but only post as one trade per pair, I fear the losses could be 3x the posted performance.

Again, today was a winning day netting over +110 pips. My day one complaint is NOT showing the actual trades, demo or live. Hopefully the Blackstone is as it seems. I'll keep you posted.
Reply by support-tbfs submitted Oct 23, 2018:
Please prove that you are our user ....
We also appeal to all our users ... do not have much to believe in comments, mostly written by the competition.
We have clearly published results on our site, especially for our BLACK STONE FOREX SIGNALS.
Visitors can see TEST DEMO, then LIVE ACCOUNT and can see details from our LIVE ACCOUNT with which they can sign in to our Live account.
They can see all of our open positions, closed positions, profit, account balance ...
Maryland, USA,
Sep 29, 2018,
Registered user

The Daily Signals are a scam, Straight Up. Don't even attempt it! Maybe Blackstone is better.

Oh boy, where do I start? The results on the Daily signals page are false. Period. They lie. Straight up, It's so weird too because they show video of their metatrader platform showing the closed trades. But somehow, someway they leave out some of the trades that hit stop loss. I have no idea how they do it, but hats off to them for being clever enough to pull it off to fool people into believing the daily signals strategy is profitable when it actually is not profitable at all.

The do straddle trade on the london open entering a pending buy and a pending sell around the asian range high and low. That's all their is to it. Not even worth the money for the system. Once you see them send you the signals, you know exactly what it is, so it's really no need to came paying them for it, honestly.

They will give you 3 different take profit levels on each trade. But here is where their posted results get falsified. When the first take profit gets hit on any of the trades, they completely leave out the results of the other 2 portions of the trade that need to hit take profit 2 and take profit 3. So let's say first take profit gets hit. and the other 2 portions never hit tp2 or tp3. They will only post tp1 result and leave out tp2 and tp3 result. And if you're set up to actually copy the trades with the trade copier, they will not move the other 2 portions to break even. They leave the trades alone. So while your other 2 portions of the trade may hit stop loss, they won't post that in their results.

It gets even more interesting when tp2 gets hit and tp3 doesnt get hit. They won't post tp1 result in this case. Instead, they will post tp2 result and leave out tp3 results which hit your stop loss. They don't manage the trades or anything.

So basically the Daily Signals are a scam. Straight up. I even ask them how they do it, they don't even address it. They won't. The trade report they have on their site that looks like a real metatrader history report (minus the ticket number, time, stop loss and take profit prices), they actually made it look like an actual mt4 report that came straight from the platform, but it isn't. It's simply an excel spreadsheet that is made to look like the mt4 history report. They actually hand type some of the trades in themselves. I can tell because when i copied it into my google sheets, there where typos on some of the currency pairs and mt4 doesn't make typos.

And silly me, I paid for 2 months upfront. I shouldve tested it for a week first.

So now Im trying out their blackstone strategy which is actually connected to myfxbook tracker so at least i know those results are real. Or did they find someone to falsify those too? hmmmm

We shall see.

Going into it, I know they use an 80 pip stop and a 25 pip target, but they seem to win enough to make it profitable in the long term so I'm testing it out. I'll post an update periodically.
Reply by support-tbfs submitted Oct 11, 2018:
If you are so honest, can you post your impressions of our Black Stone Forex Signals?
Miler Haro Borda,
lima, Peru,
Sep 28, 2018,
Registered user

no fraud

I apologize to everyone saying that they were a scam, what I did was read the negative comments as there mensionava that did not get the sms on your phone as I happened the same I thought they were cheating, but I could see that they really have profitability every month, what I like the most is that they have a software where we can configure the volume of each operation and thus copy the operations, in the end I recommend them are not frauds

Aug 5, 2018 - 1 Star I really do not recommend them, I was for a month with these scammers, the results they publish are not true, be careful, the comments with 5 stars are from "thebestforexsignal.com" do not create anything what they say in the comments of 5 stars, all the blame for fraud is the FPA, first because if the FPA tried to help identify the real scams would allow a clean record and as it should be on the FPA page, I mean that anyone can create accounts in FPA, and is more in the comments guest mode, allows to change the name and that gentlemen is illegal, ie the same members of "thebestforexsignal.com" are qualifying with 5 stars.

This message goes to the FPA: if you really want to help people see which pages are scams enpiesen by this:
1. The person who wants to register in FPA would have to register with their original personal data and verify their identity and residence document.

2. They should remove comments "guest" mode.
3. The same person can not comment twice with different names.

EYE: if the FPA does not publish this comment I am recording a video of my screen which I will share in Facebook groups where there are many people who know the subject and we would have to denounce FPA, if public this comment there is no problem, thanks

Review moderation team note

If you have evidence that 2 reviews are from the same person, use the Contact Us link below and send it in.

The FPA goes to great efforts to screen reviews using a combination of automatic and human screening.  Your implication that the FPA is somehow going out of it's way to help this company is obviously wrong.  Otherwise, why don't they have a 5.0 star rating and why is there an alert about fake and suspicious positive reviews on the page?

Your review passed the FPA's moderation procedure under the same rules as all the other reviews you can see here.  Your threat to "denounce" the FPA if we don't somehow bend to your will only makes you look silly.

Time spent responding to bizarre theories that the FPA is somehow conspiring with or against various companies only slows down the review moderation process.  This also slows down work on plans to phase out guest reviews.

Reply by support-tbfs submitted Sep 27, 2018 Miler Haro7:11 PM

I want to pay for next month, but I need the software because I do not have time to be running operations

Support Team7:11 PM

Why pay if we are fraudsters?

Miler Haro7:12 PM

A thousand apologies, I will delete that comment
Santorini, Greece,
Sep 8, 2018,

The most realistick signals

This provider is presenting the most realistick signals.
I suggest Black Stone Forex Signals.
Dubrovnik, Croatia,
Jul 24, 2018,

Very interesting signal provider

Very interesting signal provider .. one of the rare providers that announce real results.
Very serious support .... A few days ago we had bad results, They immediately sent us an email that will give all users a free subscription for another month ... Monthly, about 450 pips average ...
Milano, Italy,
Jul 10, 2018,

MAM system with 30% profit

I am using MAM system and have about 30% each mont.
Service is very good and fast.
Thank you guys!
Kotor, Serbia and Montenegro,
Jun 16, 2018,

Very real and good forex signals...good support...I use Daily signals and Monay Account managed...thanks