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Traders Reviews

Copenhagen, Denmark,
Jun 8, 2013,

Hello lazy Traders!

Here is my last report of this robot.

My conclusion: it works fine when I control it a few times every day. Then it makes good money. Up to 7% PER DAY.

But I was on holidays for 2 weeks. My computer was switched off, because my internet provider cuts me off every 24 hours. So, there was no reason to have the system run. All running trades had a T/P and a S/L. What can go wrong?

The surprise came, when I started my MT4 after the holidays. 6/7th of my balance was blown away. I learned this lesson and bought an iPad to check my trading, even when I am not at home. I can only recommend this to all of you, specially newbies.

But since this robot was only number 30 on FPA EA test list, I waited to buy another robot which is one of the first 10 which runs for a longer period with better results.

Now you can find my EA reports on Sirius Pro Systems which is No. 5 in the moment, when you take away all this DEMO tests. Demo tests should be banned from this list. A result of an EA on a demo account tells you nothing about the EA’s performance on a real account. And who wants to spend money for an EA which runs only on a demo account, while it blows off your real account?

This is it all on this Robot.

I hope I could help you


2013-04-20 5Star Hello Lazy Traders!

Now the first month with Forex Warrior EA Robot comes to an end and I come up with a summary.

I am still happy with this robot. But I made some changes:

1. I run this semi-automated now: the Warrior opens the trades and when I am around and see a trade with around 10 pips or above wins I close it manually. Of course, when I am not around or while I sleep the robot works fully automated.

2. I made some changes to the settings. I do not like the margin-gale settings. This means, whenever the Warrior looses a trade it starts a new trade with higher lot size. This could easily blow off your account. I start with 0.01 lots and I saw one trade with 1.4 lots. If such a trade or 2 of them go wrong – bye, bye my money !!! Therefore I made the following changes in the Warriors’ settings: wherever I saw the word “LOTMULT” (in total 3 times) I changed the value to 1.0. and LOTFIX = True. This keeps the Lot fixed to what I want and NOT what the robot means.

3. I run this EA now on 5 (five) charts: GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, AUS/USD and AUS/NZD. I think this selection of currencies pairs make the robot to work 24 hours per day.

I know it sounds unreal, but with only 2 pairs I already made 6% PER DAY. Now with 5 pairs I come a little over 10% PER DAY. I thought that I get more with 5 pairs. But now I can see that this EA is designed for GBD/USD and I am still running this robot on the very low risk settings: 0.01 lot, no margin-gale at all.

I let you know when I make some changes or I come back in 4 weeks again.

Many happy trades

Yours Jay

2013-04-03 5Star Hello Lazy Traders !

I promised to keep you updated.

The Forex Warrior runs still fine! This is the most important news!

Now this robot works for 2 weeks on my real account!

It was always very still in the night. But I did not buy a robot which work only on daylight hours. Therefore I started also AUD/JPY after the first week. The result is that the profit got up to 7% on every working day. GREAT !!!

But yesterday the robot made same big losses! The result is now, that it make “only” average 4,56% per working day. This means it can be up to 1000% per year !!! Not bad :)

With other words: the Warrior made in two weeks 45% of the starting balance.

I wait one week, before I start the EUR/USD chart with this robot.

In general I can say that I can recommend this robot. But you can also wait to my next update.

Happy Trades to all of you

Yours Jay

2013-03-22 No Rating Hello again lazy traders!

Please read also my report below.

To inform you again about the Forex Warrior I would like to tell you that I am running this robot on a live / real account only.

My precalculations for this robot were 6 trades per day. 1203 trades / 41,3 weeks / 5 working days per week = 5.8 trades per working day. Forex Warrior tells on their website 2-5 trades per day. But this robot executed in the first 24 hours 15 successful trades and only one unsuccessful. This is much more than I awaited.

I keep you updated.

Happy trades to all of you

Yours Jay

2013-03-21 No Rating Hello lazy traders! I have good news for you !!!

First of all I would like to thank you and the Forex Peace Army to avoid loosing money with your reviews and helping me to find this Forex Warrior EA (Robot). I spent (or better: LOST) a lot of money when searching after the “holy grail” of Forex trading. These are the reasons why I take the time to tell you about my experiences with this robot.

I purchased this robot yesterday. After a few minutes I got a mail from them to forward the purchase receipt and my account number (not the name) of my broker. A few minutes later I got the message that my account number is approved. Here you have to know, that one license of the Warrior is only valid for one account. You can change the account whenever you want, but you have to inform the Forex Warrior Team via mail. On their website you get the information that you get a 40% discount for another license.

About one hour later I got a mail, with a download link. Here I downloaded a rar-file. I must admit that installing this robot was not as simple as they tell on their website. Why do they not offer a self-extracting file? But after I unzipped this file I found an installation file and installed the Warrior. After restarting my brokers MT4 I found the Forex Warrior and put it on my GBP/USD chart with drag and drop.

I didn’t do any changes to the settings and clicked on OK. After a few seconds the Warrior started actions. It set a buy and a sell trade at the same time and and placed a buy and sell limit order.

As I told you before, I lost a lot of money with trying EAs and robots. Some didn’t not trade at all. Others emptied my account! None of them started trading like this Warrior. Already about 2-3 hours later the first successful trade closed. Here I made my first change to the robot’s settings: I changed the Lot from 0.01 to 0.02. Now, about 24 hours later, this robot made already 6% of my balance. What a success!

This robot looses trades, as well. No one, even the best traders wont win 100% of their trades. This robot makes more profit than loss. For me, this is the secret to success. I traded with eToro for a while and copied expert traders with good success. But these experts are human beings. For one or another reason they change their trading behavior and suddendly they loose all their money and mine, too. I guess, a robot will not do this.

When I was searching for an appropiate EA I looked for the following details:

1. Does the vendor provide a test on a real account. You can forget about all EAs with a demo test. Real and Demo accounts are totally different! Just look at the BMMAX Power EA, which is No.1 on FPA’s EA Test. They claim to prove their very good results with a live test. But when clicking on their charts on their website you can see the little word “demo”. 800 Dollar for this fake! This is a scam!
2. How long is this real test running. The longer, the better!
3. How many trades were executated in this period? The more trades, the more can be reviewed and proof a stable trading “behavior”
4. How many trades can I expect per day? I guess the more the better.
5. How many trades are successful? Of course, the closer to 100, the better!
6. What is the average win and loose and the biggest winner and looser trade? Here it should be, of course, the winner higher than the looser. Fx, a robot is useless, when it makes 10 successful trades with 1 Dollar profit for each and one unsuccessful trade where it looses 348 Dollars.
7. What is the expected gain for the next 12 month? The higher the better! Here I calculated the gains of the test duration and calculated it up to one year, in order to compare the results. Here I found out that the Profit Factor doesn’t tell anything about a robot.
8. How many reviews (good or bad) can I find?
9. And finally: does the vendor secures a Money-Back-Guarantee (MBG)? Preferably via Clickbank?

You can see that these are a lot of information. Therefore I started an Excel-file to channel all these data. After I finished my reviewing I should have purchased the Forex Growth Bot. The highest profit p.a., very long real test and medium price with MBG via Clickbank. But your reviews and comments helped me to keep my money. The next interesting EA is the JPY EA: the second highest profit for one year, about 30 trades per day, BUT: not even 2 weeks on a real account, price of 400 Dollars with no MBG and your negative comments helped my to stay away from this robot. But I will trace this robot for a longer period.

This Forex Warrior robot is not the cheapest on the market. But they offer a three month license for 60 Dollars (+VAT) and after paying it four times (=one year) you get an unlimited license. Very fair! Or you pay 239,- Dollar (+VAT) at once. They offer on both ways a 30 days Money-Back-Guarantee. So, you can try it for a decent risk. I think, when somebody offers such a payment regulation, they know, that they are offering a good product. This EA had the third highest profit p.a., the third longest real test period and the third highest amount of executed trades and fifth highest trades per day result.

Hopefully this robot continues like it did the first 24 hours. My next step is to test it on EUR/USD chart.

I promise to keep you updated.

Happy Trades to all of you

Yours Jay
Fort Lauderdale, USA,
Feb 4, 2013,

The results are somehow impressive, but the risk is kind of high. For example, the setting provided by Warrior indicates a multiplier of 1.86 for each martingale level, and they are 13 levels. If you begging with 0.1 lots you will have at level 10 close t 100 lots, and the stop loss is set to 200 pips.
, Switzerland,
Dec 26, 2012,

This is a very good EA with excellent support. The vendor provides and updates settings for current market conditions. The strategy/logic is well explained and the EA is not a black box. The risk of this EA is made clear, however if you stick to the vendor's settings all goes very well. The EA makes me around 5% per month and I am very happy about that.

5 stars for this excellent EA. Look at he Real live account statement. Not 100% or 200% profit per month as other EA vendors claim, no slowly and steady profits with a strategy known.