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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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3.293 · 32 REVIEWS
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Novosibirsk, Russian Federation,
Dec 20, 2013,

Add that in last comment "I trading for 2,5 week" if possible. dgrtrytrghgfhvn

2013-12-18 2Star Hello. My login is lumstra, may be Mikhail. I signed up for platinum service on http://www.profitfromtrading.co.uk/ and it was like this http://www.collective2.com/cgi-perl/system81799642

2013-12-12 2 Stars I signed up in late November and it was at a loss. Judge for yourself: http://www.collective2.com/cgi-perl/system81799642#

Rebuttal: Added by 4x Pips on 2013-12-13
We have absolutely no record of a Mihail subscribing late Nov 2013. And Nov and Dec so far and in fact all of 2013 has been profitable, Dec alone so far has had 1 SL and all other profitable trades.

As for the link you posted its a system which has been discontinued. We tried collective2 as a marketing tool but 1 payment from a client in 4 months so $65 for 4 months effort has lead to us discontinuing it so obviously it will show negative recent values when no one is running it or following it...

Mihail if you are really a real person then please email us as we would be interested to know how you could have lost recently if you were actually following our signals properly...thanks

Added by 4x Pips on 2013-12-19
I see your subscription now, your name and details were in russian so was unable to determine who you were. You keep referencing asystem which is not in use anymore and not been following our signals in over 1 month and been discontinued due to lack of interest and subs....you have been with us under 1 month so there is absolutely no way our results are anything like a system which is totally discontinued.

In fact if your following our signals now you should have 5 trades open, EURCHF -20, EURCHF +40, USDCAD +50, USDCHF +100 & EURJPY -25 Pips so FLOATING PROFIT +130Pips or so....yes 1 week when you started was poor but last week was profitable and the week before and now this week providing things stay the same will be too....feel free to email us as I said above there is no way our results can match a dead system....many thanks
, France,
Apr 14, 2013,

I was a member of 4x pips during two different times, the first time was in July 2012 and the second time was in October 2012. In July I tested some signals provider and I have to say that at this moment 4xpips was the better. Then I stopped the trading for a little while and signed up again in October 2012. The service wasn't good at all at this moment, I've been led to think that there was some troubles during this month because a few weeks later the founder of 4xpips quit and let the services in the hands of an associate of his. So long story short, I don't exaclty know of things are right now, this service wasn't the best or the worse you can find in forex.
, Denmark,
Mar 17, 2013,

I was a member of 4x pips during October 2012 but left after the all the fuss (see comments and freebies sections).

I signed up again in December as it seemed that 4x pips had gotten everything under control.
Now 3 months later the result is a loss of around 4% (with a risk of 2% pr. trade). I recognise that there can be discrepancies between exits and entries and that everyone has losing streaks.
The real problem arises with the results that 4x pips present on their website. The "Client MT4 account report" f.ex. does not reflect the trades sent by e-mail.
Top trade of the report states:
"sell 0.50 eurgbp [at] 0.87450 [closed at] 0.86300" resulting in a profit.
Where as the e-mails send states:
"SELL EURGBP 0.874/5 STOP 0.8780 PROFIT 0.8680"
and the loss is later confirmed "EURGBP HIT SL -35 Pips".

It seems like the trades presented follow a completely different trade plan.
On the 1st of March I wrote 4x pips concerning this matter, but has not received any answer.
Reply by 4xpips submitted Mar 18, 2013:
Hi Lasse, We have replied and stated that it is a client account attached of a client who uses our signals. The trader does have some of his own trades there too and we don't expect all traders to follow our signals exactly, some close earlier or move Sl's earlier. So that would explain some of the differences, if you also look there is some that was closed with small pips profit but we instructed waiting for more profit. One of our favourite trades this past month has been SELL GBPNZD and some clients are making more profit from that pair even when no signal was sent as they can see the trend and highs/lows we have advised, so that's where some traders make extra pips and profit too We always report individual weekly results on our site of what we instructed clients to do and not what extra pips people might have made. As for the loss of 4%, that doesn't match what our other clients have been getting as one week alone we had almost +20% so I am disapointed to hear that. Hope that explains everything and thanks
Jeff Tomasek,
West Virginia, USA,
Feb 20, 2013,

Stick to MM rules and this works well. Sound risk management strategies here. Small stop losses and frequent updates prompting to move Stop Loss to entry. Sometimes I close early and bank the profits. Overall performing very well for me.
BKK, Thailand,
Feb 12, 2013,

I subscribed for a month wanting to trial the service, but due to a technical problem on their part I could only access the service for 1 day. I contacted them and although the initial response was a bit slow, they refunded me and gave me a complimentary 14 day trial. Great guys! I found the service good and easy to follow. While it was profitable and performed well in the time I used it, the monthly subscription is too expensive considering my relatively small trading account size. I will consider them again when I have more funds to trade with.
Bucks, United Kingdom,
Jan 22, 2013,

I have to disagree with some of the comments below, I've had a very good month with 4x pips, clear signals with enetry, small stop losses and they do close a high majority of trades in good profit. Last week they had one poor trade with sterling but other good trades and one super aussie sell giving me 4% gain on my account! Oct was a bad month... and we have all been through periods like that in our careers, things have picked up again and I am happy to recommend them and happy to follow their signals and updates and as long as I use proper money management (I suspect thats where others are having troubles)... then I can see good profits. 5 stars from me.
ym leong,
singapore, Singapore,
Jan 14, 2013,

I have searched for 4xpips in myfxbook and I got 4xpipsnet but there were no results. Am I missing something? Pls post your link on your web site, so that is easier to check there

BTW: I requested for an ebook by signing on the free ebook form in Oct2012. By mid Nov2012 I was told that this ebook would be delayed as it is under "proof reading".

Recently I posted again to ask for the ebook and the excuse was "The person responsible was sick and recovering". Ended up this ebook will be cancelled. When I visited your site again this morning (since you posted that myfxbook link is posting your results, I went to the site to find the link), and the auto pop-up for the free ebook is again there!

If you are not ready to distribute ebook, please take this pop out OFF! Its irritating and it gives people like me a bad image of how you run your organisation.

You may have stellar results BUT people judge you on the fact that you cant even fulfil a simple ebook request and took more than 3 months, various excuses for it

As I have commented before, you need to seriously improved your services. On the subject of Twitter/SMS, I have just re-checked this morning (you are welcome to go to the site to verify my claim), Singapore is NOT supported for Twitter/Sms. According to Twitter if the short code for that country is not available then use the long code. But long code is only for SENDING and cannot receive any SMS. So I am totally lost why you say its working in Singapore. Maybe I am mistaken, if so, please give me the link or guide as to how to setup this service. I can only comment that I check this via Twitter website 4x!

2013-01-10 No Rating I am not one of their customers and VERY glad that it didnt happen. I was evaluating them for 1 month, their site mentioned published results every month "automatically". I ask for Oct2012 results, till mid Nov2012 nothing. When I logged into facebook, realised that so many ppl had written to ask for posting of performance. Weird that there is ALWAYS one excuse or another and what do u know, come start of Dec, and Nov results? Again MIA.

I corresponded with them rgds trade copier as NOBODY will want to keep reading emails just to trade. They say working on it and out by Oct2012. Mid Nov, leave message at their facebook page, they replied cancelled trade copier. Had they heard abt MT4i Trade Copier which is FREE download? It may not be fants, but its workable.

They had so MANY subscribers (some even resubscribed) yet cant source for a good trade copier which even scam trade signals providers are using. Whats really their problem?

They kept posting results on their web, yet still cant get the time to get their MT4 results posted via MyFxLink. FYI, 4xPips the latest version of MT4, build 451 also INCLUDES publishing tab which allows you to easily specify and config it to post. If u dont even have the time to even try this or config this then please stop treating us like idiots.

I sent them emails via their contact page and guess what? They DO seem to have a lot of issues with anything electronic or electronic related (which includes timely updates of results on their page, sourcing for a trade copier, posting to MyFxbook, the list goes on). YA, nobody bothers to read posted queries on their contact page. Although to do them credit, they answer facebook messages. It looks like its kinda of a ONE man show, thus I cant expect that this guy answers facebook postings, answers his contact postings, post results, source of trade copier, find out by reading abt 10-15mins how to config MT4 publish tab etc etc.

Unless ppl are really that spiteful, its really very strange why 4xpips representative himself admitted on Donna Forex that sept2012 has some loses, yet if you go to their site, its in fact stellar performance records as always.

The site provides twitter/SMS, and unfortunately Singapore cant configure twitter for SMS. I sent 4xpips a message rgds this, no reply, could not be bother. Sent me a link to twitter to config the SMS. I replied by sending back the list of countries SUPPORTED by twitter for SMS services and Singapore is definitely NOT listed there.

They cant find time to post results to myfxbook, cant find a good trade copier, cant find time to learn to config MT4 to publish results, cant find time to engage a SMS service provider to provide SMS (FYI, I subscribed to Barclays signals, and they CAN sent their signals via SMS and I have been receiving their signals for past 4-5mths on my mobile), cant find time to answer contact messages, cant find time to update results as they claimed every month (in fact results are tally by week). YA, Dec2012 results are not updated and Houston we are 2nd week in Jan2013

In short, they must as well admit, dude we just cant find time to support new or interested members coz we have so many subscribers blah blah blah, but we sure can find time for EXCUSES!

Comment: Added by 4x Pips on 2013-01-11
You mention you were never a client so are not quite sure what your comments are about. We have clients in Singapore who use our SMS services and we have a verified MYFXBOOK on our websites so we think you are mistaken in that.

Yes we did say we had some losses in Sept/Oct and you can see losing trades in the breakdown from these months on the sites.

We now reply to all emails within 24 hours 7 days a week and respond to client requests immediately through skype during london trading hours which all our clients will now tell you

So I am sorry if you feel you did not get suitable replies but I hope I have addressed some of your issues and thanks for your comments

Reply by 4xpips submitted Jan 15, 2013:
Hi again Ok I am not sure why you are posting again as you are not a client and wont be a client in future so I'm slightly confused. But I will answer your new concerns and hope that will close the matter Myfxbook results are posted on both sites Clients in Sinapore have confirmed they get SMS - Details about our SMS service are provided in the welcome email or when clients email us direct Ebook - I am proof reading almost 40 pages of it now. It is more directed at the new trader and a help guide for clients so it wont be a massive beneffit to you as you are more experienced. So please if you have any more questions please email us direct as it will be quicker than posting here and waiting 2-3 dys for FPA to post the comment/reply. Alternatively add us on skype where you get instant reply during London trading hours Thanks again
Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia,
Nov 27, 2012,

4x Pips has gone through a bad patch in an otherwise good trading career. I am still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and will continue to subscribe for at least another couple of months to continue my assessment. Everyone has their off weeks or months. It seems 4x Pips are just coming out of theirs. The last week of trades have been good and things are getting back on track, I hope they keep it up. I will keep my ear to the ground and update my review accordingly.
Phil Brookes,
Sydney, Australia,
Nov 22, 2012,

Correction 4xPips service is back up now.
Normal service back on Monday 19 Nov 2012. They advised that there were some stupid mistakes last week meaning they didn't get many signals out.

I'll keep you posted and their performance.

regards, Phil

2012-11-16 1 Star I also signed up through FPA special for 3 months, and am very annoyed. The trading performance recently has been very average.

Last trading email was 9 November 2012. Despite numerous emails absolutely nothing. I probably got about 5 weeks of trades and that's it, if you take out "Martin's" illness, if it really was an illness. I would appreciate if FPA chased up to see if the sad mugs like us who believed FPA were supported a ethical service can actually get a 50% of our hard earned money returned because we have actually paid for 3 months.

Appalling service and appalling customer service. This is now the 3rd service I have used where I have been ripped off.
Standard Pips, Forex Conductor and now 4Xpips.net.

Don't touch them with a barge pole.

Boston, USA,
Nov 9, 2012,

I also subscribed to the service through the FPA special and the hype of outstanding pips gained per month. I have been thoroughly disappointed. First, I have to take some responsibility that I did not understand that several markets which they cover are not markets which I trade. It was not clear that HKD, SDK, gold, and oil (even DAX) makes up a large part of their trades. Not trading these markets would automatically reduce the top line pips generated. But based on my losses following their trade recommendations in the markets that I do trade, perhaps I should be pleased that I'm not trading more based on their signals.

I endured the illness and changeover of their signal originator, but at least he returned my 2 emails. After the change, I have sent about a half dozen emails and received ZERO responses. 1 star for terrible for 4xPips, 1 star for terrible for FPA on this one.