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3.293 · 32 REVIEWS
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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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3.293 · 32 REVIEWS
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Surabaya, Indonesia,
Aug 11, 2012,

I have been with 4xpips and their sister site for a few months now.. I am still kind of new to the trading game, but have been having great results with these signals. I have found them to be honest and reliable... not making pie in the sky promises like some other signal services. I can say that the trade results posted on their site are a true representation of what you can expect. The other element that makes me want to recommend these 4xpips is the community aspect. The Skype group is top.. and like the icing on the cake after the signals. Thanks Martin and co. for making such a great service available!!

Hua Hin, Thailand,
Aug 12, 2012,

Using this service about 2 months and been impressed overall. I trade Forex full time and was introduced at a seminar in Bangkok few months ago and decided to join. I don't take all the signals but I use them to help my own analysis and to give me assurance over my own trades. The trade ideas they give on top of the daily signals are also very good with the 2 recent ones of EURCHF & EURNOK making me about 300pips. So I would highly recommend this company, results seem to be honest on the site and if you ever have any questions they answer immediately on skype or email. Thanks
Pavan Uttamchandani,
Las Vegas, USA,
Aug 13, 2012,

I've been with several signal services and this is easily the best. Their customer service is second to none, really friendly guys, which makes a huge difference. 3 trades a day and the signals are always on profit at the end of the week. Also, great follow up about moving SL etc, usually missed by other services! A+
Kenan Ali Öztürk,
Marmaris, Turkey,
Aug 15, 2012,

Hundreds of pips a week is normal, other signal alerts I've trialed can not meet this in a month! No hesitation in recommending this provider. Friendly and reliable team who I will be with for a long time at this rate.... just signed up for a year subscription - which I must say is very competitively priced!!!!
Prakash Shah,
Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands,
Aug 30, 2012,

After losing money with countless signal providers I am very happy to find this company and I am now doing a lot better.

I am learning more and trading better than ever before. They are still adding content to their site and it is exciting to see unfold. Two things that matter the most to me: it is very professional (reliable signals , good comms, good timing, accurate, a lot of support) and also 100% honest, all trades have always been reported even when drawdowns come. 4xPips are ones to be trusted, honest and yet steadily successful. Very good company
Joana Estevas,
London, England, United Kingdom,
Aug 31, 2012,

I just wanted to stop by and leave a review on 4x Pips. Without their signals and winning trades, I wouldn't be a part of the 2% of successful traders. On top of the 1300+ pips per month, my times in the live Skype group have been most beneficial. I wasn't sure at first... mostly, I wanted to know that this wasn't a fly by night get-rich-quick scheme. What I can tell you is the trade results are honest and accurate and I have only been impressed so far.. Martin's knowledge of the forex industry and trading strategies are top and he gets the pips to prove it. I just wanted to let you all know!
J H,
, Korea, Republic of,
Sep 11, 2012,

I have not traded this service’s signals, but I did request to see evidence of their ‘proven track record’ The results on their website are just snapshots of a few days from an mt4 account, and a zulutrade.com performance record. Since they had used zulutrade to track trading performance, I asked if they had a link to their zulutrade performance record which could easily show published statistical performance over the last few months, and add credibility their claims. Not surprisingly, I didn’t hear back from them.
There are a number of websites that offer individuals, money managers, signal providers etc the chance to publish their trading performance and have their performance verified through a third party network. There’s no excuse these days why any signal provider offering paid service cannot show a published account of their trading activity. Simply stating thousands of pips gained per month on a website isn’t going to cut it, and written reviews don’t offer much credibility, as they can easily be faked through global marketing networks.
Although nothing is 100% guaranteed, as even published trading performance can come through crooked, unregulated brokers that manipulate account activity. Be careful folks. Just a few things to keep in mind.
Reply by 4xpips submitted Sep 18, 2012:
We can only apologise for this communication breakdown. We attempt to email everyone who contacts us, there are sometimes problems and we get bounce backs if the email address was entered incorrectly in the contact form or the mail server rejects our email, which seems to happen repeatedly with naver.com email addresses. It is worth checking your junk mail filters too. If you would like to contact us please try again from a different email address or via Facebook to avoid this problem. We have been working hard to keep up with demands from our clients so it is a bit of a blow to us to receive such feedback that is not actually based on our signals or service. We are never anything but honest and our reviews on FPA on both 4x Pips and Profit From Trading show this. We have been around a while and already stood the test of time - I think it is obvious that if you are in the business of making bogus claims you wont last like we have. We are currently working on improving our service and have many upgrades in the next few months, including: A full ticketed help desk system - to ensure all enquiries will get answered in a timely fashion and that none will get lost in junk mail filters or anything like that. A trade copier service - this should launch around the 1st of October in response to a high demand for this. Third party verification - when trade copier goes live we will also have our trading account verified by a third party for all to see. We realise this is very important for a lot of people who are unsure about joining 4x Pips and in response we are working to get this in place. I hope that my answers have been satisfactory and if you have anymore questions please do not hesitate to come back to us via facebook or the contact form on our website.
Mariano Lerner,
Castelar, Argentina,
Sep 15, 2012,

Martin is a great person, always answer any questions via facebook. The service is very good, it is normal to make 200 to 300 pips a week. Martin thank you very much!
Andy Baird,
Reading, United Kingdom,
Sep 24, 2012,

I have been trading with 4x Pips for almost 2 years. I have seen them grow from a small basic site and with only email contact to improving accessibility through Facebook, twitter and Skype and their new website. It would be hard for me to tell you all the great things about Martin and the gang in this short review… but the bottom line they are dedicated to the success of their traders.

I agree with all the other comments on below. The results on the
website are accurate and 1000+ pips a month is very normal.

The thing that makes these guys special is that they are honest… and transparent. I am connected to them through Facebook, Twitter and Skype as well as many of the other members and Martin is always great at answering any questions I have.

The community feel here is real and everyone helps each other out. For instance there is one member in the Skype group who provides extra long term signals for free and one week in august he closed one trade with +810 Pips profit (yes really!), I know its a one off and doesn't happen very often, but thats the kind of extra benefit that you get from having such a great community of traders. This is more than just a signal service!
, USA,
Sep 28, 2012,

Martin has agreed to let us know in the future when the head trader steps out (tha's good news) and an ebook or information in some format is on it's way pertaining to how to trade the signals.

I will review the signal calls for a mth. (unless they are absolutely horrible, then I may not continue to use them for a full mth.) and then update my review.

2012-09-28 2Star I am just getting started with the service, but so far I give it 2 stars. Before I signed up, I asked about the past 2 weeks performance (because according to donnaforex, someone said the performance hasn't been good). Well, whoever handled my email that day assured me that the past 2 wks has been the same as other weeks stating in the 200-300 pip range.

Well, this morning I receive an email stating that the last 3 weeks have been negative. This is something I would have liked to know before I signed up. The email also stated that this is due to the main trader being out sick. I feel that this is also something that subscribers should know. Especially, since some are trading their live accounts...it would be nice to know when the main trader steps out sick (before another trader steps in).

We have been told that the main trader will return next week, so we'll see how that goes. My main issues have been these with communication and also asking 2 questions to support that completely went unanswered, but I will say that my other questions have been answered.

It would also be nice if there was a little more advice on how to trade the signals. If the ebook explains this, then fine but something else for now since the ebook is not ready...for those of us new to the service. For example: in the email today it stated that a specific trade moved up 30 pips and that he hopes we took some profit. Well, is this a recommendation? Because being new to the service I had no way of knowing this and my trade is still open and in the negative. There was no update to move stop, in this case anyway, but I did see other updates to move a stop for another trade.

I have paid and will continue to use the service on demo for at least the mth. I paid for. Hopefully, these issues with communication change or something more is explained to me on why they happened in the first place and I will be more than happy to update my review with specific explanations at to way.

Have a good day!